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PFDC L`Oreal Paris Bridal Week || Day One 2019/2020 || Oreal Paris Bridal Fashion Week Episode 01

the PFDC, in continuation of their regular efforts to introduce clean forces of fashion to the employer, added to PLBW the developing talent exhibit. Abbas Jamil showcased his series titled ‘The Dauphin of Versaille’. The headgears, apparel fashion of Marie and the classical baroque interior of the palace have been merged together to make the gathering which additionally featured layers of material, Swarovskis, pearls and crystals depicting the richness and delicacy of the collection. Elaha Ahmed showcased her series ‘splendor in Ashes’. stimulated with the resource of the fictional person of Daenerys Targaryen from the fable drama collection, ‘undertaking of Thrones’, the collection portrayed ‘self-made female who’re woman but resilient; such ladies bloom like roses from ashes and smoke’. Mehak Yaqoob’s collection for PLBW’s rising capabilities show off, ‘Transmutation of Louis Trunk’ was a fusion of hooked up Louis Vuitton’s trunks with the smooth folds of Bisterband. Urwah Ali’s collection for the growing expertise showcase turn out to be titled ‘Masculine Femininity’. inspired from Deridda’s concept of binary opposition, the topic of Biker Ballerina via Rei Kawakubo changed into selected and finished in addition to emphasize how girl are excellent instance of this notion, being sensitive and excessive on the same time
ZUBIA ZAINAB — debuting clothier Zubia Zainab showcased her bridal series titled ‘Dare to Dream’. the gathering emphasized on clothing which might be both feminine and also deliver an edgy twist. Actress Ushna Shah participated inside the fashion designer’s exhibit as a superstar showstopper


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