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Pharma Troll Martin Shkreli Facing Prison Probe

Pharma Troll Martin Shkreli Facing Prison Probe

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Martin Shkreli loves breaking the law. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and Steve Bramuccihosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

Read more here: https://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/433299-prison-bureau-investigating-martin-shkreli-for-allegedly-using

“The Bureau of Prisons is investigating Martin Shkreli for allegedly using his cell phone to run his pharmaceutical company from prison, according to The Washington Post.

The investigation comes after The Wall Street Journal reported that Shkreli used a contraband phone to help steer his company, Phoenixus, while serving his sentence.

‘When there are allegations of misconduct, they are thoroughly investigated, and appropriate action is taken if such allegations are proven true,’ the bureau said in a statement to The Post. ‘This allegation is currently under investigation.'”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Steve Bramucci

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Steve Bramucci


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  1. I don't want to hear Cenk saying "Whoa Nelly!" anymore, please. It's cringe-worthy.

  2. Free shkreli. People hate succesful people. And he didn’t rob no one. Smh. Weak ass mfs!!

  3. No justice in America even when there’s literally trillions of dollars of reasons and thousands of lives too these days apparently. This is well beyond the US at this point though it’s accentuated and undeniably visible in many respects in the us.

    There’s a big difference investing/working with somebody that has openly known dirt vs somebody that is deceitful. I’d guess they probably put a risk premium on their investment rate but most people didn’t really care that much as far as what he was primarily prosecuted for. It’s basically far more common practice than the public would expect and its hardly ever prosecuted. Literal theft/fraud even of millions cash or more goes unprosecuted in the us at this point even in cases with no shortage of evidence. It’s part of why trillions of dollars aren’t being repatriated never mind the talent lack in the us due to failed education. 20-30% are practically illiterate at top high schools per standardized test data. I mean they can’t even get somebody half competent in basic understandings of beta/risk etc to manage teachers pension funds as you saw very publicly in the recession.

    Something I will note is some folks in the value chain weren’t especially happy about what they valued as price gouging. Situations where you have people trying to grab a few hundred dollars while potentially costing $9+ mil from the overall economic system for every single life is a huge value gap/mispricing in healthcare at the moment that can basically be arbed if you aren’t actively a sadistic, suicidal, mass murdering sociopath that likes costing yourself tons of money. So basically we need a miracle.

  4. There should be one (1) prison system. Cause I'll tell ya what, if sentences are supposed to be a deterrent, send them all into the same system!! Yes! Put him in a cell with a guy that got 20 years for selling crack, that has AIDS, and, can't afford the medication, and see how well they get along.

  5. What does investing into Martin Shkreli's company have to do with teachers salary? Why would investors fund teachers when that is something the government does?This bitch makes absolutely no sense you must be retarded to listen to this garbage

  6. Martin Shkreli came from a very poor family he is the epitome of an American success story. All of his investors made money his crime was he used investors funds for something other than what they intended it to invest in, he robbed no one they all made a profit, this is not an honest news story

  7. Man I did not think that big booty daddy calling him "noodle arms" would provoke him THAT much LOL

  8. Damn what is this show pathetic

  9. When you consider what happens to assholes in prison, you quickly realize how having that nickname is not something to be proud of.

  10. This guy has watched too many episodes of Apprentice. Time to set some TV time limits.

  11. He also has all meals provided, laundry service, clean up people, food he can purchase thru various means if prison meals aren't liked. Buy snacks, get other inmates to get him goodies unavailable to other inmates, etc. Life of luxury behind bars, no prison involved.

  12. I hate Pharma Bro's face but really, I want to see Cenk surpass 15 push-ups on tomorrow's show since it's such a joke. How does a guy who makes fun of his own fatness also take digs at someone for doing 15 push-ups? I certainly can't and I'm only 35 with average build. I'm not fat but I can't do no 15 push-ups. Cenk you fuckin bully.

  13. Ugh why am I seeing the smug face of this turd again? I thought he got flushed a long time ago.

  14. I like how these interviewers are uneducated about the subject they're talking about. literally reciting quotes from random articles on the internet, skipping many important details. great media coverage

  15. Hate Shkreli or not, Big Pharma is still doing EXACTLY what he was doing each and every single day.

  16. I have arthritis and nerve damage from my neck to my toes and I can do 50 push ups. I'm also only about 125 pounds, so that might help 😂.

  17. Is he facing a prison probe, or a probe in prison?

  18. Put shkreli and everyone involved with big pharma to death already. These kind of people will not stop until their death, so give it to them.

  19. How many push ups can Cenk do tho?

  20. I believe it, Because there's no justice in America…Bam!

  21. I like how they make fun of him being able to do 15 push-ups in a row… I wonder what the US average is. Probably less than 15. You have that one guy who could do a few thousand, but for most fat people, doing one would be impossible…

  22. It's been a couple months since I unsubscribed from TYT, with this Shkreli segment the first that has appeared in my feed since. I unsubbed for several reasons, one of which was Ana's laziness around the prepping and pre-reading of copy.

    TYT totally mis-represented what happened.
    The price hike was ONLY for INSURANCE CO's!!!!
    Shkreli allocated 50% of the medication produced to be available for $1!!!!!!!! to UNINSURED PEOPLE!!!!
    He even said in Congress (under oath) that the distribution contract with Insurance Co's PREVENTED them from increasing Co-pays.
    The only people Shkreli "ripped off" was Insurance Co's.
    He was only attacked in the media because he OWNED UP TO THE PRACTISE which every Pharma Company does and still does today

  24. He only robbed richer thieves and he woke America up to Big Pharma corruption. Every Pharma Co did/does what he did but corporate media hid it. He exposed it and owned up to it. His profiteering FORCED Congress to pretend to investigate pharma industry profiteering.
    Even with his pharmacy co he was only ripping off Insurance Co's he sold the meds at lower price points to uninsured people.

  25. Very soon Ana will come out as a communist, just the way Cenk's nephew has… She is just waiting for the right moment to "stand in solidarity with the proletariat".


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