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Philippines: Churches being rebuilt 6 years after earthquake

People in the central Philippines are struggling to rebuild centuries-old churches damaged by a powerful earthquake six years ago.
The earthquake killed more than 200 people and left thousands homeless.
The restoration will be a long, slow process, to ensure that it is done correctly.
Al Jazeera’s Jamela Alindogan reports from Bohol, the Philippines.

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  1. Soul of the country nationalism, yet if White Americans in the USA have this same Nationalism they are considered Racists by the left…but restored it should ..and hope it brings back the people to Church and/or to God

  2. Houses of pedophiles and satan are built again

  3. They become more far away than God than their ancestors. Show's how brainwashing can easily persuade these people by their invaders. Imagine the ancestors fighting to defend their land from Spaniards and after all those sacrifice, been betrayed by their own descendants only to embrace the culture of their enemies.

  4. I'm very happy that these churches are being restored.

  5. Those are not destroyed by earthquakes but islamic terrorist bombers

  6. The church doctrine of not using preservatives is wats causing more poverty and suffering in Philippines…

  7. Boo!, Destroy those Church! End religion!

  8. what waste of money and time these churches are useless not even good enough as toilet

  9. Why does Al Jazeera not share with the world the love and open societies of the Islam world like Qatar?

  10. Walang relihiyong nakakapag ligtas

  11. Allah ekber!. Ci stasoportando fin troppo !. L'umanità non si Rende conto le stattue sono contro la legie di Dio!. Se Allah S.W! Vuole?. Si trasforma in POLVERE in un Colpo solo !!!. Allahu Akbar!!!!.

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