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Philippines sends tonnes of trash back to Canada

Philippines ships 69 containers of dumped rubbish back to Canada:
The Philippines is shipping dozens of containers full of garbage back to Canada after a long-running diplomatic row.
Environmental groups say it is a victory for the Philippines and other developing countries that are worried about becoming ‘dumping grounds’.

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  1. The Philippines is not poor country has its own military to invade Canada if ever, this is duterte he can do what he want, Canada must obey him just follow his order or else Canada will get in trouble.

  2. Trudeau will live on youtube,unboxing those containers!! Lol!!

  3. Why did we send just 69 only? Its 100 plus right

  4. Thank you everyone for Exposing The De Facto Canada Government Corporation Garbage Dumping

  5. Send more and dump it on E Hastings Street in Vancouver. Nobody even notices that!

  6. They should be ashamed of themselves. I hope the Philippines sues them

  7. The only solution I can think of is to limit the production plastic🤔.

  8. This only goes to show the importance of recycling. No country should sent their waste to any other country. I believe that as much as 75% of waste can be recycled. The rest can be turned into energy. Once again money is the motive, someone got paid to remove the rubbish, then dumped it on the Philippine people.

  9. Glad to take back the trash. Should have been done years ago.

    But first, please check all containers for more kidnapped, tortured and beheaded Canadian tourists, Chinese drug lords and Fentanyl.

    Philippines can be very unforgiving and vindictive, unless of course you steal their land and build military bases, chase their fisherman out of their territorial waters. Then they are fine.

    Just don't litter. That's the big lesson here.

  10. Next… Launch a spaceship loaded with trash and dump it to Mars or Venus….

  11. Tech and Science war has begun…the first to safely dispose of the worlds greed wins.

  12. Philippines should have invented and been the worlds leader in developing biodegradable rubbish that's actually safe fertilizer by now….God knows it's had enough.

  13. Personally I blame the devil via his pope for hurting my people….I'm going to make him cry.

  14. Meanwhile back at the ranch….Manny is getting ready for his next catholic ritual….he broke his promise to help his people….he's likes the money lifestyle too much working for Duterte……it makes me angrier than sad. same as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs etc etc etc etc……bummer!

  15. Anyone ordering his police to shoot to kill anyone stuck in an avoidable poverty loop, because of their lack of education and because of his predecessor's obvious blatant corrupt behavior!!!! which caused such!!! is a TOTAL arsehole who endorses the idiot he/she replaced. fact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Duterte only ever talks rubbish….this is why I am not surprised.

  17. We need Duterte in Africa not the puppets all over the continent. No president in Africa is bold enough to send garbage to Canada because they are all beggars.

  18. It's an easy fix….tell em' the pope sent it.

  19. The Philippines has a monopoly on it's own junk….it only accepts Catholic oki oki hand me downs etc…..

  20. Philippines are garbage THEMSELFS !!
    Allah y MSKH-KOUM !! 9aoum LOT !!

  21. The UN report most of plastic garbage is from Asia Pacific namely: China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines to name a few. How UN proudly saying that if the Western countries made this countries mentioned as their dumpsite. Obviously we all know most of UN secretary is from Westerner.

  22. Why don't canada try what sweden did to their garbage? They turn trash to energy.

  23. Good on the Philippines, sending that disgusting garbage back to Canada. I guess little effete Trudeau doesn't understand that there are some strong nations and leaders left in the world. This is the nation (and leader) that crushed ISIS in 3 months! Did little twinkle toes Trudeau honestly think they were going to take that from him?! (and yes I know Harper's govt sent it over but Harper isn't in office now).

  24. Great Mr President. You are a good leader. I appreciate. Well done.

  25. 👍😀Buti na lng umupo president duterte… Asaan mga president noon poros dada 😵nag nakaw pa pera NG bayan, isa na yan katabi NG Tay digong… Ano kayo 🤔nga nga..

  26. While I don't question this is wrong (why do western countries insist on making their garbage someone else's issue?)… I find it ironic that the Philippines and this week Malaysia are both on the Environmental offensive when neither country have good environmental records or have a reduce, reuse or recycle culture. Plastic consumes the beaches in Kota Kinabalu, the rivers of Kuala Lumpur, parks in Manila and the beautiful reefs in El Nido – check closer to home before getting too righteous.

  27. Chinese gabbage ban reveals the hypocrisy of those westerners. All the freedom, human rights, judicial independence they claim are only for their interests

  28. Canada is too busy with the rights of lgbt and whether there are females or males… but they don't care about the real human rights of developing countries. Duterte number one.

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