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Philippines Street Food (WORLD'S BEST STREET FOOD in Manila) FILIPINO FOOD HEAVEN – Quiapo + Binondo

Philippines Street Food (WORLD'S BEST STREET FOOD in Manila) FILIPINO FOOD HEAVEN - Quiapo + Binondo

FIRST TIME IN THE PHILIPPINES!! Street Food Guide to Manila 2019!!!

We are teaming up with FoodieMommaPH (her channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8hiiGm6GTyTVvO-LtZ2Xmw?sub_confirmation=1) to bring you an entire street food series in Manila, Philippines! Today, Khee will be showing us the food and culture of Old Manila, around Quiapo Market and the oldest Chinatown in the world: Binondo! Thank you so much to FoodieMommaPH for making our trip in the Philippines unforgettable! She will be joining us for our entire MANILA STREET FOOD series, so go check out her channel!!!

We start our morning in front of Quiapo Church and try a classic street food style breakfast called taho, silken tofu, drizzled with brown sugar syrup and topped with tapioca pearls (1 cup 20 php/0.38 usd). Served out of a mobile bucket warm and fresh! Continuing through the market, Khee shows us some of her favourite childhood snacks. We stop to have some banana-cue, deep-fried bananas covered with brown sugar (15 php/0.29 usd each) as well as hot cakes (5 php/0.10 usd each) which are smothered in butter and sugar and served PIPING hot! So yummy, sweet and CHEAP!

Still hungry, we head straight for Chinatown in the heart of Manila to try some Filipino/Chinese specialties. Our first stop was to Dong Being Dumplings, an old “hole-in-the-wall” shop where dumplings are made fresh on site! We ordered 1 serving of their special pork dumplings (200 php/3.83 usd per plate). The ladies were whipping these dumplings up at record-breaking speeds! The dipping sauce was sour from vinegar and spicy from the chili oil. Delicious!

We then went deep into the Chinatown market to eat lumpia, the Philippines spring roll (70 php/1.34 usd each)! The wrapper is soft and holds together all of the delicious, and flavourful ingredients inside. Served fresh and with a side of chopped garlic for a full on FLAVOR BOMB!

Next up, we found a rare (bicycle) stall serving binatog (20 php/0.38 usd each). Binatog is a sweet dessert made up of boiled corn, coconut flakes, and sugar. There are salty versions too! It is a very unique food that we’ve never tasted before!

Next we try a Cantonese/Filipino steamed and fried bun called Siopao. We ordered several sweet pork buns (22 php/0.42 usd each) and ate them fresh street-side, and even more to take home for later! We finished our street food craze at a local institution, Barrio Fiesta, for halo-halo, to cool off and satisfy our sweet-tooth! We ordered the halo-halo special (170 php/3.26 usd) with bright purple ube (purple yam), candied fruits, jellies and MORE!

Thanks so much to FoodieMommaPH for showing us the incredible Quiapo Market and Chinatown in Metro Manila! Follow her for more Filipino street food and local eats in and around Manila!

» Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/foodiemommaph/
» Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/foodiemommaph/
» YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8hiiGm6GTyTVvO-LtZ2Xmw?sub_confirmation=1

Want to visit these places yourself? Check the information below!

» Quiapo Market: 313, 1001 Palma St., Quiapo, Manila

» Dong Bei Dumplings (dumplings): 642 Yuchengco St., Binondo, Manila

» New Po Heng Lumpia House (lumpia): 1006 Quintin Paredes Rd., Binondo, Manila

» Binatog Stall (binatog): Next to “New Po Heng Lumpia House”

» Shanghai Fried Siopao (siopao): Sabino Padilla St., Santa Cruz, Manila

» Barrio Fiesta (halo-halo): Reina Regente St., Binondo, Manila


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Street Food in MANILA PHILIPPINES 2019

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  1. PART 1 OF 4 of our series in THE PHILIPPINES!! Street Food in Quiapo + Binondo for this episode next is a SEAFOOD Feast! Subscribe and hit the bell icon to get your notification for part 2!! HUGE Thanks to Khee follow her here – https://www.instagram.com/foodiemommaph
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