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Philips Hue LightStrips and Bloom hands-on | Engadget

Philips Hue LightStrips and Bloom hands-on | Engadget

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Earlier today, Philips announced two new add-ons for its app-controlled Hue system: LivingColors Bloom, a standalone portable fixture, and LightStrips, a 6.6-foot LED tape that you can affix to any surface using the included adhesive back. Both products are fully compatible with the existing Hue system, including the base station and three-bulb kit that launched at Apple Stores last year. Knowing that part of the solution’s appeal is its quick and easy setup, we decided to build out a five-light rig at home using three standard bulbs, one Bloom and one LightStrips set.
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  1. Lol. Holy IKEA Batman! Did you build this man-cave by purchasing everything from IKEA?

  2. I wish they did these with B22's and E14's too. Here in the UK most people have B22's with older fittings and the newer light fittings tend to be E14 rather than E27 unless it's like a floor or ceiling light or something.

  3. Ive researched alternatives and while you can get a cheap Remote LED Light strips from China at 1/4 the cost  its not going to be a seamless as the Hue system.  You get what you pay for.   Also, Logitech (Harmony Ultimate) recently started offering remotes that support the Hue system (Turn your tv on, the lights adjust accordingly).  

  4. hey you should change to color of you light strips to the ice blue and it will accent your desk better

  5. Thanks @Engadget for the #LED light review, most useful.

  6. I have Hue set up with five bulbs.. While I admit they're a bit overpriced once you have them installed you appreciate them. I do hope the bulbs drop down in price and I prob won't touch the strips until they come down in price… I think $90 is too much for just one strip.

  7. Its not Wifi, its ZIgbee and what you're paying for is a simple to use device that works with other Hue products. The great thing is the Open API so others can create apps for it. I have a big hue setup and i also have other devices to control strips. The 3 Philips strips work better because they work with third party software of which there is a large developer community.

  8. And you made an error, you DON'T have to discard the cut off piece from the strip. You can re-solder it to the main strip, and even extend the length by doing so.

  9. You can do the same thing with the strip for about half that price.

  10. you are paying for the name, the strip itself, and the controller, which is wireless/wifi compatible. The strip itself is cheap though.

  11. That's one quiet night club

  12. Prices will drop with time

  13. for the best electonic and phone deals check buyhaste com

  14. Does the Bloom app save presets?

  15. you get led light strips off eBay for about $15 but they have a remote instead of ipad..

  16. You can use the part you cut, you just have to know how to wire it up.

  17. $90 for a strip of lights… wow should be £20 max

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