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Piranha Bite Force | National Geographic

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The crew is finally able to test a piranha’s bite force — and discovers the fish can chomp harder than a great white.

Piranha Bite Force | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. A piranha was at my feet and I snatched it with my hands before it bit me and I went to the shore and killed it.

  2. I see Mclovin has made a career as a fisherman after dropping out of college.

  3. Are they fresh water or salt water fish?

  4. They really don’t love their fingers …that bad boy can snap it’s neck to the side so fast

  5. What's the salary of a fish biologist? These guys are too happy about fish

  6. Hyun Soo and Elena and Jonathan travel a Palm Springs CA

  7. A simple google search wouldve told me this….

  8. BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!! (Who saw this ad multiple times before this video?)

  9. Notice the response of viewers when it's a piranha vs snakes/sharks/lions/…

  10. I was hoping he get his thumb chopped off:(

  11. Coming to a lake near you! Stay tuned!

  12. you guys or killing the freaking fish

  13. Lookin like Andy from the office lol

  14. Typical guys getting excited about 69

  15. Did anybody else cringe each time this dude put his fingers near the fishes mouth like dude you just said it could take off your whole finger cmon

  16. Guess they cut off the part where the piranha bites off the guy's finger?

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