Pizza outrage: Mayor De Blasio slams Domino's for $30 pizzas on NYE

Wall Street Journal columnist and board member Bill McGurn discusses New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s recent tweet slamming Domino’s for $30 pizzas on New Year’s Eve.

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  1. There is empty store fronts in every city don't be an idiot

  2. Rent control leads to pizza control. It is the leftist way.

  3. De Blasio is a hippie and hippies are stupid

  4. Hahah Order one in Tokyo you absolute tools.

  5. De Blasio upset his balls didn't drop bringing in the new year!

  6. Chicago Pizza is 100 times better than Domino's!

  7. Bottom line: New Yorkers elected this idiot! You reap what you sow.

  8. This is just code talk, he 's complaining to his "pizzA" supplier about the price hike! When the world wakes up to what's really going on, he won't be able to walk down the street!

  9. When did anything intelligent come from deAssio's mouth?

  10. $30 for a fuckin Pizza?? INSANE!! I'll stick to my local Little Caesers $5 pizza.

  11. I bet you 30 bucks for a pizza is the cheapest you can get it in Times Square. That's like complaining about food prices at an airport.

  12. The workers are the victims not the consumer. Otherwise the workers would have quit and left. Especially if they saw the size of the crowd. Anyone here worked as a cash register wouldve quit on the spot if they didn't increase the price at least.

  13. Why does deblasio hate capitalism.

  14. he spends more on shipping homeless out of town.

  15. De Blasio sure doesn't complain when people have to spend 6$ for a hot dog, or 8$ for a warm beer at Yankee stadium.

  16. How about New York cities taxes and money extractions from motorists in every way possible.

  17. Many Dominos in NYC to be visited by Health Department and Sanitation Department tax collectors over the next few weeks looking for the cities vig.

  18. I'm proud of Domino's rock on!!!

  19. Involved in all these things just lets me think he's a criminal…
    Is he with the Mexican cartel

  20. Pizzagate codeword
    Pizza =Girl
    Hotdogs =Boy
    Handkerchiefs =black S&M Bondage

  21. Hotdogs =Boy
    Pedophilia codes
    See something say something

  22. Pizza =Girl
    Pedophilia codes

  23. What to say, the taxes are higher in NY and cost of living skyrocket. Everything expensive. Mayor De Blasio never thoughts about this? Are you from planet Pluto? Dems controlled NY and what you see is what you get, its too costly living in NY. De Blasio can afford to pay but not normal guys.

  24. Now I know how ladies are getting fat!! Eating all that junk food

  25. You want it, you buy it, you pay for it. What's the point?"De Blasio's popularity among New York City voters is the worst it's ever been. Siena College polled New York state voters and provided a substantial crosstab of New York City voters. According to this poll, just 33% of New York City voters say they have a favorable rating of de Blasio. His unfavorable rating has climbed to 58%. This makes for a net favorability rating of -25 points [negative 25 points]. He earned 0% of the vote among Democratic voters in a potential presidential primary."

  26. Just so you know, everybody north of NYC knows that city-slickers are a bunch of morons.

  27. A stupid mayor hired by obviously idiot voters.

  28. Glad to see that the mayor of NYC is all over such a compelling issue. New Yorkers are really getting their money’s worth, eh?

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