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This year is the sixth anniversary of the tragic 2012 shooting of Sandy Hook Elementary School. TYT and Sandy Hook Promise have joined forces once again to proactively end gun violence in America. Know the warning signs to help change tomorrow’s news story before it becomes reality. Visit https://www.sandyhookpromise.org/pointofview for more info.

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  1. Sad that these sorts of PSAs are even necessary. I'm glad to live in a place where spree killings – and gun violence in general – is extremely rare, but even here it happens from time to time. I'd hate for our laws to be loosened. But I'm not sure what the solution is for the US, if there is any at this point. I can't see how you'd turn back the clock on the amount of guns in circulation and on the long-term warping cultural effects of such massive gun availability.

  2. get rid of the guns …….

  3. Giving up your entire life so a few immature brats can pee Thier pants for a moment?

  4. The signs they will actually look for: Questioning authority, mistrusting the establishment and thinking independently.

  5. Teenagers are the way they are is because they haven't neurologically matured yet. Compared to college-aged adults, senior-aged school children are not as capable to empathy, sympathy or critical thinking towards complete strangers. Therefore students are either way too focused on what their clique thinks above any person they harass or they simply could not comprehend that a troubled, stigmatized stranger may just want honest communication with others.

    This applies to the shooter as well, who's over-reactive tactics display a lack of awareness of what others-that vast majority of students who do not harass him-are going through in their lives.

    Communication and relationships are a two-way street, if only two sides understand each other through honest inquires in non-competitive spaces, then the socially isolated can graduate in mobility.

  6. That video sent chills down my spine.

  7. There is a distinction between derogatory statements of bigotry yelled during a physical altercation and discriminatory prejudice violent aggression.

  8. Yes I said it Band cell phones in school no social media bullshit in schools end of story Gum was a distraction in my day

  9. and thats why you dont bully

  10. Yet Cenk has got to be one of the loudest bullies and bigots online today.

  11. The ultimate anti bullying ad

  12. Wearing a sweater with Cenks mug on it, or any angry TYT propaganda for that matter, is a huge warning sign.

  13. This seems like an unproductive video. It sounds like the video is saying people who get picked on are the problem so let's notice the signs so we can get them help.

    I hope not because that is plain dumb. First, if we want to be effective the action would be to stop school bullying and to stand up for those getting picked on.

    Second, I thought this was already scientifically studies a lot and peer reviewed. I thought the bulk of mass shootings occurred because of older white people and not younger ones, who are going through a lot of changes with the times and are not keeping up and then have thier voices unheard. Regardless if that is right, if my ability to remember this properly is correct than this accomplishes very little because I'm pretty sure at the least young school shooters getting bullied accounted for a small percentage.

  14. Some white people do terrorist attack like this

  15. Wow that was really well made.

  16. Ugh.

    I firmly believe that the Sandy Hook people have their heart in the right place, but their method of addressing the very real problems of the world is broken.

    First off, don't make a video that shows the shooting from the perspective of a school shooter and then put him in a sad-sack world where EVERYBODY treats him like shit and is a mustache-twirling evil asshole.

    Your goal should be to make school shooters look bad and make that *not be a thing*, not to generate sympathy for the guy. In any other movie, it would be a story about a kid who gets some confidence or has a wacky adventure. Instead, you… keep going and have people being abusive or harassing the guy until he shoots up the place?

    Don't generate sympathy for school shooters. And definitely don't end on a dramatic cut away from a kid yelling 'Look at me,' because it is framed like a coming up story. It doesn't even make implicit that there's a shooting about to happen or a tragedy. If the goal is to SHOCK people, and make people think he's the bad guy, this is the worst place to cut.

  17. This really just makes me want to home school my 12 year old. What is America today??

  18. My favourite porn category

  19. Yeah let the FBI know so they can do nothing and just watch it happen. Let your local sheriff know so he can cower outside in fear.

  20. Most people only recognize tyranny once it's too late.
    See the signs and stop Totalitarianism before it happens.
    The first thing Totalitarians will seek to do is demonize and take away your ability to defend yourself.

  21. You guys said this is counterproductive in the past. It leads to millions of baseless reports which keeps the authorities from spotting the real shooter.


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