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Polar Bears Practice "Porpoising" | National Geographic

Polar Bears Practice "Porpoising" | National Geographic

Captured in this rare moment, these polar bear cubs practice going underwater, in a move called “porpoising.”
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Polar Bears Practice “Porpoising” | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. "Porpoising" is a type of swimming usually seen in underwater mammals. What are your thoughts on this behavior?

  2. It's stunning to watch them porpoising drill. It reminds me again for the environmental conservation. As much as I could for these beautiful animals.

  3. The conservative scientific prediction is that polar bear, this amazing predator which has adapted and survived the most inhabitable environment in the world since 150 thousand years ago, will be extinct before 2050, because of us. We don't deserve this planet.

  4. How cute is that ??

  5. 00:08"bone-chilling 35 degrees…"

    I was like, "That's summer temperature in the tropics!" then I realized – muricans with their Fahrenheit -_-

  6. Polar bears diving like dolphins.

  7. Lmao this is so dark. This is gen z as the world crumbles from 100 corporations’ pollution

  8. Soon these mamals will became undersea mamals

  9. Evolution. Polar Bears are adapting to changes in their environment learning new skills

  10. No buzzwords this time. I'm impressed.

  11. That was beautiful….I love the polar bears, strong & independent!

  12. I thought the title said “polar bears practice proposal”

  13. Oh my! Cutest mermaids ever ! !!!! <3

  14. Класно купаются медведи .

  15. Okay, we need to slow down the rate of global warming so that the polar bears have time to become fully aquatic.

  16. I read it as 'proposing' 😂

  17. My sister call me polar bear ☹️

  18. "Hey buddy..We are gonna be in tv..Let's show them our skills…"

  19. What purpose is porpoising?

  20. Now, this looks like fun, Polar Bears. I'm gonna have to give porpoising a try in the swimming pool. 🙂

  21. Dare you assume them of porpoising ? The audacity ima gonna send this to buzzfeed immediately!!!!!! REEEEEEEEEEE

  22. I could see an evolution coming… 🤔

  23. Why was the young dolphin suicidal? Because it felt like it lost its porpoise in life!

  24. The music reminds me of a Mississippi slave camp

  25. It goes turtling prairie dogging and finally porposing

  26. Great video🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. I did not know they did this. Very interesting.

  28. If all the ice is melting, they have to learn something else

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