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Police Kill Actual Good (BLACK) Guy after he Stopped Bad Guy

Police kill good (BLACK) guy with a gun after he successfully stops bad guy with a gun + Hasan Piker asks what the NRA will say about this since they scolded Botham Jean for not having a gun. http://tyt.com/hasan

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  1. Illinois has a new AG. Get ready. Police reform WILL happen.

  2. É revoltante essa situação. Malditos racistas.

  3. Oh the irony. "A GOOD GUY WITH A GUN." We told all you right-wing gun sucking DOOOFUSES that you IDIOTS wont know who the bad guy is. Right-wing ideas are ALWAYS so fuckin' DUMB. *smfh*

  4. I have been called an "abı" by a Turkish guy once…
    It means something along the lines of, "wise man" – which is fine with me, IF OTHERS CALL YOU THAT!
    That said, going around, calling yourself a "wise man", well, it kinda makes you come off as a grade-A "PRICK" in my book not a particularly wise man so much, as a smartass. 😉

  5. The NYPD are not the best trained. Cops period are not the best trained. Most civilians shoot better than police officers.

  6. Now the cops are going to claim it was an accident.

  7. AmeriKKKa!!! Where white supremacists have infiltrated the police department. To anyone who thinks I'm wrong. I know 2 former cops who are white who told me that there's a lot of racists white cops in the police department. They quit the police department because they couldn't take it anymore. One of them is now a firefighter and the other one decide to become a math teacher in high school. People who think TYT are race baiting. You need to look back at the definition of race baiting. TYT are exposing injustice and discrimination. When a security guard does his job and gets shot dead by the cops. The cops are not getting punished for killing an innocent person. That's injustice. When the people are telling the cops that the black person is a security guard doing his job and the cops shoots him anyway. That's discrimination for assuming that the black person was the suspect.

  8. as a black man i do not feel sorry for any security guard or black police officer that gets killed by a white caucasian law enforcement that's what you get for trying to impress your white Caucasian law enforcement officer you know how black people love their Master they are even willing to die by the hands of their master🤔as a race sit back and do nothing about it🤔

  9. Man!!! Dude totally broke it down correct!

  10. Laws in America are only as fair as your skin. 😂😂😂😂

    But they continuously tell us about the Holocaust…. Yet your government is liking innocent Africans by the day. 😂😂😂😂

    America. Land of the thief, home of the slave.

  11. This is what happens when you give rednecks and house Negroes a badge and a gun and some Authority. The 🐖 are nothing more than a army of occupation. The black ones are just as bad if not worse than the white ones. They're too busy trying to convince their white racist brothers in swine I'm black but I'm not black like them. If violence is all that we can expect from the hands of these 🐖 then violence must be answered kind. And I'm sick of hearing from these racist whites and house Negroes that tell black people they need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. When they say that they're just saying you must pull yourself up by your bootstraps on white people's terms. Because when we do it ourselves it doesn't mean anything.

  12. Since the officer who shot him was also black does this count as black on black crime?

  13. Wow, using a mans death to push your political agenda? Some how you people are even more pathetic then ever before.

  14. NRA : not even crickets,…
    their oinment for deafening silence?,… Whistle dixie.

  15. Laws in this country are only as fair as your skin. DAMN!

  16. psycho cops and the NRA means NOBODY IS SAFE!

  17. Title sucks. Change it.

  18. This is enraging. When is it going to stop?!

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