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Police Violently Rip Baby Away From Mother

Police Violently Rip Baby Away From Mother

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The NYPD is reviewing a video of their officers violently ripping a baby away from its mother. Ana Kasparian, Jayar Jackson, and Mark Thompson, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

Read full video here:

So I’m At 275 Bergen Street Handling My Business Or Whatever & There Wasn’t Any More Chairs For This Lady To Sit Down So…

Posted by Monae Sinclair on Friday, December 7, 2018

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Jayar Jackson, Mark Thompson

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Jayar Jackson, Mark Thompson


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  1. Google NYPOST mom allegedly baby cop @t

  2. The police are used to brutalize, terrorize, enslave or kill black people just for breathing.

  3. This is what happens when you don't have adequate legal representation the system rail roads you.

  4. Great job cops, kick these ratchet females asses.

  5. Lets hope this pig gets shot in the ass by a drug dealer.

  6. How could thebmen justcstand there? How could tge si called security just stand there and do nothing to stop this cop from violently snatching this one year old baby? My Heavenly Abba.

    My Hebrew Israelites sisters all over the world are preyed upon, disreguarded, misrepresented, abandoned by their fatgers and unprotected.

    YWH….Yahshua! Deliver your Hebrew Israelite people from the inside out and deliver us from this evil Hell on Earth for our Black ppl.

    This reminded me of the stories of the Slave Masters, who would voilently take the babies from their mothers in order to sell them off.

    My Ancestors were not taken as willing "Slaves". They were Prisoners of War. Forced into slavery by evil demonic insecure lust filled monsters.

  7. That's police brutality point blank many people have called cops on workers of hra and they don't come , on hra security and they don't come , fire hazard is for security to avoid which it's always a hazardous because people are there all day for several days without being seen with appointment and they still close case's. The one viciously forcing the 1 yr old like if it was a doll that's not justifiable behavior from anyone. Disgusting if that's the case the the old west should do a come back everyone should carry tazzers

  8. Soooooie! Ana looking sultry.

  9. It's horrified…Why did they teat her this way ?

  10. If this place was crowded with people, why did no one give her a seat? Did they all think they were superior? Answer that Young Turks.

  11. To see human being haha that's funny

  12. That how they are in the government assistant place the people that work there especially black people that work there they look down on you that work there they treat black and minority like shit

  13. After further review, there is no penalty on the cops, they did their jobs accordingly.

  14. WTF?!?! She should not have been treated this way!! And why would you try to take the baby away?! HER baby, nonetheless. This pisses me off so much. They could have just asked her to move.

    AND THEN, they put a restraining order against HER OWN BABY. These cops need to be fired. And the rest need to be taught human decency and compassion. Jesus. This could have been handled a lot better.

  15. YALL PEOPLES got to realize with these kinds of things some peoples love the problems like causing, starting and OTHERS.

  16. Maybe the hood rat shouldn't break laws

  17. I'm so sick of people making excuses for these ratchet bitches, they are never held accountable for their bad decisions in life, we are all just expected to tolerate their bullshit.

  18. The Young Turks, great on politics, but horrible on issues dealing with violence and policing.

  19. If she listened, it wouldn’t have happened. She deserved the consequences

  20. I'm a retired Officer from Jersey with 28 years of service and listen I understand that law enforcement officers have a tough job but out of all those Officers on the scene you mean to tell me that not one of them couldn't talk to the woman before using physical contact I mean the one Officer was ripping the baby out of her arms which can cause injury to that baby. The security officer what he or she should of done before calling the Police is at least try to get a chair from the back office so that the woman can sit down with her child. The excuse that the NYPD is probably going to use is that the Officers were put in an impossible situation.

  21. For the humane people reading this comment, if you haven't already read them, prepare for some ignorant and heartless commenters. Don't waste your time arguing with them, instead, use your time to contact people who can make changes. Remember that it's impossible to get everyone on board, so don't let these commenters who can't see the bigger picture and clearly don't know what it feels like to be a double minority in America, to get you down. Contact our political leaders and maybe we can push for change. There's no time for arguing when we can fight this. Black people and allies, just focus on that and continue to support the Black community and all minorities.

  22. People sit on the floor at airports, subway stations, even waiting rooms in hospitals. This is about poor black people being targeted.

  23. I wish the government would take welfare away from these dumb black bitches.

  24. Trash cops for a trash state, nice.

  25. That piece of shit cop…first the baby, then pointing the tazer around the crowd like some kind of gangster.

    Stuff her in a cell.

  26. That poor baby 😢. He must have been so scared 😦

  27. Funny how folks are quick to say "stop resisting". Reminder: this country began as a resistance movement against the Crown and now "law enforcement" and Pols demand and expect us to sheepishly comply with any "lawful order".
    BS hypocrisy

  28. It is sad I'm saying this, and grateful I can. At least they didn't kill her.

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