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Pompeo On Iran Cultural Sites: Strikes Will Follow ‘The International Rule Of Law’ | NBC News

After President Donald Trump raised the possibility of striking Iranian cultural sites, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that all actions taken by the U.S. will be “consistent with the international rule of law.”
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Pompeo On Iran Cultural Sites: Strikes Will Follow ‘The International Rule Of Law’ | NBC News


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  1. Who said that Iranians are not allowed to celebrate nowrouz? !!!! Do some research before talk

  2. "WE LIE, WE CHEAT, WE STEAL" (oil) Pompom is NO ONE you can believe a word he says. IN FACT whatever he says the opposite is true. WARMONGER CIA LIAR!!

  3. Now I cannot stand Pompeo’s voice and face. He and Trump are both liars and now we have encouraged terrorist attacks on Americans because of Trump’s reckless, irresponsible, bullying tactics without Congressional authority or advice. Worthless POS.

  4. Probably the only thing Pompeo has ever said that is actually true, that I ever heard. Why is Iran under Abrahamic rubbish when they aren't even remotely Arabian. And after abandoning their far better culture and history, Israel and the Saudis still don't accept them.

  5. We don't need to hit cultural sites we'll just take out Iran's power Grid and they will have no cyber or Power to speak of

  6. So no strikes to cultural targets, then. Seeing as international law would make that a war crime. Which your British allies and NATO alike were rushing to make very clear, even as all of America’s partners were busy putting as much distance between themselves and this inept attack on Iran.

  7. What is going on, I look a couple of news (nbc and cbs ) and one from Fox News, and now my phone is been bombarded by fox news,
    And is very clear that Fox News is twisting everything in news in-trump favor .especially if they know trump is not right.
    Fox News is misleading the news big time, that is criminal.

  8. Will America destroy very soon??

  9. Bet if the oil there got locked up we’d be on our knees to get it back

  10. When you start an armed conflict breaching ‘The International Rule Of Law’ by assassinating an official,
    then promises to be consistent with ‘The International Rule Of Law’ sounds kinda hollow.

  11. Mike the Puppet Pompeo.

  12. The most corrupt administration in the history of America. SAD!

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