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Pompeo: Previous administration gave Iran 'a lot' of money

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo holds a press briefing at the State Department. Pompeo discussed Venezuela, Iran and Americans who are overseas who wish to come back to the U.S.

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  1. Very well put intelligence on democracy 👍

  2. Why talk about crimes committed by the previous administration before arresting and charging them? Are you just warning them to run?
    I used to have faith that "drain the swamp " was a promise not just an empty campaign slogan, but now I am starting to think it was just an empty campaign slogan. No notable arrests in 3.5 years after 3 years of claiming they have all the evidence makes you think….

  3. What about the WHO are they truthful with Americans and American Government and intelligence. I'm thinking maybe not, they have LOTS of followers doing unamerican deeds.

  4. Ah, an old favorite regurgitated. The Obama Administration removed sanctions on Iran's OWN MONEY as part of the nuclear deal, which was working until your boy f*cked it up… besides, nobody cares, global pandemic, remember?


  6. The Obama administration did this in accordance to the best of their judgement and the governing legal constraints.

    The money belonged to Iran as frozen assets confiscated by the USA.

    The legitimate government of Iran is fully authorised to act on it's behalf.

    It is not your money , it is not my money ,It is Iran's money.

  7. Pompusso has the audacity to lecture on truthfulness.

  8. Ask Pompeo about all of the PPE he sent to China in February (you will find him boasting about it on his Twitter feed). Seems Obama didn’t leave the cupboards bare; Trump stripped them clean, then blamed his predecessor for what he just did.

  9. What about Disinfranchised Individuals from Upstate South Carolina? Are these individuals in a position to seek to return Home to The United States of America??

  10. Folks, the Iranian people NEVER saw a penny of that billions! Just keep that in mind.

  11. This regime of terror must be destroyed !

  12. Every sanction making IRAN self independent.
    Well we can see how coronovirus break the pride of United Sick of America.
    They have power but misusing it.
    They have defense budget more than 700 billion dollar but in health sector much less than you think.

  13. I HATE This Motherfucker!!

  14. 40 years , money of iranian people is Blocked in USA. and people are dying there because of sanctions , Now USA hit by Karma , not Covid19 ( You cant run from Karma ) Hope American people be safe

  15. Zionist idiot you are a laying piggies 🐷


  17. Stop lying Pompeo! Enough with your lies, cheating, and deception- you phony believer/fake Christian! Now let me educate you! Previous administration did not give Iran 'a lot' of money! It was Iran's money to begin with. After the Iranian Revolution in 1979, the United States ended its economic and diplomatic ties with Iran and froze approximately 11 billion 1980-US dollars of its assets. During Obama's administration a portion of these funds which were held in American banks were released back to the Iranian People. Pompeo we know who your masters(MBS & Netanyahu) are. Pompeo is a puppet and a warmonger! Saudi Arabia and Israel Will Fight to the Last American Soldier!
    Pompeo, you know who receives a lot of money from each administration? Since 1985, the United States has provided nearly US$3 billion in grants annually to Israel!

  18. The World needs to unite to fight the Coronavirus pandemic but Pompeo, the warmonger, is creating unnecessary conflict with Iran to please his masters in Israel and Saudi Arabia. Shameful! Pompeo is the deadliest virus should be classified and contained!

  19. A brave U.S. army lieutenant general may be risking his career to resist Trump administration efforts to provoke war with Iran. Robert P. White, who commands American forces in Iraq, last week wrote what the New York Times called a “blunt memo,” in which he opposed a new plan by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and others to attack Iranian-allied militias inside Iraq.

    Most of the world is concentrating on fighting the coronavirus pandemic. But a small group of powerful men are taking advantage of the huge distraction to try and instigate Iran into a war, apparently hoping against all logic that a conflict will prompt regime change there that will neutralize Teheran’s influence in the Mideast. This warmongering group includes Pompeo; Robert O’Brien, the U.S. national security adviser; some top Israelis, including Benjamin Netanyahu; elements of the Israel lobby inside the U.S., and Saudi Arabia’s de facto leader, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

  20. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: "I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole. We had entire training courses! Pompeo is a warmangor and a criminal! Pompeo is Netanyahu's and MBS's puppet! Wahhabism and Zionism are the enemies of the American People. The World needs to unite to fight Cornovirus pandemic but Pompeo, a phony believer/ a fake Christian, was ordered by his maters in Israel and Saudi Arabia, to place inhuman sanctions on the Iranian People(one of the hardest hit nations by this pandemic)! Squeezing the Iranian people has been his goal for some time. Creating unnecessary conflict with Iran to please his masters, Netanyahu and MBS! Shameful! Michael Pompeo, we know who you are, you are the mother of all terrorists!

  21. So if Obama gave terrorists money, he is a terrorist! And why is he not in prison for treason?

  22. That's word on the street, yobama

  23. It was their money you thief, I know you people are out to loot the planet, Republicans and the deep state are nothing but gangsters and thieves.

  24. It was Irans money dammit it was their right under international law

  25. Tienen 700mil indigentes solo en new york y se preocupan por venezuela??? Preocupense por la salud de su país y el mundo les va a creer pero así solo demuestran que son mentirosos y engañan a la gente!!!

  26. I have to disagree with the Secretary. There was no previous administration. It was not a administration at all. It could not administrate. It was all just a big sham. Thats what to much empathy creates. Time to move forward.

  27. Thank you for your unparalleled service to all Americans and the rest of the world. @ Mike Pompeo.

  28. SO i don't get why does US wants to have this tension with Iran ,first of all about 15 of the 19 terrorist of 911 members is saudi nationals, and that tension turns out to be blurred out. In the 70s, US installed a puppet western government in Iran and then when iran turned to communism, US is furious, that starts the conflict. The media constantly shift things to iran, but to be honest, the US soldiers has been in middle east for no reasons for the last 30 years I don't know what they are doing, they are doing great with Saudi Arabia after 911 even today, Saudi is happy to buy more weapons from US, US praised Saudi Arabia as a great civilized nation with remarkable people. So here is the wonderful thing Britain and France has been in middle east and doing some battles since after world war 1, US jumped around in 70s, and this games keeps on today, you can guess what they are actually going, because I don't know, if you think the US soldiers are protecting US citizens fighting middle east, then it is probably the least convincing argument ever

  29. Lady press person is a Racist …you know what …!

  30. This mans voice is so calm..So much needed.

  31. This country is way to generous to countries who don't deserve our generosity.

  32. It's no longer Democrats and Republicans in the White House.

    It's now Communist, Rhinos and Republicans.

  33. Fox News the Propaganda Channel

    Definition of Failure: Donald J Trump aka Putin Puppet Rump

    Donald J Trump Lies and People Die


  34. Thanks God 🙏❤️🇺🇸👍.Thank to all of these patriot protect American peoples.🙏❤️🇺🇸👍 God Bless Mike Pompeo 👍💖💐🇺🇸 God Bless President Trump 👍💖💐🇺🇸 God Bless America 👍💖💐🇺🇸 President Trump 2020 🙏❤️🇺🇸👍

  35. Jai Bhim. Hum sab ek hai

  36. It was their money. Smh

  37. He likes it! Hey Mikey! Whose gonna be the next president…. Bad dog, holding your own press briefing.

  38. Why is US so involved in Venezuela affairs of state. It has to do with oil, of course, and Russia, but more clarity is needed than simply saying we're doing for "democracy".



  41. Just Curious..How StateDepartment ..Regards China now on Human Rights UN Committee ..Worst Human Rights RecordDefund UN ..Remove From US Sovereign Soil!!


  43. yes!! it is Wuhan virus/ china virus, and please no more donation to the corrupt the WHO.

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