Pompeo speaks at Silicon Valley Leadership Group

Secretary Mike Pompeo delivers remarks to the Silicon Valley Leadership Group.

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  1. I am thinking to put a 3D printer in a gift box for my son during next Christmas. He can create whatever gift that he wants, but he gotta know how to use the printer.

    It is easy to play with a toy, but it is difficult to use a printer 👼.

  2. These US companies, such as Apple and GOOGLE, would not grow so big without the US. But, these companies are sell-put. They only care about profit. They don’t care about our national security. They will not be able to grow this big if China is controlling everything. They have not learned because they have never grown up in a communist country.

  3. The most unqualified misleading uninformed vile excuse for a secretary of state in history.
    Abominable lawless perverted administration and staff.
    Proverbs 6.12-19

  4. What about our funding the Chinese military through our stock market? There are hundreds of Chinese companys in the market that are "hidden" in mutual funds, MSCI funds. . We have funded their south China sea islands??


  6. i know also China waits at office of Patents to lure business to their shores..particulary an underfunded great idea. they will lure them and do what they do We need a special administration to pick up these…strays of possibility

  7. This IDIOT'S at silicon valley live in high end homes while they pass the rest of California people living in tent's wtf!!!!

  8. I wish I was there, the trump administration shouldn't forget about California. I believe they picked up hundreds of thousands of votes here.

  9. President Trump received a standing ovation at the football game tonight! Looked like another Trump rally to me! Well done Mr.President! Liberal crybabies are freaking out! Again! 🤣

  10. It doesn't matter which party or president there all the same cater to the one percent and screw the ninety ninety percent !!!!

  11. The great selloff of the American Government by Traitor Trump, with kickbacks going to into Trump's pockets.

  12. The Debt under Traitor has skyrocketed by $2 Trilion

  13. Traitor Trump and his cronies are ransacking the U.S Treasury.

  14. I like Pompeo he’s definitely not a puppet and he’s well articulate. Besides if you listen to his conversation these are the Brahms we’ve been facing for a long time.

  15. Asians are good at many things but innovation is not one of them.

  16. Now we can understand why we can’t reach a very simple mutually beneficial agreement with China. A lot of Cold War propaganda!

  17. The overseas Chinese talents contribute to USA selfishlessly …now we Welcome back home to 1,400,000,000 Greater Chinese market under efficient meritocracy China

    Leaving hostile declining, losing confidence selfish the USA towards the Chinese.

    When you American own bullets train 🚄 ready….
    We Chinese has 30,000 km bullets train cozy easy low price tickets

  18. YouTube hates this, bc the volume is way down.

  19. thank goodness we finally have an administration that sees china/ccp for what they are. first step is recognizing the danger.

  20. Trump reportedly told associates he killed Qassem Soleimani because he was under pressure from GOP senators before his impeachment trial

  21. Marxist Cult supporter…Mike Pompeo

  22. "We lie we cheat we steal" Pompao

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