Pope Francis Apologizes After Swatting Woman’s Hand | NBC Nightly News

The woman tugged Pope Francis’ arm while he greeted pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square on New Year’s Eve. “So many times we lose patience, even me, and I apologize for yesterday’s bad example,” he said.
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Pope Francis Apologizes After Swatting Woman’s Hand | NBC Nightly News


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  1. N.B.C hates Christian's but loves pope ? Wake up

  2. Pope is definitely a Libtard.

  3. She was violent. I want to see how you would feel if someone pulled on you, you try tugging away FIRST, they won't stop and just keep yanking on you. Stop being fake! And he's been dealing with this for several years and you think that he should never feel irritated? He's more patient than a lot of you. You could never deal with that level and aggression of contact year after year…..

  4. The pope was not wrong to react as he did. He even was nice about it. He tried to pull away first and she would not let go. He doesn't have to be okay with people pulling on him all the time. He's still human. You don't think that wears on him after a while??
    How many of you want to be pulled on nearly everyday for SEVERAL YEARS? None of you. Don't lie. He's usually gracious, dealing with affectionate and sometimes aggressive contact for YEARS! But all of a sudden he cannot have a human reaction to being pulled and yanked? You don't own him. Nobody owns anybody and so when you think this kind of thing is okay, you will excuse aggression daily on anyone! But of course, this is a society that's growing accepting of bullying culture, so of course you would think this is okay and that the pope should be fine with it. As if people of faith should never react to being hurt or to possible danger……
    And assassination attempts are a real worry for prominent figures, so don't you think he would think about that?? The way that lady was behaving? And even besides that, she was just rude. Also have you ever had your joints pulled on? That junk hurts! I'm sick of people making a big deal about this like he shouldn't react like any other human to a sudden disturbance in the form of her aggression. Then he only slapped her hand. I want to see HOW you react when someone unexpectedly grabs and pulls on you out of nowhere. Stop being a hypocrite. Most people would've pushed her, maybe even punched her. And she definitely would have been cursed at. He did not do any of that.
    Most people agree the lady was wrong. Her approach was poor. But there are a minor few like some of you who foolishly think he should not have reacted to being yanked on.

  5. Pope loves little boys but not a grown woman!!! hahaaa

  6. The woman won. The pope lost. At the time of canonization circus the woman will be back!

  7. That woman assaulted him and wouldn’t let go when he tried to takE his hand away. His reaction was normal. No one wants to be grabbed and held forcibly.

  8. The pope is just a man. A fallible man! Don’t follow a man, follow the true and living God.

  9. People should be more respectful. If we can't touch the royal family, why grab the Pope by his arm like that? He's is 83 yrs old people….

  10. Good job she didn't pull his crown of thorns then

  11. I thought he is infallible…

  12. Sorry, but someone’s true nature comes out when under stress.

  13. Pope should not have apologized. It's called "discipline" and "setting boundaries"

  14. PAEDOPHILES LIKE 2 TOUCH BUT NOT BE TOUCHED!!!🇨🇮👋🇬🇧👋🇺🇸👋💚🎄💚💥💫💥😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💋👅💋💃🎄💃

  15. What he does behind closed doors is worse than any hostel movie

  16. I’d be miserable too if I couldn’t sleep

  17. Can anyone translate what the woman was saying?

    You will be rewarded with a like

  18. " Don't touch me with your filthy and lowly hand. I am the highest being of all". He may think like that.

  19. What's the common denominator in his rude behavior? They were both Asians. Racist Pope?

  20. Pope face fill of anger.
    Pope voice fill of hatred.
    Pope Violent towards women and follower.
    No Excuse.

  21. Shame on Pope.

    Pope Violent towards women and follower.

  22. security team should have punched her in the face like a mike tyson punch👊

  23. Who cares, he’s just a human like you and me.

  24. I don't know why people are idolizing him anyway. It's a shame

  25. Why should he apologize , the stupid woman almost dragged him to the ground . Even Jesus threw the money lenders out of the Temple .

  26. What was she saying…does anybody know ?

  27. Dang, she's lucky she didn't get punched in her face. He was ready to fight. She was probably frustrated that he ignored most if not all the adults.

  28. Don't blame the Pope. The Chinawoman was very hostile. China really needs to teach its people civility before allowing them to go abroad. Despicable behavior.

  29. I wonder if she was drunk. If so she's probably really embarrassed to see herself acting like a fool on global media.

  30. She hurt him.. The expression on his face when she pulled.

  31. Let that be a lesson kids…..next time pull harder …follow-up with a collar grab… and finish with the headbutt. Boom lights out👍

  32. Find that woman first 👍👍

  33. a religious dirty old white man showing his racism.

  34. Good for him, dont apologize!

    Kudos 👍

  35. if Jesus, he would ask the woman to yank his other hand.

  36. I've worked at the convellasant home & ya everything hurts at 86 people.
    It's still weird to be a pope in this great present we all live in.
    Or not😊

  37. You fools, he is working for satan

  38. He shouldn’t have apologized. She is aggressive, and didn’t want to let go after he pulled himself away. Now he’s the one that looked bad like wow I would ask her to apologize tf

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