Home / Tech / Porsche 911 gets a power boost from Vonnen-built hybrid system

Porsche 911 gets a power boost from Vonnen-built hybrid system

Porsche 911 gets a power boost from Vonnen-built hybrid system

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  1. Very cool. It’s nice to see how the aftermarket world is attempting to make cars faster. Hey, it’s the 60’s, 80’s, and 90’s all over again. (:

  2. We need affordable hybrid conversion like in-wheel motors. Please visit Elaphe or any other in-wheel motor companies 🙏

  3. It is unbelievable that the even latest generation of 911 offers no electrification or interiors without animal skin.

  4. No more information or facts? Hm ok. Nice to know the boost in seconds or so. Or a G Force Meter

  5. I wonder if the new 992 will have the GT cars with any hybrid power

  6. They should apply this to all of the Beetles and Sambas out there.

  7. Its 75k because it goes on a Porsche and they need to buy a car to make it. When these guys get bought or start licensing the tech itll to be cheaper.

  8. 75K only? pfff cheap mod.. passss!!!…

    no offence ppl are you insane?!?..75K for a "battery pack booster"?!? Buy a Tesla you can have a big new battery CAR for that price!!!! Orrrr.. buy a Porsche instead..

  9. First comment……

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