Postcard From Kyiv: Trump Ukraine Controversy Raises New Fear Over Russia's Aggression | NBC News

Since 2014, Ukraine has been at war with Russia in a conflict that has claimed nearly 13,000 lives. Now allegations President Trump held up U.S. aid in an effort to get Ukraine President Zelenskiy to investigate Joe Biden and his son have raised concerns over diminishing U.S. support in the country’s fight against an emboldened enemy to the east.
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Postcard From Kyiv: Trump Ukraine Controversy Raises New Fear Over Russia’s Aggression | NBC News


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  1. Wow! Our soldiers in uniform talking. Certainly Trump won't target them? Good grief.Go Army!

  2. US an adult??? And a democracy too? Wow.Haha…..somebody is either blind or lying.

  3. Irregardless if the US were to spend money in Ukraine the realities is that Russian will ensure that Ukraine will remain a buffer state, as this is part of their nation security policy. The Ukrainians fear Nord Stream 2 and TurkStream because it will render their pipelines useless not to mention with the Kerch Bridge which basically makes Russia in control of the Sea of Azov that effectively renders the ports in that area unsustainable. Now with the military aspect, even if the US were to support Ukraine through military means it will not stop Russia, the Black Sea Fleet ever since 2014 have been substantially been upgraded and are equipped with Kalibr cruise missiles, the Russians have been busy upgrading military installations in Crimea by deploying K-300P Bastion and Bal-E land-based anti-ship missile batteries which in effect creates an A2-AD bubble in which Ukrainian vessels even before they will their home ports in Odessa are effectively at risk. Plus the Russian military has build substantial military bases near the border with Ukraine and Belarus. I hate to say it but it is a lost cause to support Ukraine given the geographic realities it faces.

  4. It's not in the best interest of trump to give Ukraine the money and fight his buddy Putin's army. Trump wants to win with Putin. Hail Trump ! Oops…..
    Dump Trump, did I do a Rudy Julie lol

  5. Exactly, this Ukrainian woman was saying exactly what I was saying that this was a joint effort of Putin and Trump for personal Political interest at the same time. Putin's interest was land control in the Ukraine while Trump's was to get political information even a fake report from the Ukraine .

    Trump held the money and supplies for the 55 days before he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar all while like this lady was saying was causing mass casualties on purpose to force the new Ukrainian president to establish something the Bidens was already previous cleared for by the Ukrainian Government through their own Government Prosicuters all while Putin increased Military operations to cause these deaths to bring on the heat for Trump to get his way and Putin got his way. Of course a world leader would bow down to a stronger world leader to save the lives of their people even if they must go on world news and lie saying they were not pressured yet behind closed doors, they know that they are being pressured. Trump contacted the new Ukrainian president on day one to start the corruption the new president vowed to stop during his speaches that elected him. The new president wanted to stop corruption but Trump wanted the opposite period the end.

    This is why the Whistleblower came forward and he or she was right in doing so, if he or she did not, mass casualties may still be going on, at least the Ukrainian people have more of a chance to prevent alot more deaths but they are still due 35 billion pre approved money that nobody has a answer where that money is. The question is, did Trump line his pocket with it? If not, let him explain where it is . Of course with Putin and Trump working together that they are blaming the Ukraine for Election interference to take the heat off Russia. If anyone can't see that, they need to go back to pre school and not drop out the next time. IT IS CLEAR AS DAY, IT IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE !

  6. The WAR DEPARTMENT is in the business of war not defense.

  7. Note to Ukraine: I admire, encourage and support US money and resources to support your efforts and cause. Many US citizens are trying to tell our President and White house to be stead fast and democratically constitutional upholding supports to you. Please know the number of citizens believing this far out number those that may not!!! Sending sincere love to our neighbors XO

  8. You said you want nothing AFTER you were caught red handed. You act like a big kid but we are not kids.

  9. russian aggression thats a good one lolol…………………….america is a sinking toilet bowl…they like to try to start wars between nations and cause civil wars while they hide then try to steal….well those days are over usa cant even win a war even with nato….they only war they won was grenada lol and that took them almost a year to do lolol pathetic and tht nation s 60,000 only….usa will have a civil war soon enough ,california ,texas ,alaska will separate also and other to follow..


  10. It is scary to hear so many Americans still believe the US establishment lie that Trump is a Russian puppet. Nobody in the true free world falls for this cheap propaganda yet Americans that hate Trump eat it up like it was a fact. Dear Americans; when it comes to geopolitics, your media and poltical estsblishment lies to you all almost constantly.

  11. Oh its NBC I already know its gonna be more of the American Fake news. Time to click the red X

  12. Dear Americans, your media and your Neocon/ Neolib establishment is lying to you about world affairs! The US, yes your government funded and organized the coup that toppled the government of Ukraine in 2014. This hostile act prompted a proportionate and prudent Russian response. I cant believe how so many Americans can condone the criminal behavior on the world stage. It seems like someone just has to add the words "freedom" and "democracy" to any type of action and most Americans will just blindly obey and fall in line in no time. "Lets throw puppies in a meat grinder…for freedom and democracy" . "Lets invade and bomb the middle east…
    . for freedom and democracy". " "Lets jump of a cliff together… for freedom and democracy". The crowd will go wild with applause and support almost any outrageous behavior as long as you add Freedom and Democracy at the end.

  13. Another stupid war we are involved in

  14. Trump supporters, Adults behaving like children. Greta, children behaving like adults.

  15. Good looking soldiers in Ukraine . professional and tough .

  16. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ukraine hooks back up with Russia

  17. Ukraine army rocking the USA gear .Canada is invested in Georgia as well .

  18. Your TDS will prevent you from beating the Trump in 2020. Where is Hillary?

  19. You commies.
    Quit your attacks on Trump. We know who pays you. You are in their pocket.

  20. Ovomit, Biden and other democrats swindled 100s of millions of dollars from Ukraine.
    Pelosi son paul, john Kerry's son, Mitt Romney's son all in on the corruption. That's the reason for Trump's impeachment. Barr is coming!

  21. Putin planting Trump as president is one of the most masterful moves of military/political deception in history. Sun Zu and Machiavelli are applauding this saga.

  22. Thank you Trump and Putin for record low unemployment

  23. Ok so let me think 🤔 if this goes on forever the USA 🇺🇸should give billions of taxpayers money 💵 to protect them and to keep them fighting against Russia 🇷🇺???? Why can’t we just let Germany 🇩🇪 France 🇫🇷 take care of it they are very wealthy countries we are far away across the North Atlantic Ocean if Russia decides to invade is not going to be here.

  24. And this is why we need Bernie Sanders 2020

  25. Russia is the evilest country the humanity has ever faced. Putinist Russia is the biggest threat to Western civilization and Western values. Russia has inflicted more wars than all world nations combined. In 1905 Russians has inflicted war with Japan, in 1939 war with Finland. Both Chechen wars were inflicted by Russians. In 2008 conflict with Georgia over South Ossetia. And many many other conflicts… Now Russians' "peacekeeping" in Crimea and over Eastern Ukraine. Time to freeze assets, ban visas, and place more sanctions against closest Putin's oligarchs. Despite the millions of words written on Putin's Russia, the West still fails to truly understand Russia.

  26. Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea was the first time since the Second World War the one sovereign nation has forcibly taken territory from another in Europe. Since then, Russia has fomented the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, repeatedly violated the national airspace of several European countries, and mounted a sustained campaign of cyber espionage and disruption. This has included meddling in elections and hacking the Danish Ministry of Defence and the German Bundestag, among many others. It is seeking to weaponise information. Deploying its state-run media organisations to plant fake stories and photoshopped images in an attempt to sow discord in the West and undermine our institutions. Russia's actions which threaten the international order on which we all depend. The West and other democracies must take necessary actions to counter Russian activity.

  27. JESUS IS COMING BACK SOON 💯😁✅🎉♥️🙏🏻👍🏻🥰🎊

  28. Any president who mentions Joe Biden's name – on the phone – should not only be impeached, he should go to jail for life. If the president murdered the leader of the country in Africa with the highest standard of living, as another step towards war in Iran, like Obama and Crooked Hillary did, or if a president slaughters two million innocent people in Iraq like little George Bush did, they should be rewarded with loads of money. Right?

  29. Uck putin!!!🤣😂😆😅😁😎😁

  30. Putin wanted syria trump gave him putin wants be continued after the fake senate trial.

  31. This is pure propaganda. POTUS did NOT withhold aide. #FAKENEWS. Ukraine is stronger then ever with the aide and military supplies President Trump and us, the citizens of THE USA, has sent there. Check out the Biden/Pelosi connections and billions of laundered $$$$. Now THAT is corruption!

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