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Pregnant Kylie Jenner Breaks Up With Travis Scott? | Hollywoodlife

Pregnant Kylie Jenner Breaks Up With Travis Scott? | Hollywoodlife

Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott reportedly split after a big fight. Plus – Kim Kardashian convinces pregnant Kylie to join in the Calvin Klein ad.

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Kylie Jenner seems to be offering up more proof that she’s pregnant in her family’s new ads for Calvin Klein! The reality star and her sisters, Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian pose together for the brand’s ‘family’ campaign, and the photos definitely seem to hint that Kylie is hiding a baby bump. In one shot, the five sisters lay together on a blanket, and while Kim, Kourt, Kendall and Khloe all have their shirts lifting up to reveal flat bellies, Kylie is conveniently covered with a blanket, only putting her cleavage on display.

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Pregnant Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Split After Big Fight? | Hollywoodlife


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  1. I don't like Kylie Jenner it's not okay get attenlon ,

  2. Okay Trav… The Man 🎶up Alyate' ??? I think.. ya think??

  3. Hilarious man sex is so exciting thou..


  5. Whats up with all these kardashian family and pregnancy? Lmao

  6. I thought Kylie “checked” into the hospital……. this is so stupid “tyga is still turned on” stfu as if you guys know her life or are bffs with her lmfao. You’re skeptical about radar?

  7. This is literally all fake… really sad

  8. What if she just gained weight and doesn't wanna be in the spotlight till she loses weight.

  9. These pregnant Kylie rumors are annoying, even if she was pregnant I don’t blame her for being quiet. One little thing a celebrity does everyone blows out of proportion.

  10. 1:01 that does not look like kim wtf

  11. Stop using Kylie’s name just to get views! Y’all don’t even know if she’s pregnant or not .

  12. If you look at Khloe's hand resting on Kylie's belly, it's flat, wouldn't her arm be higher if she had a bump. I would expect for her bump to be poppin right now 😮

  13. The "most necessary" story of the day. Why the fuck did i click on this?

  14. Is the bitch pregnant or not? Lol

  15. stupid you can totally tell her head was photo shopped 😑😑😑😑

  16. doesn’t Kylie get it? Whom ever he cheated with that she calls a “friend” is NOT a friend! I feel bad for Kylie. She maybe has ONE true friend and a bunch of “yes people”

  17. No he broke with that witch ho, a long time ago, lol

  18. She's going to look like a Fool!!!Watch!News bout to eat it up too!Travis isnt feeling her ass

  19. Why do you guys keep talking about the same shit?

  20. It's so weird how they are freaking saying that Kylie is pregnant when no one knows that… she hasn't come out and said it. It is not a "source", it's you making up stuff that is personal. Over the bounds.

  21. "The most necessary story of the day" are u fucking kidding me? What about the fact that there are still slaves in 2018. Fuck y'all at HL.

  22. Reporting at it's prime, ladies and gentlemen.

  23. Imagine if Kylie is not pregnant, how stupid all the gossip channels will look. 🤣

  24. The thing is when you’re not happy with what’s going on, you hide, you look for help until you can figure out how to react in public. This girl is just so confused with her pregnancy obviously at that age and so fast! I would be so scared, Kylie looks so sad in the campaign, her sight so lost in space. Can be rich but no money can buy comfort within your inside.

  25. I’m just going to laugh when it’s verified she’s not pregnant. I think she’s just relaxing

  26. bruh lol where y'all taking all this shit from

  27. Fat ginger bullshitters alert that's real news

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