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Pregnant Kylie Jenner Reacts To Wendy Williams Diss | Hollywoodlife

Kylie Jenner pregnancy & her relationship with Travis Scott is dissed by Wendy Williams. Plus – Kris Jenner & Caitlyn Jenner argue about Kylie’s delivery being on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’

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Wendy Williams, 53, put Kylie Jenner, 20, under the microscope during “Hot Topics,” on January 10. Wendy slammed the young star — who is reportedly pregnant with her first child with boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott, 25 — hashing up her admitted lip injections and other apparent plastic surgery procedures. “She’s only 20… Her 20 is more like 35, because she’s grown up on TV in front of us, plus she’s got the mid crisis makeover already,” Wendy said, alluding to Kylie’s reported cosmetic procedures. “Let me tell you something, you can do whatever you want to yourself but the baby is still going to look like the old you, just saying,” Wendy proclaimed.

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Pregnant Kylie Jenner Dissed By Wendy Williams | Hollywoodlife


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  1. Bruce, cover up ur ugly head an stay out of birthing room. U just want to check out how baby comes out! Ur so creepy man

  2. Uh, that's not bullying, that's being truthful.

  3. #Team Wendy people… hahaha true point right there

  4. The ice cream,and pizza part is mood!

  5. Kylies moms are fighting ahahahah rlly man

  6. Can't STAND This Fake Ass, Everything Brought BITCH. & How Is Telling The Truth Considered shade. Wendy literally only said what everyones been thinking anyways. FUCK THIS BITCHES FEELINGS.

  7. Wendy Williams is a total evil bitch. If she actually conducted her show like Ellen, she wouldn't have any viewers. She has to throw shade and bully on her Hot Topics show because she uses other peoples heartaches and troubles to keep her show relevant at their expense…. so sad. I was at her show 2 years ago and i was thoroughly disgusted. In fact, during a break the producer came to me and asked if i was having a good time because i never clapped once while i was there, not even with the "clap" sign flashing… she didn't deserve my support. My g/friend owed me big time after dragging me to her show. Will never go again. The audience, even though they would whisper when they didn't agree with certain comments she made would clap anyways…. wow, no brains to think for themselves.

  8. Wendy Williams is fucking gross

  9. Honestly Kylie annoys me…she's just super sensitive to every little thing. someone said 1 thing about your lips once and now she gets a shit tonne of botox and plastic surgery. Girl, please grow up and deal with reality like the rest of us

  10. !!!!!!!!!! 0:52 SCARED THE SHIT OUTTA ME !!!!!!!!!!

  11. Kylie is so annoying Wendy was stating facts period point blank🤷🏾‍♀️

  12. Wendy is just a reminder of what people can do wrong

  13. Oh fuk Wendy cunt Williams. She looks like if a jack o lantern and the original beast from beauty and the beast had a kid…..that would b Wendy

  14. So speaking the truth is now bullying? 🤔🤔🤔🤔 hmmmm aight 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. … I'm sure Kylie already knows that she looks so plastic & does NOT look her age…
    Why is she surprised?

  16. You guys watch Wendy Williams every morning at work? Ya'll hiring?!?!

  17. Its ture tho.these bitches were half ugly before all the surgery on there ass n face.look at there old pics kylie looks more like the faget dad.her chin sticks out like a mans.

  18. i feel for caitlyn on how they have treated her how she is banned from all there lives

  19. Doesn’t everyone walk around their house barefoot🤔

  20. Kylie is an attention seeker she will do anything for attention 😑 Wendy is right tho

  21. Wendy Williams is need of a visit from Karma up close and personal!

  22. has trauma just been redefined? get a grip..

  23. Caitlyn is her dad. She said to still call her that so why would you say "her moms"?

  24. Hope it’s a retard. Already is cause it’s got that booboo gene. Still think Williams is a dude. Check that apple.

  25. Honestly fuck Kylie and stormi and all em

  26. Wendy Williams is trash tho. Yeah Kylie is young being a mother and yeah the baby obv gunna be looking like ‘the old kylie’ aka small lips but how tf is Kylie going through mid life crisis makeup? I don’t get it…

    Also Kylie might be young but she’s the youngest woman to be CEO of such a successful business idk but I think she’s got a lot going for her and if whoever thinks she’s not then cool, that’s their opinion and this is mine I’m just stating facts. Also if I’m being honest I had no idea who Wendy Williams was until I heard she threw shade at the kar Jenner fam 🤷‍♀️ way to get on the map lmao

  27. Be careful wendy cuz Kris might bring in the FBI 🙄

  28. Wendy I just don't like you 😬 Mr Kimmel can we do a mean tweet o this lady cause she mad wrong😵 who the fuck gave her a time slot .? Wendy shut and stop getting plastic surgery


  30. Nah…not shady…its was the simple truth…. Kylie is a big baby! no one bully her, some guy just said to her once,…I didn't think you would be a good kisser because ur lips are thin, but was pleasantly surprise that she was indeed a good kisser!…that was simply a stupid boy who lacked experience with girls who found out he was wrong! Just like I've heard guys say that they always thought skinny girls were tight & fat girls were loose …than they went exploring & found out the opposite to be true…just saying…books have been written about it….Kyle is decent looking with or without those lips injections so relax chicky…..ppl are starving to death & being killed all over the world…. it ain't that serious!! Get some perspective!

  31. Wendy didn’t give shade, just FACTS lmao

  32. Wendy looks like a old ass man smh

  33. How is that shade? It's true though. Kylie has gone through life way tooo fast: Dating older men with kids while under aged, extensive unnecessary plastic surgery that only a woman in her 40's would get and pregnant at 19. Wtf. What's next? Being a grandmother by 35? And also, as much as it may hurt Kylie, all the plastic surgery in the world won't change her DNA and her kids will have her old looks. Girl needs to put all that money she's spending on plastic surgery in to a shrink and get some self esteem.

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