President Donald Trump Delivers Remarks On U.S. Airstrike That Killed Iranian General | NBC News

President Trump delivered remarks on the U.S. airstrike that killed the Iranian general Qassem Soleimani. “We took action last night to stop a war,” the president said.
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President Donald Trump Delivers Remarks On U.S. Airstrike That Killed Iranian General | NBC News


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  1. Trump is like Reynald de Chatillon.In my opinion Musalim World will impose fatwa on him and his family

  2. Trump trying to prevent the joy of the nation. When many are thriving in bitcoin invest he’s busy playing hide and seek.
    Version 2020 is now out for him

  3. Putting the orange monster in a cage would be sufficient

  4. We have politicians posturing and flexing their political egos with American Soldiers. Trumps is an arms dealer and war starter. Trump has been orchestrating a crisis in the Middle East for the last year. Remember the July 2019 $8 Billion arms that he sold to Saudi Arabia? Add Syria, Ukraine, Turkey and Iran and Putin /Russia.  Stains of Shame! The history books will not
    be kind to Trump and his administration.

  5. Don't forget the old, 'god made me do it'!

  6. Wait so because he had contingency plans for you you killed him but he's not allowed to do the same because you've got contingency plans for him

  7. NEW DELHI WAS A TARGET BY IRAN ? HUH… 1 PAK IS MORE than A NUISANCE now Iran wants to join the club ?? wtf why everyone's after India 😰 go target some where else ..

  8. While we're here regretting what Trump has done, Germany is reviving Hitler for WW3

  9. Happy New years 🎉 ❤️❤️❤️ lol 🤣

  10. Why people hate trump so much? Majority of the people judge by his personal life. When we think about politics, In some ways he might be wrong but in other ways he is doing good for his country. I dont know what you guys think😊

  11. President Trump !!! Rocks

  12. He just won middle America's vote.

  13. I guess this is the only time we can support and agree with trump

  14. Both countries will not start a war for sure. Because they both know what’s gonna happen. Unless its North Korean.


  16. guys North korea will join the us. then they gonna bomb up iran. But iran has iraq and syria on their side so they gonna bomb up the us. Oh im bout to prepare my popcorn (i dont live in neither of them countries anyways)

  17. New Year rockets gone wrong must be the excuse 🤣

  18. I want people to know that the people who defend this country are a lot of kids. I’m talking under 20 year olds. People who have barely lived life.

  19. Putins puppy Trump , have a double morality. Remember trumps tweet in 2011. he claim that Obama will start a war whit iran to get reelected.
    all the World want laughting about your Clown . butt its to serious.
    and again hes Double morality.
    Remember what he say about your inteligence service in Helsinki.
    we in the World know that puppy Trump have no morality.
    its Not a President ho represent you poeple in the world. its a Gangster Mob ho try to get the first great Dictator of the us.
    i repeat again and again follow the Money at the deutsche Bank ho is the laundry Bank from putin and hes Puppy Trump. the son of a ex CEO from deutsche Bank ho was a witness key die under strange circonstances. like the Death from epstein afther william barr visit him in jail.
    Watch how putin is doing whit poeple he dont like.
    God bless america

  20. when was the last US policy decision that supported the assassination of an advisory military commander? should we next target Russian Army General
    Valery Gerasimov @t in his next visit to Ukraine?
    what would Trump's dear leader think of such an operative? @t

  21. Very sensible statement considering it's Trump

  22. Gandhi : Let's make this world a peaceful place for everyone.
    Trump : Am I a joke to you?
    Modi : Hold my 🍻

  23. New Delhi ? India keeps a warm and cordial relationship with Iran despite embargo

  24. Well, that’s a start to a decade

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