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President Donald Trump Greeted With Loud Boos After Being Introduced At World Series | NBC News

President Trump was booed after being introduced at the World Series in Nationals Park. Some of the crowd could be heard chanting “Lock him up” after he was shown on screen.
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President Donald Trump Greeted With Loud Boos After Being Introduced At World Series | NBC News


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  1. this is actually kind of sad. he’s still a person, he has feelings.

  2. I'm not saying i support Donald Trump but he should still have a right to go in public without people constantly booing him. All he wanted was to see a game for enjoyment but he instantly got shunned by the crowd. This is unbelievably wrong everyone should be able to have a great time while going to such events. And people wonder why he avoids public places.

  3. People: Booooooooooo! Lock him up! Impeach!
    News: ISIS leader and his right hand man plus bid laden jr are dead

  4. Oh your really dirty. , I was there and no one said lock them up . You had a bunch of people, in a building and say lock them up , and then edit it in and you should be sued , for lying . you’re you’re nothing but the scum of Satan’s mind! Mine liberal news you do not belong to Jesus Christ because you’re a liar 🤥. NO ONE BOOO HIM. LYING DEMONS. DEVILS.

  5. Very mixed crowd with non mainstream media recording

  6. Save those BOOS , when you go vote against him in Nov 2020 !!!!!!!!! That will hurt him more !!!!!!!!!

  7. Hear more cheers than boos. Ya think NBC will ever admit that? Nope, they won’t. Fake news.

  8. Wow I can't believe this is the president of the USA. Does not feel good.

  9. That's weird, you hear it but don't see it. Maybe she's in parties.

  10. Proof again of the perpetually pathetic looser leftist. Clueless, toothless and useless.

  11. Feel bad for the guy , he should be respected just being our leader

  12. More cheers than boos. Those shouting lock him up are a small minority compared to the stadium. Liberal fools making a mountain out of a mole hill. How do we even know for sure the shouters are at the same game?

  13. In both videos you can clearly hear more cheering and 'lock her up' chants even though footage was taken by haters. MAGA 2020!

  14. Disgusting acts by disgusting Americans.

  15. I’m glad baseball hates him

  16. It's shameful for people to be so disrespectful to our President. He's not perfect but he's not done anything to be impeached over or they would have done it a long time ago. Be an adult and stop your immature crap!

  17. The irony that it's coming from white people in Red Hats. Delicious

  18. This will go down in history in the "CLASSIC" section.

  19. I don’t no what you heard that was a perfect crowd 👌🏽 😂😂

  20. Were they saying Boooo or Buuuuuuurns

  21. Someone is gonna get fired because of this

  22. They’re not saying boo, they’re saying boo-urns

  23. In 2020, Trump will no longer be President. He will be a prison inmate.

  24. There is very few books in the crowd ,fake news ,it will be a landslide victory,all 12 losers screaming lock him up, laughable

  25. Melania is so over it! I love it!

  26. Ha ha ha. Not one person here can give me a reason why Trump should be locked up..

  27. I love how his yes-men are clapping and cheering louder to drown out the boo's

  28. "Are they boo-ing me Smithers?"
    "Ahhh….no sir….they're saying boo-urns boo-urns sir"

    "Are they saying Lock Him Up Smithers?"
    "Ahhh….no sir….they're saying Look Him Up….Look Him Up sir.

  29. I was not fake boos 😂 it was all real

  30. He gone cry in the car 🤣🤣😂

  31. This is news?? So what 200 people at a game dont like him? That's not news. How about you report that we have the lowest unemployment in the history. Or how about that the lower class is becoming richer due to Trumps economic policies.

    Oh I got one. How about the fact that less people are on welfare. Meaning every American is now getting more money thanks to less taxes.

    How about how our president is uniting countries instead of starting wars.

    Since Trump has been in office we have yet to have a terrorist attack on our homeland.

    How about you actually report news you liberal twats.

  32. Lock him up lock him up 😂

  33. He deserves that
    Wish someone atleast threw a tomato or two

  34. He and his wife had the same facial expression!🤣🤣🤣

  35. It's Washington. Doesn't surprise me. 3 years now and not one shred of evidence that the president has committed any crime. The Washington radical left and main street media have actually fabricated this so called evidence of wrong doing. Now this impeachment garbage. What's next. How can we the American tax payer sit back and allow this to continue. We don't, One answer. GET OUT AND VOTE in 2020 and keep the white house. The uncovering of the Deep State needs to continue. It's a must. Oh by the way. Come to Texas and try booing Trump. You won't be able to hear your boos over that applause at a Rangers game.

  36. That's freedom of speech in America!

  37. These people are watching to much fake news

  38. A trip to the White House is no longer an honor everyone wants to experience. Instead of being a spoil of victory, meeting a president – meeting this president – might just spoil the victory.

  39. Was Matt Gaetz fondling Trump's🎱🎱 while he was getting booed. Or is it still Hannity's job. 🤔

  40. I began the world series mildly rooting for Washington. After the disgusting behavior of he fans and treatment of our president, I switched and was hoping for a humiliating defeat for Washington. This shows how out of step Washington elites are with the rest of the country. Now I will never think of the Nationals again without thinking how they politicized their own team, and ruined the world series for me. And I will never root for them to win anything.

  41. Largest collective of idiots I’ve ever seen in one comment section.

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