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President Donald Trump Hails Weinstein Verdicts As A ‘Great Victory’ For Women | NBC News

President Donald Trump spoke out about the conviction of Harvey Weinstein on charges of sexual assault and third degree rape, during a news conference at the end of his two-day visit to India.
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President Donald Trump Hails Weinstein Verdicts As A ‘Great Victory’ For Women | NBC News


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  1. Cannot wait to see my wonderful President utterly bombard ANY opponent he has this year..going to be funny.. Did you see him speak at the black history month ceremony..that was so amazing absolutely beautiful.

  2. Trump cut money to the CDC. Now they don't have money to fight the Coronavirus

  3. It will be a great victory for women when Trump is in jail.

  4. And another thing doesn’t Trump realise that in most women’s minds he’s as bad as Weinstein in the was he treated women?

  5. ‘Being at meetings at every hour of the day, at every minute of the day’….bloody joke….we KNOW how few hours you work and how much golf you play, then there’s your tweeting, phone calls and TV.

  6. there are many topics trump should avoid. this might be one of them.

  7. Trump says, "Why would you ask me about Harvey Weinstein?"

  8. Should be a Rico Act…

    Anyone in Hollywood involved with that trash bag… Should be arrest ASAP.

  9. Hahahaha coming from this guy and his Supreme Court bro. Really hate our disgusting government.

  10. I voted for this monster. If people knew your backstabbing the American public in secret you'd be removed now. I'll vote Mike this year. I want you to take a drug test Trump

  11. Ive run out of explicatives, nouns & adjectives to describe this individuals utter lack of understanding of irony. The only conclision my associates & I could agree on after lenghty debates into the wee hrs? Trump is a narcissist & a sociopath. How else can one explain the mans seemingly total lack of regret/remorse for anything he's been accused of by numerous women? Nor does he seem to express ANY regret about the venom he's spit for the smallest of reasons. This is a TRULY dangerous individual. I salute anyone within his administration or nearby that are attempting to reign in and subvert his most base impulses. You are all true American heroes. 👁️👁️🇺🇸

  12. I did not even answer question the lady ask, only changing the subject on his politics and blaming democrats. He doesn't give a crap

  13. Donald trump cracks me up! He's got the answer for everything! Except his wife having an affair with Mike Pence.

  14. This coming from a womanizer hey trump hows stormy Daniel's



  17. This Gaseous Orange Shitbag has no sense of irony…

  18. Now for some thoughts from the self identified Predator in Chief.

  19. what rosie odonell said about trump is SPOT-ON .. he is nothing but a "snake oil salesman". i'm embarrassed for the USA that he got installed as a president.. this disgusting philanderer and money-grubber isn't inspiring people to greatness.. he isn't being a moral leader. something that people really deserve.. he resembles a disgusting MOB-boss, someone i can never look up to..

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