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President Donald Trump holds press conference in New York City | USA TODAY

President Trump participates in a press conference in New York, NY.

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  1. helo MR PRESIDENT i think you are doing a good job i am voting for you next year i like to met you i live in SYCAMORE IL i live on the farm EGANS FARM i hope to see you

  2. wow good president! i love TRUMP

  3. All the hater speak on here is totally irrelevant to what was said here, and honestly just about all the time. This guy has done SO MUCH GOOD in 2.5 years DESPITE the ridiculous opposition and lame failing smear campaigns (all failed!). People have AND are waking up. The low IQ & low information comments on here (despite reality) are WHY the Left (& the media) have fallen & failing. INVESTIGATE THE WALKAWAY MOVEMENT TO SEE HOW MANY DEMOCRATS & INDEPENDENTS LIKE MYSELF HAVE HAD IT, AND LEFT THE LEFT. Yet the incipient, juvenile, Ignorant, dishonest & afraid HYPOCRISY & INSANITY continues. The left has tanked & recovery won't be in sight for a LONG TIME. You can't unlearn truth about the Civil War, Democrat traitorous racism & KKK roots, DECADES of lies, much worse than even neocon Republican Traitors. Now with this pathetic panic-button joke with formal impeachment?? And CrowdStrike going mainstream even to the average misinformed citizen?? The hypocritical, immoral & brainwashed Democrat Socialist Party of Death/Baby-killing & Racism is soon to become a tragic skid-mark on the underwear of history. Especially when MORE of our wonderful black population continues to discover how much they've been betrayed. If it wasn't such a pathetic waste of time, it'd be laughable. Can't wait until ex-democrats start suing or calling for hangings of these loser Traitor scum who've been deceiving them for decades. IT'S OVER, FOLKS. There's only going to be a small percentage of low IQ holdouts too prideful to admit defeat. As an independent, I couldn't be more overjoyed that Trump did a takeover of the Republican Party! Liberalism will NEVER recover. Least not in our lifetime!

  4. This orange faced turd has to go!




  6. TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸♥️♥️♥️

  7. For all of you Trump bashers should consider one thing, if Hillary was President you would be on welfare by now, mrs corrupt herself, you should be happy Trump is in. 4 more years. P.S. I see there are a bunch of idiots on tonight. Get over it, 4 more years. Thank God.

  8. The mob boss speaking. What a con man. Impeach this ignoble president.

  9. Anyone remember Captain Queeg in "The Caine Mutiny", publicly losing his mind? Trump sounds exactly like that!

  10. THIS IS ABSURD! THE WHOLE POINT TO HAVING A DEMOCRACY (TWO PARTY SYSTEM), IS SO THAT ONE PARTY CAN IVESTIGATE THE OTHER PARTY FOR WRONG DOINGS! Now, are the democrats leaning towards authoritarianism, it seems they want society to think it is wrong for one party (trump), to look into the other party's politicians possible corruption (biden)! Sounds like one party authoritarian style of governing. OFCOURSE HE SHOULD BE LOOKING INTO IT, THAT IS HIS DUTY TO THE PEOPLE WITHIN A DEMOCRACY, THAT IS HIS JOB. we need to know, there needs to be transparency, you only get that by looking into thingS! FFS THIS IS ABSURD! Our citizens are becoming dumber, and being brainwashed to adopt ridiculous COMMUNIST thinking. Their losing decent rationale and logic.

  11. Every day this guy is working hard to strengthen our country and improve our lives. Its awesome!

  12. This is an open invitation for you to become part of the world's biggest conglomerate and reach the peak of your career. As we begin this year's recruitment programme and our annual feast of harvest is almost at hand. Do you agree to be a member of this illuminati new world order? What's app+1 (267) 741-9702

  13. Mr. Trump well he sounds kinda down I wonder why? 😆

  14. TRUMP 2020



    personally i think the wall

    the death wall and firing squad

    death to demons

  15. 18:01 Lol "so many people" has always been a code word for "no, one said but I think"

  16. Trump gives incoherent, rambling speeches full of slured words that containing so many lies, news anchors have to interrupt just to correct him.
    This presidency is an embarrassment to America. He is a racist, sexist, narcissistic liar. He can not be gone soon enough.

  17. Really issue he highlighted begin at 11:37, 55 days lock down, situation is even worst now no food, no internet,no media, no communication to reach the world, Genocide taking place in Kashmir, a dispute between 2 nuclear arms country God knows where is world going. India is heading toward Fascism

  18. "Oh, look he is a traitor to the law he swore to protect. He will not pass! Working for Putin!!

  19. TRUMP 2020 WE DONT NEED A NOBAMA AGAIN IN OFFICE NOBAMA WASNT A AMERICAN. REMEMBER THE FAST AND FURIOUS OOPS YHAT DIDNT WORK AMERICAN GOT KILLED. AND remember 2012 benghaz and hillary 4 Americans got killed ask for help Hillary said you will be ok oops that coust 4 Americans life .remember nobama care and the idiot said you can keep your doctors well that didnt work. The DEMCRATS are a cancer to America and the nut job Nancy Pelosi and CHUCK SCHUMER and Maxine waters. Nobama said I have a pen and paper i can make up my own law you IDOITS Democrats are just stupid. Trump said he was going to bring back jobs which he has oh yea nobama down size the military and the iran deal gave iran uranium and he nobama pay the billions of money to destroy now iran is mad at American oh yea isis when nobama .got in office a report ask nobama what are you going too do about isis he said the non American said we not worried about them . And now there are here in America. Democrats stop smoking crack you can win now trump can go after Hillary which should be in prison. And we can go after nobama and big Mike look on Google type Clinton in a dress

  20. This is the problem with making decisions based on conspiracy theories


  22. This stuff is PRICELESS! My great great great great grandson will one day study this video in his ‘Trump Derangement’ class

  23. This whole “impeachment” thing 😆 is gonna be the death of him.

  24. Thanks for actually NOT talking over the president's speech.. other stations couldn't shut their moderators up!!

  25. Blah blah blah he is all over the place and not addressing anything…. Stick to the issues you crooked Moron!!! He should have been impeached along time ago , this man is a damn liar and can't be trusted… He still hasn't even made his taxes public after almost being in office for 4 years.

  26. If the Ukraine is so corrupt why did you just give them almost $400,000,000? Right after your wonderful "talk" to the Ukraine president, the very next day?

  27. Trump's our man, best ever President. 2020 and beyond. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  28. President J. trump lot of parasites.Vladimir Putin asks Zuckerberg to deny me funding.Riot police were called.The oligarchs asked Anatoly Chubais to refuse me.Riot police were called.Hijacking.Corrupt COP killed 2 cops.The cops were asked to kill the leaders of ISIS.One day.Killed 2 the cops.Corrupt COP refusal to fight against ISIS. Kill the clowns is cheaper and just in Moscow.Double standards, Equal rights.Kid against 2 the cops.To the boys.Hero of Russia.The feat of a corrupt COP against pimps.Work brothers.Simple and alive. 35.Cheaper world.Ukraine's victory is expensive and difficult.5 years and no victory.Vladimir Putin for a simple and cheap solution.The decision is relevant 2014-2019.Expensive decision and complex.2010-2019.Brandon torrent the work proposed to stop his advance.Kill 50 clowns.A circus.SWAT refused to save the clowns. Zuckerberg and Chubais are important.Vladimir Putin hides the rider.Died Connick winner.Coincidence.Ship rider. etc rider .The scarred man is an artist.On news understandable. Vanga predicted the parasite?Pimps and parasites .Can every generation to change role pimp and parasite.

  29. Yes, I agree! We should be total free enterprise! Drop every government program, strangle every federal dollar, and return America to its original promise. Socialism is stupid, depressing, and evil! Pretty simple! Liberty is the only way to live!

  30. Socialism doesn’t happen in the US? So what Trump did for the farmers? What is that called?

  31. his tone is so different, hes scared.

  32. Trump2020! Best president since Reagan! Maybe better! Considering what he has been up against, maybe greater! Sure glad I can influence the thousands of students I teach to think! Democrats live in the past, Socialists thru and thru! A dead system, including the death of millions of people. Let freedom ring instead of the death of free enterprise by those who despise growth and liberty! Trump now and for another term. Thank you President Trump!!!

  33. Democrats are immune???? I seem to recall a certain Democratic president go through impeachment proceedings for lying about infidelity… now we're looking at treason. Can't look the other way.

  34. Forever President…
    The Best Donald Trump….

  35. Up late, working hard. BS. You have been golfing every weekend. I am NOT a democrat. I am an Independent. Very few of us have even a thread of respect for this poor excuse for a man. He has done nothing but play act to his supporters, forgetting that he should be the president of all of the country. He is a drama queen, a loser, and a crook. He goes after anyone who angers him— like a mob boss. That is not to even mention that he is a racist and a sexist nincompoop. If anyone else did even half of what he has done they would be fired. And that is exactly what should happen to him. I was a teen when Nixon was involved in scandal and I can tell you that Trump is ten times worse. All of you who support this man need to open up your eyes and ask yourself if you want to live under a dictatorship. Furthermore our young men and women are risking their lives in the military and they deserve a leader who is not doing everything possible to undermine this country. A leader who doesn't talk negatively about his own government officials while kissing up to dictators like Putin and Kim Jong Un. We need a man with a moral compass, a man you can point to and say to your kids, "he is a good example of what you want to be when you grow up…." As to some church leaders such as Franklin Graham we need to ask how they can profess to being Church leaders and continue to defend the actions of a man who is cruel, a liar, a womanizer with no respect for women, a man who is vindictive and exhibits all the traits and actions that Jesus and other religious icons taught us are wrong.

  36. Billions and billions, trillions and trillions, quadrillions and bazillions… take those fantasy words away and he's got nothing to say…


  38. So sad since when did America come down to he said she said. You say the media lies. I say you lie.

  39. Trump will win reelection and the Republicans will win the house back and keep the Senate

  40. I hate trump, he's racist, anti-lgbtq, ect. Also all he cares about is just money, business, title/status, ect. He don't care about us, he just cares about money. Anything he can't make money off of, he doesn't believe in.

  41. Probably going to go down as the greatest president of all time.

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