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President Donald Trump Hosts Rally On Eve Of Super Tuesday | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

Watch live coverage as President Trump holds a campaign rally in Charlotte, N.C., on the eve of Super Tuesday.
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President Donald Trump Hosts Rally On Eve Of Super Tuesday | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)


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  1. I like Trump over Biden because Trump knows what planet he is on

  2. Best president for American jobs and economy in our lifetime hands down .

  3. I have watched every one of the rallies and think this one was the best so far. My president is really sharpening his knives to carve up whichever Demwit the Demwits put up against him in the Gen. I can't wait. It's gonna be glorious.

  4. Russia loves you Trump🤪🤪🤪

  5. They are lowering the sound on your videos and making it echo Sir!

  6. We're sick of Trump. He's a blowhard.

  7. 🎙️📢Mr President Donald j Trump we The Puerto Rican people are sick and tired of this colonialism regime and is Time to end it.. before we become a republic is now or never 2020 is the right momentum.🇺🇸🙏🏻🇵🇷🙏🏻🇮🇱

  8. We love you Mr President Trump 2020👍😀💯

  9. I’ve figured out why the cameras never show the crowd. If they do it for a Trump rally they would have to do it for a Democrat rally and be forced to show that there were only 30 people there. LOL

  10. by putting up these shills – biden, warren, sanders – all of these individual either opposed to reparations or involved in the attacks on the Black Nation which is usually the biggest supporter of Democrats, you are dooming yourself to failure. Keep wasting money on campaigns and when the campaign's over you'll realize that money that went into these pointless commercials etc. would have been better served repaying the debt owed to ADOS. Trump's gonna whoop all of y'all and we dgaf.

  11. C‘mom man. Super Thursday 😂. Reagan 2020 😂.

  12. Trump really has brought peace 😍🇱🇷

  13. We should help other countries who do want democracy, like Hong Kong, with SANCTIONS, not necessarily troops on the ground or a hot war, but ECONOMIC SANCTIONS. FREE HONG KONG, BOYCOTT CHINA

  14. Because USAs POTUS are not dictators , many were involved in COVID19 discussions and decisions . T2020 over the other alts.

  15. Great rally as usual the emperor is unstoppable lol

  16. Republican = religion, rifles, racism, and Reaganomics

  17. Trump seems to enjoy busing his background supporters to his rallies a lot of them I see at other places ,including the afro american, I wonder how much he gets paid

  18. Just got one thing to say to all that lot – coronavirus…

  19. Bernnie will be the president #2020

  20. I this sound ….makes you feel like you are there

  21. If fellow Latinos take one advice from DT like he mentioned before to the congresswomen is to return to our native lands & help out as much as we can. our native lands are much more beautiful than the u.s in my opinion.

  22. I see black women white women and Latin women united in one accord against the democrat race bait agenda! MAGA 202O

  23. FAKE: Hair, tan, height (wears lifts), teeth, bravery (chicken bone spur), Wharton diploma, University, ….etc..

  24. Donald Trump is the greatest President we will ever have in my lifetime God bless Donald Trump will win reelection by a landslide

  25. I was watching a clip of a Biden rally, no one was smiling. Don't have that problem here.

  26. Cracks me up, always. Gotta luv the Donald.

  27. Tesla not in top 5 e-cars sold january in BRD and absolute less e-cars sold.


  28. trumps cap and t shirts is made in china

  29. ,love our President!!! Amazing Rally Trump 2020 all the way!!!

  30. We the people love you President Trump! Trump 2020!

  31. Thank you NBC for an audio feed that keeps the president's voice low and the crowd high… because you can really hear how excited and enthusiastic conservatives are for an incredible 2020 landslide!! 👏💙🇺🇸💙🇺🇸👏

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