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President Donald Trump presents the Medal of Valor | USA TODAY

President Donald Trump is expected to present the Medal of Valor and Heroic Commendations at the White House. Dayton police will receive the Medal of Valor for stopping the mass shooter in the Oregon district of Dayton, Ohio.

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  1. Id be very mad by getting a medal by this worthless idiot

  2. The dumpster is so happy that he don't have to say how good he is lol and that he deserves the metal of valor lol nope dumpster u ain't shit!!

  3. I love President Donald Trump . I'm from Vietnam !

  4. Love 💕 Trump from New Zealand 🇳🇿

  5. That is the most satisfying video!
    Recognition of true heroes

  6. I voted for Obama, then Hillary, but in 2020 I'm voting for Trump

  7. I love medal of honor Ceremonies!!!🇺🇸😂😭🤧❤

  8. Absolutely disgusting. Another me moment for a bloated ego traitor & his side kick.

  9. 面倒臭い仕事をこなしているなあ😃皆に選ばれるだけのことはあるなあ😃ビジネスをやっているときはあくどいこともやったんだろうけどなんか親しみを湧かせてくれるね☺️

  10. トランプかっこいいなあ❗一人一人の名前を読み上げて、讃えている。やっぱり只もんではなかったなあ😃

  11. Have you notice whatever Trump does is only to give himself praise "Look at me. Look what I just did! Everyone clap. Where are the cameras? Invite the media! Yes is always about me".

    He prefers a show for himself than to fight against the hate movement he has created.

    Narcissist in its armor!

  12. ▫️
    Love President Trump's Excellent Leadership …

    💚 TRUMP 2020 💚

  13. Weren’t a couple victims actually killed by police bullets during the shootout?

  14. This massacre couldn't be a hoax because a medal was handed out a crisis actor paid overtime. Proof all this nonsense is staged at the leak in my profile. (reading required)

  15. …if president sharpie had those medals in his possession overnite….you all better check for missing pieces of gold carved out with black sharpie

  16. I was fully expecting to read " President Trump presents the Medal of Honor to himself "

  17. Should present a medal of cowardice to all the unarmed victims for not carrying an effective means of self defense and attempting to stop the shooter…

  18. Sign of a good leadership trump

  19. Read Daniel 12:10-13 interesting perspective about the tribulation apocolypse. God says wait and see it.

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