Home / News / President Donald Trump Tours Border Wall: ‘Now We Have A World Class Security System' | NBC News

President Donald Trump Tours Border Wall: ‘Now We Have A World Class Security System' | NBC News

President Trump visited the southern border wall in San Diego, Calif. and provided updates on its construction status.
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President Donald Trump Tours Border Wall: ‘Now We Have A World Class Security System’ | NBC News


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  1. Mexicans are already climbing over the wall, as well as cutting "a door" 😂

  2. When United States told Germany to “tear down this wall” now United States it’s building one … hmmm 🤔 hypocritical at its max !

  3. donald trump build a wall because the mexicans is traficans

  4. Lmao. Is Mexico involved???

  5. That's not a wall, go to China……thats a wall…thing looks more like a fence at school and we all know we could get through or jump over those

  6. Brown Owl is here. Goodbye France. Enjoy the Africans with your debt. The southern border is ours.


  8. Where is the moat with poison snakes

  9. Why make a wall when you can drop an atomic bomb or laser them to death? How about use bullet robots or exploding cats. Detection robots can throw missiles at moving targets, the area could be planted with land mines! Flame throwers and the national guard! Quicksand, and obstacle course to be televised for all American Patriots….ahhhh…ahhhh….whhhaaaaAAAAAA!

  10. Where are the land mines???😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  11. Propaganda by the ruling regime to divide Americans has almost succeeded. Almost. Americans know a Spanish Indian Mexican is still in America.

    The sale of cannabis legally in the Netherlands while excluded in much of Europe is a way to give the young black lung and to empty their pockets

    I do not advocate racism on jews or Germans or Mexicans or blacks. I do not fight unless I am paid and I do not fight if it is not my war.

    Obviously sock strategy warfare has encompassed the earth. Impostors No 911 emergency calls. Stealth machines unidentifiable as weapons of war. Electrical stunning to erase all cognition. Injections of chemicals to erase the mind and destroy the brain. . The shutting down of open uncensored media like google plus and indymedia. High tech warfare was used against the us navy from within or without in 1983 in the pacific fleet either as training or war. It seemed like war with total delirious effects upon shipmates. Brain strokes and symptoms resembling multiple sclerosis has been endured. Also MS symptoms are allegedly heightened for those in extreme northern latitudes in Alaska al the way to Ketchikan.

    The symptoms of Europe today are not good and they are likely hit with the same weapons we in the USA are hit with.

    Donald Trump May be a emulation or impostor with his hatred of Mexicans and his not paying military veterans in federal finance who catch criminals.

    I did not shoot any men in a robbery in 1999 when my coworkers and I were stunned because the robbery was organized crime with obvious support in laws like the FDICIA 1992.

    I was pulled to Europe to see change. I can predict weather by analyzing the whole of Orion’s spur in the Milky Way galaxy and our earths solar system. We are in for drought for a very long time in some areas.

    Instead of building fences to our neighbors in the USA we should be bulldong space stations. Instead of limiting pot we should pull alcohol off the store shelves and put it in liquor stores next to pot a lesser drug albeit paint thinner compounds and tobacco.

    God pulls me into fight after fight not to fight but to observe. We are deluded. The war is not about bullets but mind control and burning brains.

    I am not paid workers compensation so I would like to be president of the USA and Mexico. But I am treated like a criminal in the sock strategy warfare war criminal imperialists controlling much of the globe.

    This news report about arresting Mexicans is a dividing technique. Do not fight a war if it’s not yours. Do not work in finance if it’s not your money and if you have creative intelligence.

    I was stabbed or shot in the head before birth or during birth. I am not sure of my birthday. It is not my war. All things die and turn to carrion. Is there a god? Am I in training to be rolled in feces. Mother said working in military was like rolling in feces.

    I am prepared to die now. Mother offered me death in suicide to relieve my suffering in torture under the rising sock strategy warfare regime. They robbed the USA of more than money. They divided us up.

    Eat a taco. It’s all American. I eat grits in the woods on federal property in the USA and am treated like a criminal. There is nothing to fear but fear itself.

    Kurt Brown Saintrambone Mobile Audit club

  12. He is doing what he said he would do

  13. I bet I could climb that wall using several 2" by 4" making them into a double t-style type foot peg that I slip in between the post as I climb. Similar to the boards tree cutters use as a standing platform they wedge in trees while laying down trees and cutting trees.

  14. Putting all the agressive dogs u put down at border in kennels use em to advantage or a lion be having mf like nah there 5 lions right there bro there 2 of us wtf

  15. Every border a lion just walking round mad land 2 fences lions have us be in middle

  16. The Mexicans will build a very tall ladder or they can fly a plane over it or blow missile through the wall

  17. I sell rope ladders .

  18. Trump a fascist and a wall is to keep people out.. as well as keep us in. This pos is not americas friend. He works for Russia. Every action he does is for
    Autacracy. He cares nothing for you as Americans. You will end up being slaves with no freedom. This is why I risk my life, is for freedom to speak the truth.Trumps says the wall is wired, and the ins says no comment. Which means trump wants to control the drugs through the whitehouse…You pay a bribe, you git it in…

  19. I see this being just a huge tourist attraction. I think he just wants a wall named after him. And he obviously hasn't been to the spainish city in northern Africa. With walls far more intricate than these eye sores

  20. Steel and concrete huh? American steel and concrete. Here is a tip.
    Get some kerosene and old computers and printers and nylon carpet and office furniture, stack it up in a truck, and hurtle the whole thing against the wall………..and set fire to it. Wait 55 minutes, and it will free fall in a bloody great heap. Apparently.

  21. Mexico helped y’all? Wow

  22. Keep up the good work. Re-Elect Trump 2020 Fire Pelosi. Take back congress….

  23. Is he in Colorado and walling off New Mexico. So no place like home..

  24. hope this wall will finish soon,,,its better project than what n.a.s.a is doing focusing at the stars looking for an alien,,,actually there are many aliens already wanted to enter your country right in the american border😊😊😊😊

  25. For sale at all Mexican Home Depot stores 1 x reciprocating saw $100, cuts through world class border walls like cheese.

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