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President Trump and coronavirus task force brief press, Friday, April 24 | USA TODAY

On Friday afternoon President Trump signed the $484 billion stimulus package the U.S. House of Representatives passed on Thursday and the Senate had passed on Tuesday.

The U.S. death toll surpassed 50,000 and confirmed cases topped 880,000.

We’re on-screen live tweeting during the coronavirus task force briefing to give you more context from USA TODAY’s reporting. Follow along: https://twitter.com/usatodayDC/status/1251269761947840512

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On Thursday, the coronavirus task force briefing included preliminary data from the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology directorate on the effects of sunlight, heat and humidity on the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

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  3. America is just a laughing stock across the globe

  4. Did you know that there is a fully operable swimming pool under that room?

  5. “Moon shoot” dude, if he’s such an expert, why don’t you provide his name? Why don’t you cite him or reference him? If you’re a journalist you must be able to back up what you’re reporting with references and facts. And Trump doesn’t actually want to shoot purell into people, he just has the guts to say things previous politicians would never dare.

  6. These briefings are now just for us to laugh at him …it’s humiliating

  7. Run rabbit run rabbit run run run..but not for president of the United States of America. Step down now. You are obviously way out of your depth. Go away and claim immunity from prosecution, but part of the deal means you NEVER mention anything to do with politics ever again in your life and your children and close family do the same. Trump is a disaster greater than the covid virus.

  8. Pence's robotic repetition of a happy day while thousands and thousands of the elderly continue to die of Covid virus throughout the nation in nursing homes and long term care facilites, as well as veterans homes and homes for the disabled is macabre.. Face the truth that your administration decreased funding in nursing home's infectious control budgets in 2017 and continually delayed and promised more testing resulting in delay after delay every day, while they continued and still continue to die.. Sleep well

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  15. Financial Times…”Epidemiologists say that if the U.S. closure had occurred two weeks earlier, 90% of the deaths would have been prevented.”

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  18. What lunatic idiocies did Orange Bingobongo manage to say this time?

  19. What where's the expert Fauci today? Cat's out of bag with him. His past is catching up with him. His numbers are all wrong. Not even close. Number of cases and deaths being inflated to help his numbers he predicted.

  20. Hello from Kuwait … can someone tell if the numbers of the infected cases in the USA are real? cuz I have doubt about it.!!

  21. Wow, Trump couldn't get out from behind that podium fast enough! There was a Road Runner dust cloud behind him. Run, Donny, run… The bleach injection questions are coming! LOL

  22. Fox News Exclusive!
    "I think licking snapping turtles will immunize you from the Coronavirus." – President Donald Trump

  23. I think it would be amusing if no press showed up for these briefings.

  24. Pence is so loaded with BS blather….I can't stand to hear his voice.

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  27. i'd like to see trump disinfect his way out of this one, seems he's seen the ultra violet light lmao

  28. After further investigation
    Mr. President you are correct!
    And very practicable.
    It's NOT SUNLIGHT. The Light has a name specifically UV-C between 100nm and 280 nm.
    UV-C is ultraviolet -C for 15secs
    Protect your eyes wear sunglasses remove pets and children. Get back to me

  29. Trump tweeted today he'd had a "great conversation" with "Lenin Moreno" of Ecuador. hmm? Looking on youtube Moreno apparently doesn't speak English, and I couldn't imagine Trump speaking Spanish as he only speaks bollocks.

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