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President Trump declares national emergency | USA TODAY

President Donald Trump declared a national emergency, a move that would enable federal officials to direct billions of dollars to fighting the virus.
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Trump said up to $50 billion would be made available. Democrats and the Federal Emergency Management Agency had earlier estimated the number to be closer to $40 billion.

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  1. So all you leftist morons. Hows this trumps fault? Trump warned that something like this could happen and china would shut down and we cant get our MEDS! China makes almost all the meds we need and now may deny the u.s all meds.Where are all these new TEST going to be made?? china? Goodluck getting your test!. Thanks DEMOCRATS FOR NAFTA! The Clintons signed a ton of bills allowing Big pharma to go to china . There's no reason why we should have all the meds made in 1 country. That's a damn stupid democrat idea. Its the same shit that happened with i.v bags. The factory got wiped by a earthquake and no one else made them. SOOOOOO lets see the Snowflake Bullshit now! WE NEED factories all over the world not just china and mexico.

  2. Suddenly we are not all U.S. citizens but American citizens?

  3. But he said it was a hoax. What changed? Oh yeah, the people complained that he is a moron and liar.

  4. Most governments and news just don't get it. I can tell of many people I know who have all the symptoms of coronavius but do not want to go get tested because what do they gain? They are staying home in quarantine and if you do not have it you will probably get it at the hospital or lab so when the press and governments are reporting 1000 cases why don't they explain that really this means there is probably 20 or 30 thousand infected. The only way of beating the virus is by not letting it spread. That means quarantines must be in place and people must be educated properly about their duty in keeping quarantine and not spreading. This is a global pandemic we need to work with other countries to all battle together and in a coordinated fashion. Trump is doing everything wrong. Unbelievable that many states are still talking about limiting gatherings for 500 people. This is a very serious problem and the sooner the correct measures are taken the better.

  5. Sounds a lot like socialism

  6. Good work ,Mr.President Trump!!!🇺🇸🙂❤👍👏

  7. Sounds like a one term president
    Ah ha China beat you and they didn’t even fire one shot. Sun Tzu would be proud

  8. Good god. Just because they’re more than two syllables doesn’t mean they’re “very big words”.

  9. "National Emergency… Two very big words."
    – Donald Trump, 2020

  10. Thank you China 🇨🇳 for the virus 🦠

  11. How about Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior he is what we all need to be talking about

  12. I have been reading all your people's comments I have not heard a word about god


  14. Apparently, the oligarchy finally got to him. He is as much a puppet of the NWO as any previous president.
    What a waste of potential for being the people's hero.
    But then, he probably was their puppet all along – just waiting for the right "crisis" to come along so he could have a good excuse to do his handler's bidding without enraging his base.

  15. I hope people enjoy their Toilet Paper & Hand Sanitizer sandwhich!

  16. Wow this virus affected his popularity and giving it to the Democrats. Their timing is impeccable. It's like this was planned. All these terrible things help the Dems every single time. It's against the law of averages because it is one sided. This must been Pelosi back up plan. She never got tested cause she already knew.

  17. 🛂Loud Speaker: Trump swallowers!…. Trust your dear leader!… Do not question!… Just obey!…🛃. . 🛐✝️🔚🔜

  18. Very importam, mnt mnt🤣

  19. Go to amazon and purchase a bidet attachment. Had mine for years… TP shortage does not effect me.

  20. Aaaand right from his heart ur, well he st st stttuck a couple times. Hello fushia tie

  21. Our school got a remind 10 minutes that our district got shut down

  22. Bernie and beiden will take all your toilet paper and then give each person 1 sheet a month. Its the communist way!Then Biden will think hes in wonderland and babble and stutter some socialist trash and fall asleep.

  23. First comes Pride, then comes the Fall


  25. All schools shut down! National Emergency!
    QUESTION: How are you responsible & concerned parents handling this??? Teens still wanting to go out, see friends, have friends over..!!!????
    We’re supposed to stay in but not with friends, right? I’m not panicking but I air on the side of of caution…
    My kids say I’m being mean!???.. Am I? Washington, New York & California don’t think so! You????

  26. Wave my student loan debt and ill stay home from work.


  28. It was made in china, it's not gonna last very long. Lay off the toilet paper everyone.

  29. Just hearing him speak makes me cringe, you are the president, can’t you have a better vocabulary and prepared speech? Like seriously you sound like an ignorant fool Who doesn’t even know half the words you say. It’s embarrassing.

  30. The mainstream media only reports on the confirmed cases and deaths. They dont report that people who recovered. More people had died of the flu in the US from October 2019 to February 2020. About 18000 deaths from the flu. Coronavirus is just another flu and it's not always deadly. The media makes a living of scaring the crap out of people. Get educated people. Dont get infected with the id10-t virus. Otherwise known as the idiot virus. We will all get it bec5we don't have immunity. Some will die but most will recover like the flu

  31. Well,it's not April yet…

  32. By the latest numbers, the US total cases 2282 divided by the population 331,002,551 = 0.0000068942%.

  33. This could have saved lives and cost practically nothing if stopping import and outports exports and no travel into or out of America !!! Would have been done immediately in the beginning of January for at least six weeks , not only in the USA 🇺🇸 but in the entire world too !!! All this could have been prevented if everyone had dedicated just six weeks to completely stop the spread instead of these ignorant advisers doctors and leaders had not been so scared to start a panic !!! Total shame because it would all have been over by now if sacrifices had been made !!! 😔😔😔😔😔😢😢😢😢😢👎👎👎


  35. We should be build a big beautiful wall long ago,to protect us from covid19,

  36. what a door knob. they are standing behind you and on sides of you getting the virus as you speak. test donald immediately. he is looking alot more orange than usual.

  37. Oh my god … he still stumbles when reading from a piece of paper. Maybe the words are too big? What an embarrassment!!

  38. It's only a matter of time before everyone realizes that the virus isn't the issue…it's the economic problem that will destroy them. This virus is a scapegoat for the recession we are heading into. Good luck. Many rents across America will be unpaid, many will become homeless, cars getting repoed, loans not getting paid back…an finally..BANK FAILURES. If I was you, I would start having cash and keeping only enuff in the bank for bills. Don't forget to buy gold and silver before it's sold out online and in stores.

  39. Just ANOTHER hoax orchestrated by the left to try and bring down trump…..

    Got news for you…..you can’t stump the trump 😎

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