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President Trump delivers remarks at National Day of Prayer Service (LIVE) | USA TODAY

President Donald Trump delivers remarks at a White House National Day of Prayer Service in the Rose Garden. First lady Melania Trump is also expected to speak.

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  1. In Jesus name cure the world from this evil coronavirus we love you Jesus Christ and God Amen🛐

  2. Wow! what a choir amazing job!
    May God continue to bless y'all!

  3. Amen! Pastor Paula white!

  4. Thanks to all the Pastor and there prayers! Amen!


  6. This is beautiful! Thank you everyone for your prayers!Thank you Mr. President and First lady! May God bless you and your family! And God Bless America!

  7. Every knee shall bend, every tongue confess.

  8. The circus is in town again, they got cyborgs (Pence) that are not even spiritual reading scriptures but at the same time he enables a mass killer to be effective, they’ve also got Barbie doll that’s a fraud she loves to read premeditated harmful scripts from her Cult (Kayleigh) they got doctors that don’t really answer direct questions & keep enabling a murderer (Birx), they got a Super duper mass murdering sad clown by the name of Trumpo, he juggles lies & throws tantrums when he doesn’t get his way..He’s got a Slovenian mail order bride that despises him because he’s night duties are very quick lived, the fact is he cant get no shut eye because of the many Americans that he’s killed! This clown has a nickname which suits him best, Captain Insano is the name and he wears it well, he needs to be arrested or be sent to pine oil hell! So get your peanuts n popcorn too & watch this twisted nightmare we’ve all seen come through, from The Covid Cult circus lying near you!

  9. "Live and let Die." Donald Trump's re-election tour.

  10. Trump forgot to dye his hair today!

  11. Trump will go down as the GOAT of US Presidents

  12. Millions of dollars given to Iran for terrorism at the time of Obama

  13. Why don’t you dial 1-800-4God and tell him to turn off the virus; opps, God could be a woman. If God doesn’t answer the phone; try calling Mickey Mouse; same difference.

  14. Trump will be the next president

  15. We had school shooting in Obama time
    Also cops shootings

  16. Better than the evil people of Mary Immature

  17. trump just stand there till he can interrupt and spin it to make him look better. better than what…

  18. they are just collectin stupid peoples votes.

  19. god is a figment of your desperate small mind.

  20. Beautiful love Paula White

  21. Thank you, Paula White! Your prayer is so right on, praying the Word of God, which has absolute power above all evil and destructive work of Satan.

  22. Praise God for President Trump!

  23. You are all too old to have imaginary friends and believe in a magical in man in the sky, please stop believing in fairytales for which there is not one single iota of evidence the existence of any god or any gods among the thousands of different gods and religions that have existed, since primitive man invented this shit to explain things they didn't understand.

  24. Jesus Christ is Lord. There is no other God. You shall not have any other gods before you. Shame on christians who think this is right.

  25. Trump is a fraud Dr fauci is a fraud the corruption the lies … All our lives at risk for putting clowns on the front lines

  26. Trump is really for us please vote trump

  27. What does the world see when they look at the USA now? Here’s what Ireland’s most respected mainstream political writer says. Brace yourself! 🇮🇪 ☘️ 🇮🇪
    Irish Times
    April 25, 2020
    By Fintan O’Toole
    Over more than two centuries, the United States has stirred a very wide range of feelings in the rest of the world: love and hatred, fear and hope, envy and contempt, awe and anger. But there is one emotion that has never been directed towards the US until now: pity.
    However bad things are for most other rich democracies, it is hard not to feel sorry for Americans. Most of them did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016. Yet they are locked down with a malignant narcissist who, instead of protecting his people from Covid-19, has amplified its lethality. The country Trump promised to make great again has never in its history seemed so pitiful.
    Will American prestige ever recover from this shameful episode? The US went into the coronavirus crisis with immense advantages: precious weeks of warning about what was coming, the world’s best concentration of medical and scientific expertise, effectively limitless financial resources, a military complex with stunning logistical capacity and most of the world’s leading technology corporations. Yet it managed to make itself the global epicentre of the pandemic.
    As the American writer George Packer puts it in the current edition of the Atlantic, “The United States reacted … like Pakistan or Belarus – like a country with shoddy infrastructure and a dysfunctional government whose leaders were too corrupt or stupid to head off mass suffering.”
    It is one thing to be powerless in the face of a natural disaster, quite another to watch vast power being squandered in real time – wilfully, malevolently, vindictively. It is one thing for governments to fail (as, in one degree or another, most governments did), quite another to watch a ruler and his supporters actively spread a deadly virus. Trump, his party and Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News became vectors of the pestilence.
    The grotesque spectacle of the president openly inciting people (some of them armed) to take to the streets to oppose the restrictions that save lives is the manifestation of a political death wish. What are supposed to be daily briefings on the crisis, demonstrative of national unity in the face of a shared challenge, have been used by Trump merely to sow confusion and division. They provide a recurring horror show in which all the neuroses that haunt the American subconscious dance naked on live TV.
    If the plague is a test, its ruling political nexus ensured that the US would fail it at a terrible cost in human lives. In the process, the idea of the US as the world’s leading nation – an idea that has shaped the past century – has all but evaporated.
    Other than the Trump impersonator Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, who is now looking to the US as the exemplar of anything other than what not to do? How many people in Düsseldorf or Dublin are wishing they lived in Detroit or Dallas?
    It is hard to remember now but, even in 2017, when Trump took office, the conventional wisdom in the US was that the Republican Party and the broader framework of US political institutions would prevent him from doing too much damage. This was always a delusion, but the pandemic has exposed it in the most savage ways.
    Abject surrender
    What used to be called mainstream conservatism has not absorbed Trump – he has absorbed it. Almost the entire right-wing half of American politics has surrendered abjectly to him. It has sacrificed on the altar of wanton stupidity the most basic ideas of responsibility, care and even safety.
    Thus, even at the very end of March, 15 Republican governors had failed to order people to stay at home or to close non-essential businesses. In Alabama, for example, it was not until April 3rd that governor Kay Ivey finally issued a stay-at-home order.
    In Florida, the state with the highest concentration of elderly people with underlying conditions, governor Ron DeSantis, a Trump mini-me, kept the beach resorts open to students travelling from all over the US for spring break parties. Even on April 1st, when he issued restrictions, DeSantis exempted religious services and “recreational activities”.
    Georgia governor Brian Kemp, when he finally issued a stay-at-home order on April 1st, explained: “We didn’t know that [the virus can be spread by people without symptoms] until the last 24 hours.”
    This is not mere ignorance – it is deliberate and homicidal stupidity. There is, as the demonstrations this week in US cities have shown, plenty of political mileage in denying the reality of the pandemic. It is fuelled by Fox News and far-right internet sites, and it reaps for these politicians millions of dollars in donations, mostly (in an ugly irony) from older people who are most vulnerable to the coronavirus.
    It draws on a concoction of conspiracy theories, hatred of science, paranoia about the “deep state” and religious providentialism (God will protect the good folks) that is now very deeply infused in the mindset of the American right.
    Trump embodies and enacts this mindset, but he did not invent it. The US response to the coronavirus crisis has been paralysed by a contradiction that the Republicans have inserted into the heart of US democracy. On the one hand, they want to control all the levers of governmental power. On the other they have created a popular base by playing on the notion that government is innately evil and must not be trusted.
    The contradiction was made manifest in two of Trump’s statements on the pandemic: on the one hand that he has “total authority”, and on the other that “I don’t take responsibility at all”. Caught between authoritarian and anarchic impulses, he is incapable of coherence.
    Fertile ground
    But this is not just Donald Trump. The crisis has shown definitively that Trump’s presidency is not an aberration. It has grown on soil long prepared to receive it. The monstrous blossoming of misrule has structure and purpose and strategy behind it.
    There are very powerful interests who demand “freedom” in order to do as they like with the environment, society and the economy. They have infused a very large part of American culture with the belief that “freedom” is literally more important than life. My freedom to own assault weapons trumps your right not to get shot at school. Now, my freedom to go to the barber (“I Need a Haircut” read one banner this week in St Paul, Minnesota) trumps your need to avoid infection.
    Usually when this kind of outlandish idiocy is displaying itself, there is the comforting thought that, if things were really serious, it would all stop. People would sober up. Instead, a large part of the US has hit the bottle even harder.
    And the president, his party and their media allies keep supplying the drinks. There has been no moment of truth, no shock of realisation that the antics have to end. No one of any substance on the US right has stepped in to say: get a grip, people are dying here.
    That is the mark of how deep the trouble is for the US – it is not just that Trump has treated the crisis merely as a way to feed tribal hatreds but that this behaviour has become normalised. When the freak show is live on TV every evening, and the star is boasting about his ratings, it is not really a freak show any more. For a very large and solid bloc of Americans, it is reality.
    And this will get worse before it gets better. Trump has at least eight more months in power. In his inaugural address in 2017, he evoked “American carnage” and promised to make it stop. But now that the real carnage has arrived, he is revelling in it. He is in his element.
    As things get worse, he will pump more hatred and falsehood, more death-wish defiance of reason and decency, into the groundwater. If a new administration succeeds him in 2021, it will have to clean up the toxic dump he leaves behind. If he is re-elected, toxicity will have become the lifeblood of American politics.
    Either way, it will be a long time before the rest of the world can imagine America being great again.

  28. What a production! 🙄 God help America is all I have to say.

  29. What a joke these people are. No religion that I ever heard of has this mans believes. Me me me! Elderly, weak can die. No big deal! To bad if jobs unsafe you'll work I need my meat. You can die for me.
    Bunch of asses in the white house.

  30. Pence always seems to have zero empathy when he's talking to people.

  31. Based on some of the comments here, society is n self destruct mode. I have never seen so many people so misinformed & brainwashed, blaming all things wrong on the only man who has tried to do anything right! May God have mercy on His people & may the rest b exposed along w their evil deeds.

  32. God bless America. We pray to keep our President and all people staying healthy, and giving him the wisdom to continue to run this country next 4 years. We love you all and we love you President Trump.

  33. Thank you so very much for this absolutely beautiful and inspiring National Day of Prayer🙏. God bless you President and Mrs. Trump❤️🙏

  34. PRAY for USA, Pray for the world. 🇺🇸 🌎 🙏

  35. you can tell he never wrote that and hes not listening .

  36. Amen praise God and I pray over President Trump and First Lady Melania, Vice President Mike Pence& second lady! I pray over America and across the lands!God bless America 🙏🇺🇸

  37. Trump is finished. By November this country will still be in the dumps, and with the country opening up even more people will be sick and dying. As soon as he hands over the reins to Biden, Trump will be indited for bank fraud in NY. Adios Trump, you disgusting pig.

  38. Wow something is not passing the "sniff test" about this covid19 Scamdemic.

  39. The President who put God and the American people first !

  40. Do not turn your back to God and Country and embraced corruption, dishonesty, greed, lust, anger, jealousy, envy, gluttony and the biggest sin Trumps Pride in only himself "Unmatched Genius". Do not disagree with the teachings of Christ- Some might as well melt their gold down and make a Trump statue to worship. Remember when dementia trump wondered why he couldn't nuke a hurricane or that forest needed swept to prevent forest fires and no one could actually see the stealth bomber in a fight. Or how he wanted to find the oranges of the investigation? How about the great bleach or lysol comment from a week ago. 3 years of Trump and 33+ million unemployed. Suicide rates have skyrocketed. Farmers are selling off land their families have own for years. Oil is worth nothing, the deficit has skyrocketed and as of today 76,421 have unnecessarily died. America is tired of the daily trump Trauma. Flush the turd on Nov 3rd! To be honest Joe Biden could rape Trump on 5th Avenue and still not lose a single vote! See you at the polls!

  41. А Трамп красавчик. Милана искуственный из пробирки учёных.

  42. Melania doesn't speak English very well.

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