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President Trump delivers remarks on health care prices | USA TODAY

President Donald Trump is delivering remarks on honesty and transparency in health care prices.
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  1. "A certain gentlemen who is in the room". (said while standing outside)

  2. Health Care. We got all kinds of health care. Health care is big…big. You got this thing and the other. Questions?

  3. 45 is a traitor–he sold America out to putin!

  4. Hey comment section, youre under a level of scientific mind control youre not even capable of comprehending. History is on the side of Trump, he will be compared to Washington, and you fools will be disregarded, and left behind.

    As you knowingly should be.

  5. I searched really hard for a 15 minute 35 second video about Trump who made a remark about health care.

  6. these people will look back to this video standing next to him and cry why they didnt walk away from this criminal!!

  7. its going to be a black and ugly christmas for this mafia trump dirt!

  8. Dear "USA Today"
    Thank you for posting.
    Coming from the 1980's "War on Drugs" decade.
    I suppose we forgot all about that! 😠
    True Story
    The Medicare book is mailed every October.
    I call it:
    "The Government Book of Drugs" 💉💊
    I noticed it's made out of recycled paper.
    I wish to thank Mr. Bernie Sanders on thinking of us right before the cold winter months.
    In conclusion..
    "Feel the Burn" 😲
    Now that's recycling! 😁👍 ♻️
    Love from 💕
    Under a "Flat Rock"
    USA 🇺🇸
    (.. of newspaper = a cozy fireplace)

  9. No no this is not correct . The only changes that have been noticed are that a few generic meds are now more expensive than the name branded. It’s much like 3 card monte . We call it “3 card Donny “

  10. Does anyone believe anything this fraud says? He makes my stomach turn every time I see him!

  11. Company are going under
    People are losing there jobs wth is he looking at
    Guess he's talking to the stupid people in the US

  12. He speaks like he is reading his own bible

  13. President Donald Trump is delivering remarks on honesty and transparency?

    Next up, Stormy Daniels delivers remarks on chastity.


  15. When will Trumps new executive order for healthcare alternative kick in? Cause when I enrolled for next years Kaiser health insurance. The deductible went up from 300.00(Family) to 750.00(Family) my annual cost went from $19,344.00 to $20,112.00 and the co insurance went from 85% cover to 80% covered. Ummmmm will Trumps plan help with these cost or is there really no way to battle the cost of health care cause it seems the insurance company are inticipating the lower health cost and making the medical insurance cost more. So are we really gonna save money here on this plan or are the insurance companies saving money by raising our cost through this new Kaiser plan? I hope these alternatives can beat Kaiser cause i'm seeing my cost and out of pocket cost go up.

  16. "I'm the most transparent president." Hah, tell us another one.

  17. Where traitor t-rumps going they have free health care

  18. Munchinonit has his finger up trump' s rump…look at that sly smile….. you know he takes one.

  19. Yabba Dabba Do spewed the corrupt sh*tmeister… bringing crap to the American people and the world. Guillotine. Cut off the head of the snake and the body will fall.

  20. Meanwhle, Roger Stone was convicted of lying, just like this IDIOT will be soon! EVERYTHING he said here is a LIE! Our Liar-in-Chief is good at one thing LYING! Thank you ReTHUGS for giving us this moron!

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