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President Trump holds press conference with Turkish president Erdogan | USA TODAY

President Donald Trump will welcome Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the White House.
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President Donald Trump will welcome Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the White House on Wednesday just weeks after the authoritarian leader invaded Syria and attacked U.S.-allied Kurdish forces, unleashing fresh violence and chaos in the Middle East.

The Trump-Erdogan meeting could prove to be a political hornet’s nest, provoking fresh bipartisan anger over Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria in what many lawmakers saw as a betrayal of the Kurdish-led forces that helped American troops fight the Islamic State. Trump invited Erdogan to Washington during an Oct. 6 phone call, in which critics say Trump also gave Erdogan a green light to invade Syria.

The White House tete-a-tete – along with an ensuing joint news conference – will unfold as the House opens public impeachment hearings showcasing Trump’s relationship with another foreign leader, the president of Ukraine, even as lawmakers in both parties question Trump’s seemingly warm ties with Erdogan.

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  1. Trump is on Adderall (he takes it whenever he has to read) which is why he is breathing so weird. He is so stupid. He's talking about the "transcript" again, which isn't a complete transcript- the complete transcript is kept on a TOP SECRET server which is for highly classified info not Trump phone calls to world leaders where he embarrasses himself. No one but Trump thinks that phone conversation was "perfect" – he keeps repeating that thinking it will take hold. His supporters will believe anything he says even when he contradicts himself and even when it is obvious he is lying. Trump lies all the time. What an embarrassment to our country.

  2. One of those 50 members of the parliament did say true about Kurds Turkey didn't send polices to arrest him they send army into one building are we going to call Turkey a country of freedom Erdogan go back to magnolia before we cute of your noise

  3. I am a black African, but don't really understand why Kurds people can't just have their country.

  4. Saudi Arabia should be careful before paying US billions of dollars, USA backstabbed their oldest ally the kurds, US did not defend saudi against Iran missile Attack,

  5. From Hong Kong! Happy Thanksgiving to the most wonderful American people in the World. I hope the Turkish President can stay in the US for just a few more days so he can watch some of the TURKEYS being Slaughtered, just like he did to those of the innocent Women and Children in Syria a few days ago. God Bless America.

  6. America is a most dishonest establishment.

  7. Trump invites one of the dictators of the world into the White House again. America is a most dishonest establishment. This isn't just about the president, but about our country and everything American such as corporations, government, Zionism, and executives.

  8. Turks love Kurds, but not separist, killer PKK. Turks also love Tpump..

  9. You will do every thing to destroy the kurd ms Ardogan because you don't want the kurd have thier own country and be separate from your country and that how they want but you are against that .that is the kurd's land

  10. Kurd are great people just give them thier right and freedom

  11. Don't let Ardogan to fool you dude .American people are good people they won't let this happens and killing million Kurdish people because Ardogan are against the kurd for their right for freedom and seeking independent .all Nations has that right but people like turkish president and iran and Syria are against it ? Why

  12. 24:14 Who's the lady wearing the leopard scarf here?

  13. Trump want's to rule America like this authoritarian leader so badly. He idolizes Erdogan for accomplishing what he has been unable to do. Thank God America won't let that happen.

  14. Is it me or does it seem like sometimes he just doesn’t make sense…kinda like my dad who spaces out in the middle of sentence and sometimes even starts to fall asleep. My dad has diabetes – low sugar issues; what is Trumps excuse…just senility + insincerity I guess. Also when spewing constant lies, I guess it’s harder to focus.

  15. I plead the 5th comment.

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    They are going to use this for {{{PROJECT BLUE BEAM}}} and their fake Alien invasion…. JInx~


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