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President Trump threatens to cut funds to fight CA wildfires | USA TODAY

President Trump threatens to slash funds to fight California wildfires.
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President Trump praised California firefighters but criticized Gov. Gavin Newsom in a series of tweets.

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  1. More inanity from POTUS Donald Trump (the self- appointed expert on everything) by his dishonest denial of the climate change he promotes, and (apparently for cheap political gain and distraction) by bullying, blaming the wildfires in California on mismanagement. In fact, California shares with South-eastern Australia the world's highest natural wildfire dangers because of the accident of its geography, not mismanagement. So it will always be likely to suffer greater damage than other states.

    Terrain type, vegetation types, fuel load, regularity of rainfall, winter/summer precipitation balance, wind patterns, humidity, soil moisture and previous fire regime, severe weather patterns, and extremes of weather, climate, and drought are all fire risk factors. Every state has different characteristics.

    California's vegetation has fire characteristics that are adapted (over many decades) to historically much wetter conditions, and produces more ground litter in today's drier, changing conditions of greater seasonal extremes. California is just unlucky to be the most susceptible of many states that will increasingly suffer similar effects, until more fire resistant plant communities are established .

    It is ridiculous and more evidence of Trump's unfitness for office (and stupidly partisan politicking) to even suggest California's extreme fire season with its environmental/geographic vulnerabilities are due to inferior management. You only have to initialize Trump's self-made resume; Charlatan, Rogue And President to see the merits of this assertion (and many of his others)..

    Unless climate action is prompt, no state will be free from the effects of climate change and including in the coastal states rising sea levels. Unfortunately, by the time Trump's resorts go underwater, which is what it would take to convince him, it will be too late!

  2. This guy is a bonafied moron! How did.this country ever get?….wait, pasty idiots have always been in Washington! #assasinatethefool

  3. This is a personal vendetta. He is angry at the Governor of California. UNBELIEVABLE! I heard the threat with my own ears. If there is such a thing as a devil ITS name is Donald J. Trump. Never does he respond with a human heart when Americans cry out for him in pain. His heart is an icy black hole. He's a viper that spits out hatred and anger every damn day. Of course he is once again striving to fail Americans. That is his MO. Make those who are suffering most, who are most down, his punching bag. If he was being threatened by the searing heat of fire, he'd be running out and pushing children off into the bushes to save his own ass. Coward. But HE has the say as to something he could never understands and hold assistance over people's heads like it a game "big man in charge'. Then he whines because he thinks people are picking on him. INFANT. There will be a price to pay for his flawless DISPASSION. AND THIS GUY THINKS HE'S RUNNING AGAIN? DELUSIONAL.

  4. Nobody here seems to have a clue how record low precipitation isn't controlled by anyone. There is a water shortage in California. How does one fix that exactly? I'll wait why all you whiners come up with a real solution. Fixing the environment and bringing these types of places, yes it's happening all over the world in various ways, back to equilibrium is the only way to stop this. It took decades to ruin and guess what? It wont be fixed in a day. Unless you are willing to actually help with that monumental task then shut up and get out of the way, real adults are trying to save the world from being engulfed in flames.

  5. Gavin Newsom and Jerry Brown need to answer for the death of the California people in these California wildfire's that been happening for the last ten years under there watch they need to go to jail for murder there murderers

  6. Once more Trump shows he has the IQ of a peach pit, how can one respond to such a stupid statement but I wonder if one of his Trump towers was within the fire line bet his tone would change faster than his cabinet

  7. I live in Southern California and its pretty embarrassing some of the City's are ridiculous! Especially LA! Gavin Newsom is a Clown! Hes a Joke!

  8. We’re supposed to keep just eating the crap of lies/deception we receive???? All you have to do is look up “Nancy Pelosi UN Agenda 21” to realize she signed USA into communist takeover in 1993! Push people off land for UN’s landscape/wilderness preservation into 10’x30’ Soviet style apartments within cities to control/monitor everyone and everything we do! CA Governor Newsom is her NEPHEW which Rothschild’s PG&E donated nearly $200 Million towards his campaign election and how he recently purchased THE MOST EXPENSIVE HOME IN SACRAMENTO FOR nearly $4 Million! He wants to turn CA into its own “Nation State” and before that can happen, TWO ISSUES MUST BE ADDRESSED: 1) High Speed Rail Project 2) Delta Tunnels Water Project! If you go to http://www.america2050.org and look at the maps section you’ll realize the CA fires are happening along the west coast where the Chinese intend to build their high speed railways! Witnesses have also captured fires/smoke from underground through manholes/sewers! Looks like he’s getting paid well for his demonic deeds as both issues are being handled!

  9. I was getting ready to donate to victims of the fires until I saw the governor of Califonia blame climate change and the fires on Trump and the rest of America including me because I drive a car while the California governor flys in planes. Once I saw that, I closed my checkbook.

  10. I have family in California but agree 100% with the President. California is spending the tax payers money on illegal immigrants rather than spending it where it should go. Newsome is a terrible Governor and he should be held responsible for his decisions by the California voters. The federal government should not be bailing out California every year when the fires burn out of control. California has some of the highest taxes in the country, so there should be no excuse for not hiring people to help resolve the problem.


  12. Fuk he doesnt understand climate change. What a fool!

  13. The further left California goes the more unlivable the state is.

  14. "Democratic led cities are practically unliveable"-NYT.

  15. ♡ the video -w-' bts first commenter

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