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Press freedom: Politicians blamed for media's woes

More countries are finding new ways to repress independent journalism.
That is according to a report published by Freedom House, an organisation largely funded by the United States government.
Al Jazeera’s Alan Fisher reports from Washington, DC.

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  1. Oh stfu when the Press is respectful and reports true stories then people will listen to it !! As far as khashoggi this guy was a supporter of terrorist he even cried when Bin Laden was killed so why you making it a big deal ??

  2. Great Reporting Mr. Fisher. Full Support from the city of Montreal

  3. People watch the whole exchange between Jim and Trump and get your own opinion instead of relying on what people want you to believe

  4. Best president in US history LOVE FROM ISRAE MR TRUMP

  5. Trump didn't complain about the media while it was running "low energy Jeb" and "little Marco" slams during the Republican primary. It's why nearly every Democratic state voted for Trump in the Republican primary. Look it up. Only once it was between Trump and Hilary did the media decide it was Trumps turn to get made fun of and Trump didn't like that. This isn't a media issue at all, it's about Trump liking praise and condemning criticism. It's all about one man's ego and the world thinks America is somehow worse or different. Media woes? LOL The media directly caused this.

  6. So people like you . Next president elect from press. .
    Media want to expose . Every body .
    Media act like they have god tools.

  7. You the Media lie all the time. We don't think your honest. You are Dirty Dirty Smear Merchants.

  8. Let's not act like there is not a problem with the press. There always have been. But there's no reason to say they are ALL the enemy. Some are. But that's where we as a people need to support those who are actually reporting truth and justice only.

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