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Pride Kill – The Last Lions Deleted Scenes | National Geographic

Pride Kill - The Last Lions Deleted Scenes | National Geographic

In an amazing display of teamwork, a pride lionesses takes down a cape buffalo. For more on The Last Lions visit www.thelastlions.com
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Pride Kill – The Last Lions Deleted Scenes | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. Forget the blood and gore, I think it's nice that Mau Di Tau was actually aware of what her competition was doing. Even more to see Silver-Eye in action given how she only had half her depth perception. In the end these very lionesses helped Mau Di Tau win.

    Besides the potential of a fatal kick…Buffalo rodeo sounds like the best aspect of being a lion.

  2. National i have a question about this movie (people looking through comments if you have a answer plz do answer)
    Question: When the female baby cub got hurt did she just die there or did her brother come back because in some clips on youtube i saw that the mom left the cub and then brother came to her crying calls.
    This was not on your channel ( I THINK) but i did see it on other peoples channels
    This movie changed me and my perspective of animals. Animals are tough and rough but there are also cute and sweet so this change my perspective because I have a soft and loving spot for animals that's why this movie really shocking to me in the heart and I just want to know what happened to that little baby cub that the mom abandoned and then did the brother really come back from those clips or did that was just a fake
    One more question : Did you help that cub because i dont think the last thing she wants tp remember is being abandoned by her mom and no one helping.
    Maybe she could have had a change in living again only if she got help

  3. They kill a beast so big…easily, i can only imagine what they have done to people.

  4. Am I the only one who's irritated with how the male commentator speaks >_____>

  5. 3:04 damn that eye , I should not pity you this is how ecosystem works *convincing myself*

  6. Shit! You talk about deleted is a lion, when realy is bufallo.

  7. yep man. celebrities have gone crazy. kareena kapoor revealed her secret boy friend in a secret party. she is trying to be smart.

    i could find the clip here : bit.ly/1benERk?=zneye

  8. no we would have seen nature in its true form and they would have also learnt that lions normally suffocate their kill before eating it,but no we cant have people learning where meat comes from or how gory it is before it hits the shelf can we.talk about mothering people.the reason they dont know is because we have folks like you who choose to edit that out because you deem it to graphic for society,but yet its a natural cycle and humans think they are king of all they see rofl rofl

  9. People who eat meat we don't hate them for it as we do for predators in the wild. They need to eat to.

  10. lion kills have been filmed and publicized almost since film was invented

  11. Kids are less sheltered nowadays, If you think about it, But gore is still a adult rating, So i highly doubt that it will ever change, Plus all the good shit is on the internet.

  12. It was quite hard to watch..but it was amazing to film!?!…this guy

  13. Why are some of the lionesses eyes milky-white? Have they been blinded in a fight or something?

  14. No for real I got attacked

  15. do not argue you'll catch its stupid

  16. Once I got in a fight with a lion it tore a piece of flesh off my leg but I grabbed its neck and sadly had to break it

  17. Fuck that, when I watched big cat documentaries as a kid I wasn't traumatised at all. Kids are too sheltered nowadays…….
    P.S I'm only disagreeing with your last point, race has nothing to do with it.

  18. that 1/2 blind tiger looks fucking BADASS

  19. I don't understand. whats is the difference in the lions doing what nature intended and us going to the supermarket and picking out the steaks that will be fed to our family?

  20. ignorant people think that nature is graphic and warning but actual people are in harmony with nature

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