PRIMARK HAUL + Try On SUMMER 2018 🌼 #FashionMumblrSummerEdit

Darlings a long awaited Primark haul and try on for Summer 2018!
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🌼 Catch up on the #FashionMumblrSummerEdit 🌼

Topshop Haul –

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Orangey Pink dress –
Necklace –
Bracelet –
Earrings –
Rings – +


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  1. Josie I love you and your channel 🙂

  2. 🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧

  3. I've been one of your subscribers since before you hit 100 K. Congratulations for reaching 300 K! Notification bell turned on!

  4. Subbed for aaaaages. Love your content. Great giveaway x

  5. Another lovely video..cute clothes…love the shoes…❤👍

  6. I have that lilac pink sports bra. It's sooo comfy and I don't have to wear a tank top with it (too damn hot) lol!

  7. Hi I've just discovered your videos and you are great. I've just subscribed and put on the notification bell. Thanks keep up the great work loved the Amsterdam video too.

  8. Great haul your style is FAB ❤️ would love to win The Contest notification Bell Reminds me always to watch your Videos 💕

  9. Loving your channel. .so refreshing..can see that you put so much time into your videos and I really appreciate that! Subscribed and notifications on 😉 x

  10. Love how you always pick elegant pieces of clothing.

  11. Love your videos, Josie! I've always had notifications on for your videos because I am just completly hooked on your content! Stay true to you girlie <3

  12. Loved the haul 🙂 Primark finally wants to open the shops in Poland, looking forward to it!

  13. You are blonde and very light, so pink and white looks great on you, but what about brunettes with medium yellowy skin (chinese), which colours would you recommend to look very classy?

  14. excuse me miss but u are arrested for being the cutest mf girl ive ever seen 😩

  15. subscribed and hit that notification button love your try on hauls #kisses#

  16. It's not really a try on is it

  17. Considering am late I don’t know if the contest is still on but I am subscribed with the notification bell on 😃

  18. #FashionMumblrSummerEdit. as always amazing collection. But, unfortunately we don't have Primark here in Sweden.

  19. I always enjoy your videos! I love the dress you’re wearing . 😊

  20. No Primark in the US or at least any that I know of 😢… but those hangers are super cute

  21. Again great video, great ideas, and proving that cheap is not that bad after all. I personally think that buying certain things from primarka are better. Looking forward to see more videos 💗💗 xxx

  22. I love your Primark haul u always find things that other people seem to miss. Subscribed and notification bell on.

  23. I have subscribed and the bell! 😀

  24. In belguim we dont have nothing from all this thing tooo sad ☹

  25. They do have big storage bags with zips. They are usually in the bag or luggage section or inside where you queue up.

  26. Just found your Channel and I’m in love. New subscriber and ofc I’ve turned my notifications on.

  27. These shoes are so lovely 😍 subscribed & turned the 🛎 on

  28. I have been subscribed since the beginning and i never missed any of your videos ❤️

  29. You look so much like Freddymylove!

  30. Love the vizer! 😎 I'm catching up because I was on the staff-team of a summercamp last week, but thanks to the notifications I van easily find al your video's! 🤓

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