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Prince Andrew ‘Knows What Happened,’ Virginia Roberts Giuffre Says | NBC Nightly News

In a new interview, Virginia Roberts Giuffre speaks out against Prince Andrew. She previously alleged that when she was a teenager, she had sex with Prince Andrew after being trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein.
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Prince Andrew ‘Knows What Happened,’ Virginia Roberts Giuffre Says | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Shell end up like HRH PRINCESS DIANA

  2. Nasty pedophile. Their Satanic rituals and just the 800,000 people missing out of the United States year it’s disgusting not to mention all the other countries Belgium especially with mother of darkness castle there’s so many connections with Hillary and John podesta with these people it’s absolutely disgusting the things they do to children

  3. The reason he can't remember is because he see people as,objects

  4. Are pedophiles in the UK subjected to chemical castration?

  5. "A scary time" in her life. Yes, with so many rich adult men forcing themselves on her, no doubt horrible. One question: where were her parents? Why were they not caring for her? Questioning her? Monitoring her? Why was she not in school? In her room doing homework and at a supper table by 6? HER MOTHER and FATHER need to explain their failings, both to their daughter and to society.

  6. I’m not defending Epstein but I’ve read quite a bit on this topic now and some stuff doesn’t add up. Lots of women were 17-23. They were homeless, without any income and at their lowest point in life.

    They were allowed to live in a mansion, were paid extravagantly and traveled all over the world. Many of these women stayed on for years voluntarily. No one was held against their will or by physical force.

    I knew right from wrong by the age of 17, most people do. I don’t buy that these women all waited 20 years to speak out and now they all suddenly want a fat paycheck for something they voluntarily did when they were young adults.

    Do I think it’s creepy that older guys sought out younger women, yes. But it’s a giant leap to believe they couldn’t leave or say no at any time.

  7. I believe prince Andrew just as much as I believe Jeffrey Epstein killed himself, which is NOT AT ALL!

  8. It wasn't a scary time in your life bich he gave you $15,000 on 3 separate occasions you enjoyed the perks now you want to make it seem like you didn't want to f*** for those ghibli's you lying piece of s***

  9. I guess he will say it's a Witch Hunt like Donald Trump is starting to say whenever these m********** get caught up in a bunch of Lies they want everybody to think that everyone is out to get them

  10. She got paid $15,000. Bucks for that job.. now she wants a tip…

  11. all these girl;s were willing whores, but now theres a cash grab, they cry victim, please, lock them all up as they are cheap whores

  12. Adam Jerry I want bow to them lol

  13. She's knows that the legal age is 16 right? Plus what was she doing hanging around billionaires anyway? This woman knew the deal, now she want to cash in. 😂😂😂

  14. If he was less arrogant he could have trained how not to use classic lying body language.

  15. Will Anne Sacoolas be sent back to the UK to face justice for killing a teenage boy because she ignorantly drove on the right hand side of the road??

  16. What else does his majesty forgotten about? Mr Trump the crime happened on US soil what are you gonna do about it???

  17. Didn't LADY DIANA do an interview with PANORAMA before HER DEMISE??
    Will History repeat itself???

  18. Absolutely well done to her and ALL other poor victims! Definitely keep it up! On the other hand, absolutely shame on "Prince" Andrew! Even children can understand that he is GUILTY!!!

  19. I wonder whether the Meghan haters will still insist that she doesnt belong to the royal family! Racism is such a disease. Andrew is a pedophile criminal and they still hate Meghan who never done anything except for having African ancestry

  20. Even worse that Randy Andy's pedophilia – is the murder of ten Canadian orphans – taken on a picnic – by his mum and pedphile dad. They were never seen ever again. The International Criminal Court in Brussels found the royals guilty of murder.

  21. This “Nato Conference” is so the Queen can try to get Trump to give Andrew diplomatic immunity. See Shaun Attwoods channel

  22. 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥 Andy is lying

  23. The whole gang are crooks- see the banned film Unlawful Killing about Di's death and the cover up : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmsfh_FQWG0&t=247s

  24. Prince of Pedophiles / Prince Pedo should be his new name

  25. Andrew ought to be assigned as Trump's personal host for this upcoming UK state visit – 'birds of a feather …' They share the same stripes.

  26. In the full BBC interview he says that the picture was taken upstairs but he's never been upstairs at Maxwell's house. Enough!!!! He needs to have police take him into custody. His genitals photographed and compared to the victims testimony!

  27. What a coward, he has no business having military titles.

  28. Indeed he does the pervert is guilty

  29. Lizard Andy doesnt sweat….. He's a liar thru and thru

  30. The media is controlling on how to portray the story they want.

  31. Why where photos taken? Why do people normally take photos? It's not because there being abuse with a smile. Shes trying to say she is not in the wrong. Is she getting payed.

  32. And now they're about to invite another Epstein customer to the Palace.

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