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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Announce Lawsuit Against British Tabloid | NBC Nightly News

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex filed the suit after the Mail published excerpts from Meghan Markle’s handwritten letter to her father that revealed painful details about their estrangement. The royals say they’re paying for the suit out of private funds and any proceeds would be donated to an anti-bullying charity.
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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Announce Lawsuit Against British Tabloid | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Go go Team Sussex!! Protect your family Duke👍👌

  2. Princess Di 's life was destroyed by PH's own father and his lover The press loved the princess and she was favoured by them. Get the facts right Prince Harry. Harry just obtained a second hand item, worst of all has every connecting wild and dirty factors relating to Hollywood. The British monarchy is recognised for its unique tradition and conservative values. Now it is invaded by Hollywood stars trying to impose their American Hollywood values upon the British traditional Kingdom.What a shame!!!The monarchy in Britain was respected for centuries of the traditional and conventional value. Now it's like a Hollywood house.

  3. They should be suing her dad, not the media, they print anything for a buck. They never knew the letter was, until Thomas.

  4. Poor sussexes…..no food to eat, cant afford to pay bills……

  5. Thomas Markle devrait laisser de perdre son temps chez le Médias et tabloïds Britanniques et TMZ car Meghan n’a plus le temps pour toi Thomas Markle. Meghan a sa propre famille à s’en occuper. Thomas Markle n’est pas un père mais un maître chanteur.

  6. Media commentator Roy Greenslade dId quote, "The choice of legal firm is interesting. I can't remember that they're [the Royal Family] used Schillings before. Is [Harry] taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut?' This information was found in the public domain. And used only for entrainment purposes.

  7. Good for Harry!! I back them 100%. Sure they’re royals and rich or whatever but they have feelings too I can’t begin to imagine how stressful this is on a marriage. I hope they win big and magazines think twice before publishing false stories about people

  8. I really have to laugh at the way all of you are acting saying how terrible it is that the Daily Mail printed the letter and how Prince Harry was standing by his wife Meghan, The "Royal" don't mind the press when they want to be seen at a event and the British Press never tells it's readers how much money it costs to have the "Royal" family you can't have both ways. As far as I'm concern Meghan knew what her Dad would with that letter and that's why she wrote it

  9. She Markle like Mrs Simpson has an agenda.. as I say give em some work to do.. Make them pay the bills too not the down trodden working class.. Shameful……..

  10. She took her baby to Africa to show him off, because he is not English

  11. Oh how terrible it must be to have everything paid by the state and then complain about privacy….they should get into the real world …. there are too many Royal hangers on …. The Queen is fantastic … but there are too many of an entourage that we the UK taxpayers subsidise

  12. Who cares ??? Diana died in a car accident with her lover Dodi…

  13. ❤️❤️❤️ Harry and Meghan ❤️❤️❤️ hello from the Philippines 🇵🇭

  14. Who cares, Not like Boris filed a suit against trump.

  15. Who cares, I was on NBC to see the latest on impeachment. Not like Boris filed a suit against trump of what I would care.

  16. That’s why you’ll never touch me

  17. He's right, May it be forbidden anything happens to his family.

  18. Take out the queen and that💕💞❤ impostor and put mr president❤💞💕 Donald Trump he takes more then this people say the queen eats peo children why he don't tell the truth

  19. The "media" caused Dimond Diana's a death??? We know who did it

  20. This was a woman is disrespectful and ruthless to her father. I can't understand why this yacht girl can be so cold

  21. This royals should donate money to ❤💞💕 journals she married you she knew ok donate money you rich people just cares about money shame on you diane was a fornicater and God s judge ment was on her stop making lies you are the fruit of her sin💞❤💕

  22. Prince Harry et Duchesse Meghan Nous Sommes de tout coeur avec vous❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  23. I have witnessed the trolls constant abuse since their engagement mostly because Megan is beautiful intelligent and talented many traits that commoners don't have this only amplified their abuse from people hiding in their basement behind their computers shame on you all

  24. I agree with Harry. You are destroying lives. You are hurting someone who has done nothing to you. You people don't even care. She has done nothing to you except that her shine is dazzling. just last month I see Pierre Trudeau apologising for his racism, that he is sorry because what he did is hurting other people and that is wrong. I think Harry is experiencing what racism is. His wife is getting that backlash and he cannot see what she has done wrong. I do worry about Archie's future because he has a little bit of black blood in him.

  25. Big diff Diana was a lady and very loved by ppl. MM was married had a child gave her up one wealthy man after another. Involed with Einstein callgirl escort

  26. Harry should have married cressida ….meghan only vy for popularity n seems to be stiil acting . not original n royal afterall shes a divorcee .pity harry for marrying her

  27. About time the press have been so bad Even saying there new born was a doll etc

  28. But….I don't see the comparison. But Harry&MM ought to just stand above it….then it'll go away.

  29. NOBODY made Thomas give the letter to the tabloids. NOBODY made the tabloids print the letter. People are blaming Meghan for writing a letter that Thomas could have and should have kept to himself. After all, Thomas was saying for the longest that Meghan had NOT communicated with him in anyway. Come to find out that Thomas had the letter for months while he was still saying on tv he hadn't heard from her. Also, the royals as a whole do copyright their writings.

  30. Why would MMs father give a letter to a tabloid press? Could this be just another way of attention seeking for Megan. It makes no sense. She has to be the no. 1 focus of attention . They are a laughing stock really.

  31. Finally…shut these liars down, and the racist can eat crow..

  32. Make them all pay!!Take all the money they greetly made off her good name.

  33. Freda Marty,
    Did yo go to school? Have you designed your own grammar, Be more explicit and truthful what I quote you have written,….I'm not dead… What sort of reply is that ,are you illiterate..

  34. Megan is not even near to Princess Diana….

  35. The UK is undercover RACIST worse than America I know I lived in one and was born in another. They truly hate Megan because she is a woman of color and they are jealous. Plain and simple

  36. They are not in pain……
    They are travelling for
    Free to go on vacations..
    These 2 parasites just
    Wants more$$$$$$$$$
    For their selfishness..as
    If their big humungous
    Home is NOT ENOUGH..
    let's sue the tabloids……

  37. Just corrupt elite globolists censoring truth and any negative press. They are pathetic and the fact they are good friends with CORRUPT OBAMAS and CLOONEYS who are involved in horendous crimes prooves this.

  38. Meghan is the most beautiful women in the world

  39. Prince Harry is a good husband and father. He is standing up for his wife like a good man should. I remember Princess Diana being hounded by the media all the way to her death. It is hard to see someone you love suffering like that. Sue them all Meghan!

  40. Yeah  get them lying jealous creeps   !!!!!  Get em Harry

  41. What a man What a man What a Mighty good man you have. Meghan.I was so concerned for Meghan I always thought her brave to go and be the only person that admitted in the royal family to be a woman of color . I long thought if something were to go down that they would abandon her. But Harry has made me think otherwise. He sees her as his wife that just happens to be a black and white. She is his wife first and mother of his child . He loves this brave and beautiful woman. I truly believe nothing will tear them apart. He will see to it. God surely put these two together. He was not supposed to marry her. Alot of people are really upset about it. However there are more cheering you on. God bless you and your beautiful wife and child

  42. Yes they have no right to violate privacy

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