Prince Harry Speaks Up After Royal Split: ‘Our Hope Was To Continue Serving The Queen’ |Nightly News

“It brings me great sadness that it has come to this,” Prince Harry said at a dinner for supporters of his Sentebale charity, one day after the Queen released details of his split with the royal family. “I hope that helps you understand what it had come to that I would step my family back from all I have ever known.”» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Prince Harry Speaks Up After Royal Split: ‘Our Hope Was To Continue Serving The Queen’ |Nightly News


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  1. Ahhhhhh Poor Baby. Sixth in line and no chance of ever getting near the Crown. Only stepping back because he is pouting. What I find funny is the phrase " We don't want to be royal members". But you want the money, right! Stay in Britain.

  2. Prince Harry is 35 years old!!

    Served 10 years in the army
    Fought in Afghanistan
    Killed Taliban
    Started the Invictus games for wounded soldiers
    Walked across the South Pole
    Raised hundreds of millions for charities
    Helped raise over £1 billion for 9/11
    Can fly apache helecopters
    Is a patron and supporter over over 24 charities
    His mom was killed in the worlds biggest cover up

    If he wants to do his own thing now then let him!! Meghan and Harry have my support.
    👏🏻 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  3. Without public funding…. Does he have an economic plan for royals and future royals?

  4. Typical millennial lol not wanting any responsibility..born into royalty and that isn't even good enough

  5. When Diana was killed, our t.v. was filled with not looking at tabloids. My local Stater Bros market had all tabs removed. Now you lost Diana’s son, good going.

  6. Bravo to Harry, that toxic family never deserved you nor your mom.

  7. I sure hope and pray that he is making a good decision and live a good life because the Royal family is his blood and meghan does not even get along with her own family. Wish you well harry.

  8. Some racist angry white woman saw me watching this,and she said,"You can take a black woman out of the ghetto,but her mama will bring her and her rich white husband right back to it."

    So mean.

  9. Prince Harry has just personified the lyrics to “When A Man Loves A Woman” by Michael Bolton…This is how we know ladies!

  10. Harry please know that the massive majority of folk in Great Britain 🇬🇧 love and support you and also your lovely family, Megan & baby Archie. The British newspapers are the ones, pushing these lies and negativity and trying to make it seem like we all agree, when we truly dont, we all know it’s BS. Wishing you, Megan & Archie love and happiness now and in the future 💛

  11. Are they still entitled to full security?

  12. It brings him great sadness that his narcissist evil wife isn't making the queen (THE QUEEN) bend over backwards all the way for her, that's what.

  13. So long Harry! Good luck to you and your family.

  14. Leave Prince Harry and he's beautiful wife Meghan and he's child alone man..The Media killed he's Mother Diana and now he's leaving because so much hatered and racist jealous peoples in Uk saying so much bad things about hes wife ..a they also say bad things about Prince Harry son. Of course Prince Harry is emotional because the tabloids writting too much liars about he's wife Meghan.. the Media in UK are so racist and hatered peoples they don't deserve to have a Queen..

  15. How disgusting. Handbag Harry & Suitcase Meghan need to stop trading on Diana’s name & start earning their way and their own good will. For God sake the man is 35, living in Grannie’s house, living off a multi-million dollar allowance provided by Daddy who he didn’t acknowledge or thank. This disgusting couple were committing elder abuse by threatening his 93 yr old Grannie with blackmail. How is any of that honorable??

    He states this is the first time he found love?? Uh, no Harry you had 2 long term girlfriends & proposed to BOTH of them, and they smartly turned you down. He is not a kid, a youthful lad, etc. He is nearly a middle age man with a huge balding area. Acting immature does not make you a young man starting out. According to her sister she is 43 with an adult daughter in her 20’s who was raised by her sister. If true, “Baby Archie” is not her first child, and Harry is her 3rd marriage. She should go into the Guinness record of world’s longest pregnancy at 10-11 months. Yes Moms were monitoring the count down.

    She reportedly lived in Canada for 7 yrs before bagging him through a seeking wealthy British husband arrangement service. He very well knows that as his wealthy childhood mates met & dated her first & warned him that they ditched her for being a golddigger. She stopped him from being friends with them & not invited to the wedding p/reception. His friends went to William to disclose what they knew, William had a brotherly love concern chat with him & when MM found out she instigated a wedge play between the brothers.  

    If she were a man isolating a wife from her friends & family, can you imagine what would be said about a man exhibiting these behaviors?  

    For his sake I hope it works out. I suspect it may work out for a bit, as he has constantly flashed the Freemason sign in all of his public pics…esp ones with her. During their engagement announcement pic standing outside he was constantly tucking his hand inside his jacket lapel. So, the brotherhood will help them to advance the NWO agenda. Harry you do know that the US Congress has heard testimony from forensic CPA investigators with MDA ANALYTICS alleging the Clinton Foundation is a huge Ponzi scheme now under IRS investigation as a RICO enterprise? 2-3 of the highest level CF executives have received whistleblower protection status to turn over documents & testify. Be careful where you allow Sarah Latham (sent to you by Clinton) to lead you. Being anywhere near CF means the IRS will be monitoring your “charitable” endeavors. MDA ANALYSTICS testified that the CF donates less than 10% of the donations they receive.

    Harry you really should just get a honest job like the rest of us do.

  16. Yet the media, (especially the ones included in the royal Rota) keep on saying this was Meghan’s decision to seperate and not his. Good for him, well said.

  17. I am glad that he is protecting his beautiful wife and their son, they deserve to live a peaceful and normal life.

  18. Wow! Now that Harry speaks, everyone is well wishes, good job. Before, it was Megan Megan Megan is wearing the pants and influencing Harry. Impressionable Harry.😒

  19. If he behaves himself he serves the family. I hope things work for him and they build a useful life with his family.

  20. Did Meghan choose his lilac suit? Oh dear.

  21. I guess that's what you get when you bring an American into the family. We don't believe in "royalty" .

  22. All of the "royals" should own they are just people like the rest of us and go get a job. Ridiculous. People begrudge supporting people on welfare in need, but keep these people in wealth? I'm sure they are mostly fine people, but they're just people. Good for Harry and Megan for having the integrity to do it.

  23. So, he wanted his cake and eat it, playing MUMMY card again. This proves what his TRUE colours. What a pr**k. GO the grass is NOT greener!!!!!!!

  24. Introducing "Harry the Husband formerly known as Prince".

  25. ??????….???????……???????

  26. You Americans should read the British press to get the real story here, because you're not getting it on American press.

  27. He married a serial divorcee who has instigated that Harry now, “divorces” the only family & lifestyle he has ever known. SAD.

  28. Harry How could You turn out to be such a Disgrace to The British Monarchy & an Hypocrite by saying "YOU HAD NO OTHER CHOICE" you turned your back on the Queen stepping down from Royal Duties. You Changed for the worst since you Met Megan.

  29. I do hope they find peace and the best for his family. I admire him for taking steps to keep his family happy and safe. It’s hard but it’s what real men are made. He must be very torn. May God always protect you, Harry.

  30. I wish you and your family the best. May your journey be happy, produce much fruit and take you where you want to go. long. Much good will always.

  31. If they want privacy moving to America isn't the smartest move, paparazzi over there are relentless. I rarely see any news about princess Beatriz or Eugene on the media. I wish Prince Harry the best. He is a good man.

  32. I am unclear so are they gunna be receiving funding from the government or just leave completely

  33. Good for him, his wife and baby! They will be fine. Harry is down to earth and Meghan and him are equally yoked. They don't need royal titles to be their already amazing selves. Title shmitle!

  34. Want to bet she's aoc's new BFF? The nasty squad.

  35. when will he got divorced ?

  36. I don't see Privacy working out for them no matter what country they live in. I think she wants celebrity but on her terms. She wants to be Kardashian/Gerta Thurnberg/Reese Witherspoon. Meaning she wants the celebrity of a Kardashian she wants to be looked at as a humanitarian like Gerta and wants to be a A list actress like Reese all rolled up in one package while sitting next to the likes of Oprah and Leonardo Dicaprio. All which she could never achieve on her own merit had she not been given this platform by marrying into the Royal family. In all honesty, I don't think she liked the hierarchy of the British Monarchy always playing second fiddle to Kate. I know I would not because in America we do not have it here and that is something Anderson Cooper made a comment on her wedding day while covering her wedding. Anderson Cooper from CNN made the comment that in America everyone has a equal playing field to some extent and with hard work they can rise above the status of where they currently are. But in England it is a class system especially with the Royals and to have to curtsy to someone else knowing that you can never rise above the level that you are currently at will get frustrating especially for most Americans. I think Anderson Cooper gave her 5 years before the notion of curtsying to Kate or walking behind Kate at public events got tiring for her. Cooper was right but he was to generous with the amount of years he gave it. Anderson Cooper never said that they would get divorce or they shouldn't be getting married of that sort just that he could see her getting tired of playing second fiddle simply because she is an American.

  37. He was born a prince so he can never disown that title. He will always be a prince. He also did not lose the title HRH, it's just that he will no longer use it.

  38. Harry had nothing to do with this. Mehgan was the one giving orders, and Harry, being a spineless drone of a husband, just did as told.
    Still, all men in the royal family have always been bossed about by their women, and by the queen, so its no wonder Meghan can so easily control Harry.

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