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Prison Predators | National Geographic

Prison Predators | National Geographic

New inmates are easy prey for convicts extorting cash for protection.
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Prison Predators | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. I'm 7' 2" and 400 lbs he wouldn't mess with me like that. He'd be washing my underwear.

  2. One day I will get every one from this jail when I get tech 🔥😉my hope to help that people to get out of jail😪🎁

  3. The level of psychological manipulation from this inmate is-

  4. Fuxk a krip dis blood teritory suwoop

  5. Justin Collins and Dennis mc Guinness are criminally insane predators.
    They were born damaged.
    Bad seeds.
    More garbage is all they are capable of creating.
    The cursed.
    And sothey will go to jail where they will get preyed upon.

  6. He would be a b***h in front of Jon Jones Jon bones would f**k him down and then maybe up

  7. Since there’s no escape . Me and homie will fight to death

  8. They should throw him in a block full of bloods and watch him became prey and see how fun it is.
    Seriously this piece of trash should be beaten up really badly then burned to death while he is still alive.
    Karma is going to get him one of these day's and it won't be pretty.

  9. A quick back hand to the throat proceeded by 5 or 6 punches to the side of the skull usually sorts bullies like this scum out. I speak of experience. I speak of truth. Peace.

  10. Someone is always looking at the top spot!! He can be replaced, that's how it works.

  11. By prison predators I thought you meant something else

  12. I would have walk straight up to him and cut his jugular when no one was watching and walked out like I don't know what happened.

  13. this is racist. They just chose select clips that you cannot judge in the context.

  14. Have the shank at all times

  15. The best thing to do would be react very violently against him the millisecond that happens.

  16. Is it a good idea to be known as a "walk alone" from the start… What are the pros, what are the cons?

  17. lets look at the 10 horrible bars and prisonners too and start like that like we did to the Bridges

  18. If you have money on your book, let someone else deal with him

  19. So why do blacks overcompensate with their hard facade and tough demeanor? Oh yea it's because they have a long history of being punked out.

  20. So be ready to die for your manhood.

  21. He is a baby crab🦀! He probably is scratching right now!

  22. Yeah, I woulda got Albert tagged like a fb picture 🙉🙉

  23. These people are nothing but predators.

    They just like victimizing other people .

    They don't have to victimize other people
    They want to victimize other people.

  24. You see it's all about power and $$$

  25. Don't talk never get out of position and punkthe leadership

  26. Just take your wee wee out and spin it like a helicopter
    Intimidation 101

  27. i gotta issue of being attracted to gangsters💀

  28. Disgusting people like him should be in solitary confinement. You go to prison to do your time and leave not start gangs

  29. Booty bandits are real

  30. Rule #1 there are no friends in jail.

    I don’t want or need nothing, thanks

  31. all gang members are baby this why they are so into their homies

  32. This world is so sadly f*** up now because all you pink disgusting pigs thought you had the answers to everything but all you did was ruin the world

  33. Why the mngmnt pushovers letn this dikhed in gen. pop…obvious what hes doin.

  34. Albert makes my D*^K hard…he got some purty lips ain’t he?

  35. Get his trust then kill him…

  36. blacks are 13% of the population but commit 52% of the crimes in the USA. It is in their DNA

  37. They need to be out down like rabid animals. LOL

  38. He wouldve got punched right in the throat

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