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ProJared Accused Of Cheating On Heidi With Commander Holly After Divorce

ProJared Accused Of Cheating On Heidi With Commander Holly After Divorce

ProJared reveals he’s divorced and is accused of cheating by ex wife Heidi. With Commander Holly. Plus, ProJared is being accused of more serious issues on twitter. #ProJared #CommanderHolly #News

Holly Conrad, aka YouTube’s Commander Holly, vehemently denies Heidi O’Ferrall‘s claims that she slept with her husband, fellow YouTuber ProJared. Holly took to Twitter just hours after Heidi launched her accusations, telling her 263,000 followers that she would never, ever sleep with a married man. “I understand some is going down on the Internet. If you want to believe a hyperbolic statement from someone you don’t know on the Internet with no previous background information and use it to demonize strangers, so be it,” Holly tweeted.

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ProJared Exposed Of Cheating By Commander Holly After Divorce & Much More


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  1. So this was unexpected….or was it?

  2. This is total BS. You're taking everything she's saying as fact, while completely discounting his account of the issues. Is this intentional? Because it really seems slanded + uncredible.

  3. Just when I thought Holly was cool, she goes and fucks with my boy Ross. That aint cool

  4. Oh so that's what's going on. . . .. . Basic cuck drama with a nice spread of paying for everything he owned and then some. So glad relationships are getting worse and guys are waking up.

    Women like this are a prime example of why I just dont mess with chicks anymore. Too much potential danger and too much drama. America is soft with snowflakes and is a joke HONK HONK!

    Edit: and she was bi too lmaooooo!!!! Aha and he boned the ex wife! Bwaahahaaaaa!

  5. Commander Holly fuckin Filth, same as ProJared. Toxic Feminists -.-

  6. How are you gonna cheat on someone so gorgeous when you look like a bird that fell out the nest too many times? Absolute moron lmfao.

  7. If he was gonna cheat why not with a big tiddy cosplayer type. Holly is no where near attractive.

  8. He was a devoted feminist!!!!! Lolol Irony…. Getting fuckedddddd

  9. isnt commander holly married to ross o'donovan from the game grumps?

  10. This cid from ice age looking little bitch bags a cold ass wife, then cheats on her with a dumb (also already married) whore that looks like the personification of tumblr?!?!?!

  11. Wow, the girl "exposing" in this vid looks like shit. Clean urself up ffs

  12. What's crazy about this is that his wife is so much more beautiful. I don't know why anyone would cheat on a wife like that.

  13. To be honest,Why would Commander Holly or any other women fall in love to this guy who looks like a frog from battle toads.

  14. Ross steal his wife she's a banger.

  15. Holly really hurt Ross, she's such a bitch. I'm glad Ross isn't with someone like her anymore.

  16. Yet another feminist turns out to be a creep who cheats on their significant other.

  17. WAIT, isn’t Holly married to that animator dude??

  18. Holly went through all 774 of her videos to turn off comments 🤣

  19. WTF? I’m honestly done with YT. You got all of these delusional fuckwit kids running around w/ too much money. Borderline cam girls whom have an IQ of a gnat, Buzzfeed (*retches), fear mongering channels, self-victimizing SJW’s, and…….IGN. This is the icing on the cake. ProJared who looks Napoleon Dynamite reject is not only married to a women like Heidi (gorgeous) but pulling some nice gash of Holly. I give up, glad I went I to Iraq and got hit by VBID for these people….*sigh…..

  20. I'll wait for some kind of proof. I'd rather not be part of the ignorant mob.

  21. This is all a fake until an official story arises or he himself declares himself guilty.

  22. You guys are airing out your dirty laundry , TO EACH OTHER , on TWITTER . Bahaha. Your as fucking dumb as Trump tweeting important news via Twitter. Like a 12 year old . I hope you both get cancer and die

  23. Honestly: I don't care who he cheated on his wife with. HE is the cheater and all fault lies on him. Whoever he would cheat with is under no obligation to care about his marital status. Putting any blame on anyone but the cheater is… iffy.

  24. Hollys married to Ross from game grumps yeah?

  25. I've suspected for a while that one of the Game Grumps has touched children. My money is on Dan.

  26. That mistress looks scary and so does he they deserve each other they both ugly as hell
    I feel bad for his gf she is pretty and deserves way better but looks aside he is a dumbass and so is the mistress both scum ugly inside and out

  27. just saw pics of holly conrad. wow she is FAT! Jared must like them big and ugly.

  28. He must have one hell of a personality.

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