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Proof Bernie Sanders' Wealth Didn't Change His Principles

Proof Bernie Sanders' Wealth Didn't Change His Principles

Senator Bernie Sanders answers a question about his wealth at CNN’s town hall. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and Aida Rodriguez break it down on TYT. http://tyt.com/trial

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Aida Rodriguez

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Aida Rodriguez


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  2. I will say that billionaires should not exist. There is no earthly reason a single person should be worth more than a thousand millionaires. Thats dragon on a pile of money worth of wealth and when people are starving and people are homeless it's silly that one person can buy 1000 million dollar homes when all we're asking for is 100k homes. That is stupid! makes no sense that it's so stupid.

  3. He can’t answer simple questions clearly. Why should anyone vote for him or Creepy Joe!

  4. He’s not trying to do the right thing. He’s a hypocrite who is trying to control people by limiting how much they can make = communism!

  5. But he’s the 1% and benefitted from the tax code. He had his chance to give to charity and buy his money where his mouth is but he didn’t.

  6. Cenk is absolutely right! It’s a false equivalence to say that those are two equally understandable positions: To want to have an opportunity in life while you’re poor and to want to keep all your money while you’re rich. The first ones are desperate, the others are greedy!

  7. Here is the game so many reporters and others play. If a progressive says people should do this perfectly. And if they do not live perfectly up to that standard, then they are blamed for being a hypocrite by not living up to their own ideas. Sanders not paying a higher percentage of his income voluntarily on income taxes, Jill Stein not using more responsible business investments that she would prefer, AOC chosing an apartment with average rent closer to work. However if someone professes no standards (say Mitch McConnell), then does that make them have virtues by taking no positions? To a point I agree if there are glaring failures to live up to your ideal standard, but this technique is a new strawman for people that don't want to hear about changes from progressives.

  8. Well-off leftists SHOULD voluntarily pay their fair share NOW voluntarily. Total bullshit argument that they need to wait until the Koch brothers or anyone else does it first. Vegans who are against killing animals NEVER argue that they will keep eating meat until everyone else is vegan. They do it NOW. Total bullshit argument by Cenk. Then again, Cenk's wife opened her 'therapy' clinic in Beverly Hills … the ultimate social-climber move for rich-obsessed LA types.

  9. Stupid stupid question anybody that knows Bernie knows that even if he was a billionaire he would still fight for us and fight for whats right u can't say that about 99% of politician's Bernie is the same now as he was his entire political career

  10. Stupid stupid question anybody that knows Bernie knows that even if he was a billionaire he would still fight for us and fight for whats right u can't say that about 99% of politician's

  11. I'm 29, single with no kids. I make $1,440 a week and my state of Florida has no income tax. I pay the federal government $317 a week in taxes and I claim 1. How much more does Bernie Sanders want me to pay in taxes to the federal government?

  12. Chris Cuomo is a despicable tool. He nauseates me to my core.

  13. The truth is, having a million or even 2 million is still just barely enough to live a comfortable retirement if you end up living to 95 yrs old. My husband and I have about 1m right now and we are working hard toward doubling it in the next 10 years before we retire, because otherwise, we can't give money to our charities, we can't travel, we won't have the means for care in our very elderly years. OBVIOUSLY Bernie can't say "well, it's not that much money", but it REALLY ISN'T.

  14. "Gotcha" questions from young & naive smartass students of Harvard, UCLA, HBCUs, and other prestigious American schools are the worst. And Ana.

  15. If anything, this just proves that as a millionnaire he's willing to put his money where his mouth is

  16. He is a millionaire because of…… wait for it ……. CAPITALISM

  17. We should stop talking about philanthropy and start talking about taxes, and about people who evade taxes as unpatriotic traitors.

  18. Bernie should spread the wealth. Why doesn't he pay more in taxes? Hypocrite.

  19. I love how the people asking the questions start smiling, and almost giggling in some cases, halfway through their questions… probably because they know what's coming from their mouths is bullshit.

  20. I think Bernie would be a great VP. he needs to run the background for Biden. maybe Warren.

  21. No form of tyranny ever seized power by telling you what they were going to take away from you. They did it with promises of 'free stuff', and playing to your jealousies, resentments, insecurities and darkest fears.

    As the legions of fawning Bernie Bots drool with anticipation over a nation where everything is 'free' of cost and obligation, this reminder will continue to fall on their perfectly functioning but nonetheless deaf ears.

  22. Burnie is the most consistently honest politician EVER! 2020 spread the news…

  23. what we should talk about on another topic is how to stop the old democratic party from stopping bernie again

  24. I wish he'd talk more about budget appropriation, like cutting military budget and subsidising corporations that don't deserve it

  25. Lol. Loaded question….Bernie 2020 🔥🔥🔥

  26. So what's going on with the Republicans? They aren't putting forward any challengers to Trump?

  27. He’s a rich hypocrite. He criticizes the wealthy and tries to dig himself out of a hole that he dug

  28. Why can't you be a millionaire and also criticize other millionaires??? Those questions aren't mutually exclusive! Sanders doesn't hate on millionaires just because they have a lot of money. What a bad ill informed question from the audience member


  30. So ur against millionaires, unless it's Bernie then things r different.

  31. SUCH A STUPID QUESTION…people think that all millionaires are the same. Some people have more money than you can even comprehend…and those people dont pay taxes.

  32. TYT only speaks well of bernie and aoc, and people still watch these videos like they’re getting actual news about the world…crazy…

  33. He shilled for Hilary and did not speak to defend assange and did not speak against the DNC

  34. This is the guy that should be a leader!… If US doesn't want him, we will take him for our country lol

  35. I watch your clips and Cuomo Primetime daily and I’ve been meaning to comment on this for a while now. I agree with most of your comments, analysis and political views; however your criticism of all in the mainstream media is unfair. Cuomo is from a deeply establishment Democratic family; however he constantly put facts first; he breaks them down in a cold manner, to not show policital bias. His guests are from both sides of the aisle and whilst you can argue that he gives oxygen to Trump apologists, he always calls them out, (with facts). Kellyanne Conway & Rudy Giuliani are regular guests and rather than promote their narrative, Cuomo makes absolute fools of them with… (I might have mentioned this before), facts!

    I understand that you don’t agree with the framing of his questions (or the question from the Russian migrant lady), however that is the smart way to frame them; to not alienate centrists & Obama-Trump voters who accuse CNN of liberal bias. Questioning Bernie etc. in that manner allows him/them to be challenged and rebuff critics with a sensible and coherent argument.

    I love Bernie, but it’s time for a female President and a 50/50 male-female cabinet, so right now, I would vote for Elizabeth Warren, (what a shame AOC is too young to be her VP, because Warren & OC would be a dream ticket).

  36. You know what would really prove that Bernie's wealth didn't change his principles? If he gave 90% of it and two of his three houses to the government. That's what.

  37. Sanders is not even a Democrat.
    Nope. First, he has to win the nomination and once again the deck is stacked against him. The Dems do not want this old guy to be the one hoisting their banner into battle. Mark my word… He will not win the Dem nomination.

  38. The same poeple that put Bernie down for this …. Passionately love politicians that make 100 times more.

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