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PROOF Trump Campaign Colluded With Russia?

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A deeper look into a Trump-owned computer server in Pennsylvania has led to potential evidence against his campaign. Cenk Uygur host of The Young Turks, breaks it down.


Read more here: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2018/10/15/was-there-a-connection-between-a-russian-bank-and-the-trump-campaign

“As Max and his colleagues searched D.N.S. logs for domains associated with Republican candidates, they were perplexed by what they encountered. ‘We went looking for fingerprints similar to what was on the D.N.C. computers, but we didn’t find what we were looking for,’ Max told me. ‘We found something totally different—something unique.’ In the small town of Lititz, Pennsylvania, a domain linked to the Trump Organization (mail1.trump-email.com) seemed to be behaving in a peculiar way. The server that housed the domain belonged to a company called Listrak, which mostly helped deliver mass-marketing e-mails: blasts of messages advertising spa treatments, Las Vegas weekends, and other enticements. Some Trump Organization domains sent mass e-mail blasts, but the one that Max and his colleagues spotted appeared not to be sending anything. At the same time, though, a very small group of companies seemed to be trying to communicate with it.”

Host: Cenk Uygur

Cast: Cenk Uygur


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  2. Please hurry Mueller… It's really starting to believe that it's a president…..

  3. I don't think that this is funny, especially when you have someone whose greatest desire is to be a dictator and he is not being checked by either congressional body, who appears to fear this Asshole or by those deplorables, who claims to follow him! He has caused constant turmoil one way or another to keep us distracted by his bum foolery and his destruction of morality, decency and truth! The Republiclowns are low down dirty whiny bitch dogs, who needs to be lead by a big fat orange puppet, who resembles a Bob's Big Boy sign, but only uglier, and whose strings are being manipulated by Pissin Putin, that ragtag piece of a shit, from a true shithole country. All those oligarchs and the country is still poor? Djackass wants the U.S. to resemble Russia in every aspect! Just don't blink on Djackass, he maybe stupid and dumb, but he can be very despicable!

  4. “This is a nothing burger”

    – Jimmy Dore

  5. Still seeking a witch Hunt? This is not Russian colussion! Stop trying to gain ratings TYT!

  6. What if Trump is secretly getting a law passed to give Russia America by hiding bits of it in his other bills?

    And that's how crazy conspiracy theorists lure people in with clickbait.

  7. "Kushner" and "Don Jr", have already been (TIPPED)! They are both TOAST, and They now know it. Yet, They continue to Present Their tainted Presence Abroad! In effort, to solidify Their vile "Apologist Cult" Support!

  8. Trump is going down. After November 6 Mueller's report will be released and Congress will move to impeach after January. He's toast.

  9. Djackass Drumpf aka Donald Trump is a traitor of the Country! An illegitimate president a plant of Russia to Destroy The United States from within! IMPEACH immediately, before this country is no more!

  10. US being run by corrupt government, and nobody is doing a darn thing about it, you just all take it

  11. Love the nerdy detective work they have done on this. I wonder what kind of excuses they think of to make this all legitimate.

  12. Every single piece of digital evidence
    Anywhere, Ever, has been rendered
    Completely useless & irrelavent
    After the "VAULT 7" leaks!!!!

  13. Same here. Tired of hearing of it over and over again. Both parties collude with foreign governments. Period.

  14. Honestly – I am tired to hear that over and over again. For a sane person, Trump and his folks are absolutely guilty. He created a deeper swamp. They pretty much admitted themselves that they colluded.They are showing nepotism. They are taking advantage out of their position in the office. How much do we want more?
    The issue: there is nobody who has the balls (and the power) to act! So TYT – please do not try to show us new evidence – when the administration proves every day that they criminal (stupid, corrupt, clueless, under qualified etc).

  15. Isn't this story a few months old and you're just now getting to it ?

  16. Are you really still trying to flog this dead chicken.

  17. The Beatles said it all in 1968 with their song Little Piggies, and nothing has changed or will change in politics, they are all eating bacon clutching knives and forks.

  18. To be clear it was a Russia bank not strictly "the Russians" but otherwise I agree.

  19. Me: Cenk you know your show sucks right?
    Cenk: OF COURSE!!!
    Me: um-ok.

  20. Where is Kimberly Kimberly kiss I want to f*** you you're hot I love the way you tell me I don't know how to read and I'm stupid and retarded but I'm a hard-on and I got a big dick for your hot little ass you b**

  21. Tick tick tck tick… 2 years later still ticking.

  22. Where is the red line with you assholes ?

  23. Didn't Trump ask Russia if they where watching on TV to hack emails? Is that not sending orders?

  24. Proof? You mean besides Putin admitting it on live television? That wasn't proof enough? lol

  25. SERVERS!!!..what about those missing emails..classified..Clinton?..did CENK vote DEm for Pres?..find those emails too…convict everybody!

  26. The whole Drumpf organization is Corrupt and all are obviously criminals in one form or another..Time for the Karma to catch up with them! They can ALL share a Cell Block in Prison..

  27. Mueller aint got the goods, if he did..FRONT PAGE NEWS-Prime time…DNC cheated Bernie and yet Hilary is still on TV-Pelosi licking her chops after election if Dems win the House..TYT fixated on Trump for ratings..what does progressive party offer in the positive for votes?

  28. I want the Democrats to win.

  29. Oh none of this is accidental !! I mean its not rocket science people !

  30. It is time MUELLER end this and put all the SHIT OUT ON TRUMP, waiting after the Novermber elections is POLITICS MULLER.

  31. There are different ports through were the communications could have been made. All types use specific ranges. This can all be corroborated.

  32. Eric Trump 2020!😂😂

  33. There hasnt been this much proof of guilt since 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts.

  34. This is about money laundering, nothing more because that's how Trump managed to keep his inept ass from going underwater for the 7th time.

  35. It's not the Seashell Islands it is the seychelle islands! SEYCHELLE SEYCHELLE SEYCHELLE!!!! Pronounce SAY SHELL!

  36. We all know that the trumps conspired,colluded and attacked the U.S. with Russia…but some really ignorant fool's don't care.they want to hurt children, and hate immigrants and blacks,they want the U.S. to be a Nazi nation, land of the lying rich,home of the cowardly white biggoted.

  37. Why are the people still following this dumb orange turd of a fake pres, he has been a child so long he uses improved baby tactics and for some fubar reason people are rushing to cradle the little baby.

  38. meanwhile Trump tweeting in the middle of night saying no collusion b*******…lol

  39. Are we back to this again 😂😂 Jesus you guys do not learn do you.

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