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Pros and cons of Warren, Sanders' Medicare for All plan | Just The FAQs

Medicare for All is one of the most hotly debated topics in the 2020 election. But what is it? And how will it work? We explain.
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Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., came out swinging against the progressive plan to provide government health insurance for all Americans – and what has become a campaign mantra for Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

“While Bernie wrote the bill, I read the bill,” Klobuchar fired at Sanders, arguing that the plan would remove millions of Americans off their private health insurance. “And on page eight – on page eight of the bill it says that we will no longer have private insurance as we know it.”

“I don’t think that’s a bold idea, I think it’s a bad idea,” she continued.

The line was a response to Sanders’ oft-repeated line that he “wrote the damn bill” that would move to a Medicare-for-All health insurance system.

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  1. What are the pros for any democrat??

  2. Is this journalism or a ad for the plan?

  3. The same way they pay for all idiots to go to college this is why this country is fucked

  4. Your FACTS are wrong. Bernie’s plan DOES cover vision, dental, and mental health. Are you ignorant or are you trying to mislead the public?

  5. All this is wonderful. And there are many reasons why it won't happen. People will not accept their health coverage taken away, and replaced by an unknown government entity.

  6. …..And Hillary, Obama , the DNC and various local Democratic organizations are 100 percent behind Sanders. No
    They are not.

  7. ….And the politically powerful and influential people who decide things will be tickled pink with a Sanders presidency…. right ? No.

  8. ….And " President " Sanders will automatically have a majority of Democratic Socialists in the House and Senate to approve all this ? No.

  9. And the $ 3.2 trillion a year that is needed to pay for all this; from enormous tax increases and government seizure of wealth, will be happily agreed to by everybody ? No.

  10. ….And thosands of workplaces that have used health insurance companies in their benefit plans for years will simply end that overnight ? No.

  11. ….And a multi- billion dollar business like health insurance will fold up and go away, because Sanders wants it to ? No. Not happening. Ever.

  12. Medicare for all, they have NO idea how is this going to cost America, I'm sure even the illegals will benifit from this. They will say/do anything to lure your vote and put them in power.

  13. Elizabeth Warren is a far left socialist nutcase! Medicare is for the elderly who worked all there lives for this benefit! Not to be given away from a reckless politician who wants to be elected president! She is for open borders and to give everything away for free! Do not vote for someone who is so unstable and lies to the American public!

  14. would you folks pay taxes to help other americans or will you support the military shit? you idiots say how will you pay for med4all when we should ask how should we pay for our military budget????????????? we throw trilliions for military we should use that trillion for the american people no question asked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Medicare for All will not work in a country with the population size of the USA.  The current Medicare system for those 65 yrs of age and older is facing financial instability.  And that is for just a percentage of the total population.  If you put everyone on this plan it will create fiscal stress and medical treatments will be limited based on age and other eligibility requirements.  Mark my words.  Also, the socialists want everyone to benefit from the taxpayer funded system which includes those unlawfully living in the USA.  They reap the benefit but won't pay into the system.  The current UK's NHS system is suffering under the migrants usage of the medical benefits that should be only for UK citizens who worked hard and paid into the system.  FREE FREE FREE is Bernie's and Liz's plan.  Too bad that plan will leave a large hole in your wallets

  16. We pay $680 a month premium as a couple for healthcare. Tax me $680 a month if you can guarantee us healthcare for life.

  17. You mean on top of the Obamacare tax Americans will have to pay more? Another tax coming? When some politicians take substantial charity discounts on their income tax how do you expect that they will pay their fair share….I've seen those bloated donations…….

  18. Another name for Medicare-for-all……TAX INCREASE FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS..

  19. Yea but you eliminate the private tax. Those opposing only have pointless conservative talking points

  20. Here's one big issue that no one talks about. Liability…Think about it everyone

  21. Warren doesn’t have a Medicare For All plan. Only Bernie has a Medicare For All Plan!

  22. The point is you would pay less in taxes than what you pay for your private insurance… you know what a quarter of your yearly salary goes to.

  23. So your saying giving private companies all your money is the answer ! That is stupid who are you really working for, not the people ? When the state can simply build state run hospitals, and pharmacies ..First state run hospital in the USA was build in the 1700 … We had them in Louisiana up until Hurricane Katrina

  24. Cost of MRI in Europe : $500 . Cost in USA: $1500. Soo, how much more tax will you pay than an EU citizen?

  25. the people not in favor, because "taxes would go up" are giantly misled.
    Study after study shows that singlepayer healthcare is more beneficial for health outcomes, because everyone is covered and actually gets the treatment they need, when they need it, not the one who can afford it.
    Also the increased public tax eliminates all cost for mafia-like middleman private insurance, that often provides no care at all, when you need it.
    In the end, especially lower- and middle-class people (the 90%) will end up paying way less for healthcare, because the $100 billion in profit by the healthcare insurance industry can be significantly reduced (only supplemental insurance that is not necessary would exist) and put towards lower payments and treatments

  26. I think we need more tax cuts for the wealthy, eliminate all public assistance programs and remove all restrictions on gun ownership.

  27. I sure hope Bernie is your pick to face off on Trump.
    Now the Coo Coo guy is saying " no deportations" " free school of illegals and free healthcare"
    He would get rid of ICE?
    They are cheering Bernie in other countries.
    Bernie has no clue to our laws past by Congress.

  28. Bernie has a real Medicare For All Plan, Warren doesn’t!

    Elizabeth Warren’s healthcare plan does not promise:

    • to eliminate premiums
    • to eliminate co-payments
    • to eliminate deductibles
    • to eliminate private insurance
    • to be a “single-payer” system

  29. SANDERS/CASTRO 2020 🇺🇸

  30. Everyone 65 > loves Medicare that’s millions and millions and millions of people how can they all be wrong??

  31. Everyone over the age of 65 and every disabled person in this country has Medicare it provides the best of everything and Bernie Sanders is going to expand that to give you eyeglasses hearing aids and dental care how is that for a bold idea.

  32. Medicare for all is the best insurance available anywhere it will not discriminate against you it will not deprive you of any medical tests that you need and the doctors don’t get any perks from the insurance company for not prescribing more tests which would cause the insurance company much money so that’s the bottom line private insurance will harm you Medicare will be wonderful

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