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Protesters defy police ban to decry state of Zimbabwe's economy

In Zimbabwe, riot police have injured protesters complaining about the high cost of living.
Riot police fired tear gas and beat demonstrators during the protests in the capital.
Police had banned the protests, saying they were expecting violence – alleging some opposition supporters were armed.
A high court judge dismissed an application by the opposition Movement for Democratic Change to overturn the ban. Opposition leaders then called off the march.
Al Jazeera’s Haru Mutasa reports from Harare.

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  1. Rhodesia was the bread basket of Africa. Now it is just another Haiti.

  2. a friend told me: whoever chooses the job of policeman chooses to take sides
    whatever the case may be, the police always remain under-numbered and therefore can not do anything against the justified anger of any people.
    Greetings from Algeria !

  3. 0:16 White Privilege Revoked LOL

  4. I seen a white woman So not all white ppl were chased out

  5. Seeing what happened to the old white woman had me cracking up man. I'm not gonna lie. On a more serious note, these people are dangerously missguided. They should be protesting against the illegal economic sanctions as they have had a devastating impact on Zimbabwe (as intended).

  6. They earn 40 us dollars to best up people .fools

  7. Most Zimbabwe are lovely people… Not like black Americans

  8. Zimbabwe Police need some education on excessive force.

  9. I'm not always proud to be half Zimbabwean! this bullshit has got to stop once and for all!

  10. Sudan first now Zimbabwe……i wonder who is next? who could be behind this?😉

  11. we declare masculinity a disease

  12. That white girl at 0:20 got some African treatment

  13. Amazing how the media does this kind of reporting while leaving out the reality that the US and Europe has imposed economic sanctions that were designed for this to happen. The media likes to only report on the end results of what others have done instead of also including the actions of outsiders in order to create chaos.

  14. human rights in zimbabwe

  15. Man feels like if 1 of these protest turns into revolution, tons of others will follow like dominoes.. maybe who knows..


  17. France, Hong Kong, Sudan, Puerto Rico, Malawi, Russia, Brazil, India, Algeria and now Zimbabwe.
    People are waking up all over the world. We will now see how far their gold will take them.

  18. Very soon india will face this situation ….
    Under modi era

  19. OMG 😱 What is happening to this world 😓 Riots in India, Hong Kong, Moscow, now in Zimbawe 😢 Human Rights & Citizen Rights are in Danger

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