Protesters Storm U.S. Embassy In Baghdad After Airstrikes | NBC Nightly News

Thousands of Iranian-backed demonstrators stormed the U.S. embassy compound in Iraq chanting “death to America.” The Pentagon dispatched 100 Marines to shore up defenses against the protesters, who are angry over the U.S. airstrikes against Iranian militias in Iraq and Syria on Sunday.
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Protesters Storm U.S. Embassy In Baghdad After Airstrikes | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Iranian Backed? How do you know that? What sources do you have? What financial sources do you have? This is all propaganda.

  2. Iran has clearly wanted nuclear weapons for a long time. I say Trump should just give them a couple.

  3. Yankees should leave the Iraq very soon

  4. Looks just like a pack of klantifa nutjobs in the States.
    Both are equally stupid & violent.

  5. How dare Eyeraqis expect to be safe in their own country from US bombs? I can't believe 25 Iraqis hit a innocent American drone bomb and destroyed it. What's next? Iranians are going to start hitting US bombs in Iran?

    Makes no sense to me as a Republican, I support General honorable brave Trump sir dear lord who bravely and single handedly killed over 500 Vietcong during the 70s while traitors like Kerry were just sleeping with women and calling it his personal Vietnam…hah! Can you believe that libtard?… MAGA Trump 2020

  6. It's not a warning it's a tweet :))))
    Go home yank

  7. God bless this protesters ✌

  8. Burning buildings, smashing glasses: a normal scenery in Hong Kong. Per definition by US this is just peaceful protests where protesters exert their will and freedom. Be sure to pass a bill to protect the protestors and punish any iraqi officer or police who try to clamp down the peaceful protest

  9. God Bless…A Marine Recon unit are some of the most Toughest Boy's ever created. We tried to Help for so many years & So much money. If they try to fight take them out. Go Home & don't look back….God Bless you all! 🙏

  10. These protestors need to watch that movie Rules of Engagement before they get lit up in real life…

  11. Nothing an A10 can’t handle.

  12. Q has said that nothing can stop what is coming…


  13. America should leave Iraq now

  14. Paul Singer and Bernie Marcus have paid a lot to Donald Trump. Now they want their money's worth.

    No more wars for Israel.

  15. This is coming from someone who is EX-MILITARY, if you are a so-called Black American-aka-Hebrew Israelite, please GET OUT of the military NOW! File paperwork to be a "CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR". I requested to be released early because they kept passing me up for promotions and instead promoted white girls who couldn't even pass their P.T. (Physical Tests) and weren't even qualified to be promoted in the first place. The U.S. Military is the ARMY OF SATAN! They are even allowing witchcraft as a religion on military bases now. PUT YOUR PAPERWORK IN NOW or GET OUT ON A MEDICAL ISSUE SO YOU CAN BE DISCHARGED ON A MEDICAL DISABILITY & STILL KEEP GETTING BENEFITS. Whatever you do, do it quickly because "TIME IS UP FOR ESAU & HIS ARMIES."
    1 hour ago (edited)

  16. I highly doubt they would react like this if it was a smaller embassy anywhere else……………

  17. See how its handled compared to Hong Kong and France. Blame our military's Chief of Staff and Pompeo. They should be held accountable for all damages and injuries.

  18. I'm sorry but Clearly Someone's been playing Call of duty Modern Warfare (hope you get The reference)

  19. They hate us for our freedom!
    Americans lost there freedom so why they still hate us

  20. It's funny they never chant "death to America" when the DHR case worker gives them a brand new SNAP card.

  21. Kim will destroy America.

  22. Could have sworn I played this mission before.

  23. Y’all have y’all loadouts ready?

  24. Protesters dont storm anything, they protest.

  25. The only time liberals and trump supporters unite is when they want war.

  26. Anyone else thinking Napalm?

  27. Thank God we don’t have Obama & Hillary at the helm because with an election coming up we know that through their Malpractice and political ambitions they allowed Americans to be slaughtered. To add insult to injury they then intentionally misled the American people with their fictional blame of a YourTube video etc. How disgusting were those two opportunist! Teza from Sydney Australia

  28. Another peaceful "protest" in Iraq. DEATH TO AMERICA! but for some reason it's Trumps fault? Lol

  29. If trump says its "safe", you can bet its the most dangerous place in iraq

  30. Are we that awful over there? Why do they hate us still…after all the years..

  31. Happy New Year & Welcome to a new world war.

  32. Contractor is another word for paid mercenary.

  33. Just an excuse to go into Iran. Leave those people alone

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