Psycho Fitness ranks most impressive bodybuilder of all time and DORIAN YATES unmatched conditioning

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  1. I’m the best of all time

  2. And the exact same thing is true about chris psycho…. Shawn Rhoden and dexter Jackson made him too. Charles glass is 10x psycho

  3. Flex injected Synthol into his muscles. He admitted to it. Dorian didn't. That should tell you who the real legend of all time is

  4. Let's just say you're right Charles that didn't make anybody are you also going to say he didn't help them get to the next level

  5. Kevin Levrone could bulk and cut for an olympia in 16 weeks. What. The. Fuck.

  6. Psycho is a great coach remember he just ain't came out of nowhere he been in the trenches training with flex paul ricco and Chris and later melvin Charles was like the head coach and psycho was like one of his coordinater. and now psycho branch out and now he is a head coach and a good one so u got 2 give psycho his props i wish i had the money i wood luv 4 psycho 2 train me

  7. This motherfucker is a hater. The most impressive, awesome physique of all time belongs to Ronnie Coleman. 300 pounds shredded to the bone, need I say more?

  8. I always said if I had a platform I would be extremely honest because that’s what I wanted when I was first was introduced to this amazing sport. I wanted honesty from the people who were influencing me.
    Just because I’m showing Flex Wheeler, Ronnie Coleman and Dorian Yates the ultimate respect it doesn’t mean I’m bashing Charles.
    Stop looking for controversy where there is none.

  9. But brandon currys coach claimed he equaled dorian 😂😂

  10. The big difference is non of these guys were Mr Olympia except Ronnie. Dorian never had a trainer to push and motivate him he made that granite look all by himself where’s these guys needed trainers and still never won.

  11. Part about Charles sound a little salty but tbh its true.

  12. Yes. Charles Glass is a legendary trainer. However, one don’t need to be too great to train genetic freaks like Flex and Comier.

  13. I wouldn't put synthol for size I have to much pride fake size not real size anyway just my 2 cent's.

  14. elephant in the room…roids+ synthol+cash

  15. Look, none of those guys needed Charles Glass. They all had supreme genetics and turned pro without his help. Charles Glass is a great trainer,but the people we know him for training is why we know him. That's what Chris is saying- that these guys were so good, they didn't really need Charles or Chris himself. They were already great.

  16. something normal to say from someone on the same buisness -_-

  17. Hit it on the head with Dorian and Flex.

  18. Psycho fitness is a great trainer idk why Charles couldn't pass the torch to him since his getting old

  19. Psycho if that's true what that says about you and every other trainer the bodybuilders have made the trainers and why do they need trainers if that's the case

  20. Impressive, check my latest workout with my pet snake

  21. 93 Dorian will always be the most inspirational physique for me! I will never forget thinking is this man human.

  22. Dorian Yates, the most overrated bodybuilder of all time up there with Branch Warren and Phix Heath

  23. Dorian had symmetry, before all the tears. He never had good aesthetics.

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