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Public School Teacher Takes On Republican

Public School Teacher Takes On Republican




Julia Peacock is running for congress! Cenk Uygur and Julia Peacock, hosts of The Conversation, break it down.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Julia Peacock

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Julia Peacock


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  1. "He's against healthcare" lol. Ok crazy lady

  2. Just like the old dinosaur politicians ..old dinosaur news reporters who read teleprompter cause its written for them to read,
    Needs to go . ATTENTION TO ALL NEWS MEDIA OUTLETS …..GET THE F@#$ out and start reporting the truth . ..(with exception of TYT).
    Do your job and lay off the plastic surgery to look young . We all know your old . ..retire with dignity
    For sake of the TRUTH.

  3. It is not ok to make a profit on the sick and the dying..teach them teacher

  4. Nae nae baby kinda fresh tho

  5. You go girl. Be strong and don't let them get you down. =o)

  6. “Get profits out of healthcare”
    That would be disastrous

  7. Medicare for all is not socialized medicine. Its socialized healthcare insurance. The government does not control the means of production. You still can go to private physicians and private hospitals that make up the bulk of thehealthcare delivery system in the US. It may surprise most people especially those on the right that people who use medicare use the same doctors and hospitals that people with private insurance use.

  8. another teacher who probably indoctrinates kids and turns them into sjws


  10. Thank you for covering this TYT! I had only recently discovered Julia Peacock and I was going to ask for her coverage and literally days later this uploads! I have lived in Riverside all my life and I don't want that fool Ken Calvert pretending to represent the people when all he does is the bidding of the establishment and his own self interests.

  11. it must stink in the Tyt studio, imagine being in the same room as a buffalo

  12. (Small Rant) So as a Canadian I would like to point something. Yes, Canadians do have universal healthcare when going to the hospital. However, we do have private insurance as well which is required for medication, dental, and psychologist, or physio therapy. Most Dental offices make the patient pay the fee upfront because they know that dealing with the private insurance company is an absolute menace.

    Yes, we are system is "Better" than the Americans at the moment, but if the Americans get Medicare-for-all, It would be leaps and bounds better than most of the worlds healthcare programs.

    However, there is also certain politicians here in Ontario, Canada are actively looking to make healthcare private or certain parts of it, which is fundamentally a poor decision in any sense of the word because having the profit motive for people's health is morally, ethically, and just plain wrong and most Canadians know this. Politicians like Doug Ford who were born into money, never had to worry about money, just don't care what happens because they "CANT" understand what average citizens go through. So he just doesn't care about what normal citizens go through.

  13. Smart, articulate woman- in the long run, she can win. As people become more and more issue based voters, progressives can and will win. Medicare for All is a winning issue. It's only a question of fighting against and defeating the propaganda campaign against it- it's only a matter of time. The truth will out.

  14. THANK YOU!! I've been waiting for this I have never voted for this man, my whole family has never even thought about it! I live in Lake Elsinore CA and he doesn't give a damn about this town he's fake and check his ENTIRE record…..

  15. Even an LA janitor could fix everything that's wrong with the public sector right now.

  16. What's wrong with this woman? She goes from being in an honorable vocation, to trying to fleece the public through the lowest channel. Midlife crisis or delusion?

  17. I'm not in her syate but I'm sending Julia a donation.

  18. R+9 to R+7 is 43.5%? I don’t get it.

  19. She’s awesome! I’m happy I’m not the only one aspiring the fight for educators and real people on The Hill.

  20. More lies and BS from Cenk.

  21. Building his own personal wealth. That applies to Pelosi, Waters,Elijah Cummings,………………

  22. I'm a Trump supporter and a registered Republican. Let's have a discussion.

  23. Cenk, the DNC is PAID to lose.

  24. Holy crap I should have had my kids in Canada. I paid over 9,000 for both my kids and I had insurance…

  25. she's the reason why you don't send your children to public schools CRAZYS

  26. Always remember those that can do, those that can’t teach

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