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Puerto Rico Rocked By More Aftershocks In Wake Of 6.4 Magnitude Quake | NBC News NOW

Residents of Puerto Rico continue to suffer through aftershocks in the wake of a series of strong earthquakes that have rocked the island leaving thousands without power.
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Puerto Rico Rocked By More Aftershocks In Wake Of 6.4 Magnitude Quake | NBC News NOW


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  1. That is no after shock. It's the government destroying the island

  2. Reporters in 2038: Puerto Rico, an island still recovering from the effects of hurricane Maria two decades ago. People here want President Trump Jr. to sign what he already singed a week ago but we will pretend otherwise for the sake of propaganda. On a side note, just today someone died in the island of Vieques, an island with no hospitals, because of local corrupt… I mean, because of "Maria". Yet, Old San Juan is a party scene right now. So the government here does have time and money for party security… Granted, these are "Americans" but we could not communicate with them because many do not speak English and the ones who think they do, well, we barely understood. Back to the studio.

  3. Your in the helicopter. That’s safe to go in a helicopter 😀

  4. Puerto Rico's island is pretty and so green. Beautiful view from the chopper.

  5. This will be mainland America when Yellowstone wakes up from it's slumber. We must help them, for the same is coming to us. When? Only God knows, but we must help.

  6. Jeremiah 30 : 23 , 24 ] 23. Look! A WINDSTORM of Yahawah will BURST out in FURY,
    A SWEEPING TEMPEST that WHIRLS DOWN ( TORNADO , Hurricane )on the HEAD of the WICKED.

    24. The burning anger of Yahawah will NOT turn back
    Until he has carried out and ACCOMPLISHED the INTENTIONS of his heart.

    TEMPEST = storm , squall , gale , hurricane , tornado , cyclone , typhoon , superstorm , thunderstorm , cloudburst , downpour , rainstorm , hailstorm , deluge , monsoon , tropical storm , electrical storm , snowstorm , blizzard , dust storm , dust devil , williwaw , ice storm , windstorm , buran , turmoil , tumult , turbulence , ferment , disturbance , disorder , chaos , upheaval , disruption , commotion , uproar , furor

    Upheval = disruption
    violent change

    Ferment = agitation and excitement among a group of people, typically concerning major change and leading to trouble or violence

    These scriptures are talking about the final part of the days something that people already know we're in , and it's describing EVERYTHING that is and has been happening.

  7. Jimbo check your politics…do your homework

  8. Thank you NBC News
    No-one else is covering my beautiful Island

  9. Orange orangatan is really holding up aid??
    Exit polls show that the majority of Porto Rico's people voted for trump

  10. Why are they in tents?
    Relocate to the north part of the island or to Florida until the tremors stop. Then you can start to rebuild. Meantime supplies of water, food etc. can be delivered.

  11. Guess what time it is for the "secret" societies that control the world? That's right, time to poopoo in your panties.

  12. I have another tropical headache.
    Paradise?? Please! I'll pass, have fun in the sun.

  13. Please share this with your friends.

  14. Trump needs to release the earthquake funds NOW! Now he says he wont release aid unless Puerto Rico drops their $15 minimum wage substantially! He is sick!

  15. If only Puerto Rico had a President that could use Defense funds as Disaster Relief to help them, instead of on a useless wall!!

    JUAN 3:16

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