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Puerto Rico Supreme Court overturns Pierluisi appointment

The Supreme Court has ruled that the appointment of Governor Pedro Pierluisi was unconstitutional.
Pierluisi was appointed as governor without Senate approval on Friday.
Al Jazeera’s Gabriel Elizondo reports from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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  1. Пройдут десятки, может быть и сотни лет, но придет время, когда наши внуки будут удивляться на наши суды, тюрьмы, казни так же, как мы удивляемся теперь на сжигание людей, на пытки.

    «Как могли они не видеть всю бессмысленность, жестокость и зловредность того, что они делали?» — скажут наши потомки.

  2. This was not a "should step down" decision, it was "he must step down", and also, whatever decisions, orders, and documents he signed or placed, are nullified.

  3. Wise decision he appears to be a Democrat!

  4. I found this to be a propaganda News Group, I was told they are paid by the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party in the United States who owns many propaganda newsgroups. this news group is trying to turn everyone in the world against America, on our president. Plus the uneducated and the misinformed Democrats here in the United States they're trying to make us a democracy and they keep using the word democracy which not anywhere in our US Constitution we are Republic for which we stand and many has fought and died for and many are still fighting and dying for a republic freedom! The Democratic party is leading us down the path like sheep to the slaughter to the New World Order 2021 also called Global United Nations one world order!😱

  5. Please let's go out. This is the time to change our system.

  6. Puerto Rico wake up. Do not let that woman to be the governor. She is not good, please do not accept that

  7. allah akbar ,freedom for puerto rico ,,,now usa out

  8. no wonder puerto rico is a mess, they have laws and procedures in place and they still cant adhere to them.

  9. He was chosen properly…the Senator Thomas Rivera Schatz closed the senate in order to keep Pierluisi from confirmation….thats different…it was Thomas Rivera Schatz that dictated what Puerto Rico and the Supreme Court should do…Schatz is the man everybody must obey…there is a dictator in the senate and it is dangerous no matter who tries to elevate the Puerto Rican people he is there to shoot them down…

  10. Why is Spanish America a failure ?
    Because they cherish absolute authority in religion and politics.
    By contrast North America cherishes assemblies in religion and politics.
    A good example of the contrast is Eva Peron , who was worshipped by the Argentinians
    and beseeched for benefices. The Spanish-Americans saw nothing unusual
    in absolute luxury and power controlling them , that was their history.
    The mother country, Spain was an absolute monarchy, the Pope was an absolute ruler,
    absolutism is in Spanish-American DNA.
    And yet in the North absolutism was the biggest fear : the Constitution (1788) was
    written specifically to deny any attempt at absolute rule.

  11. What a shame, now they get Wanda, the one that said she did not want the job, LMAO. What a mess.

  12. Maybe the U.S. institute a puppet governor and steal all its assets like they did in the 1900s! Lol

  13. Wonder what he was thinking trying to be gov.illegally..

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